The Flash Season 3, Who is Savitar?: Jay Garrick, a version of Barry, or someone else entirely?

The month long break for Flash has given me plenty of time to think about who Savitar is. I have a few ideas, but I still think that Jay Garrick is the main contender.

s03e09 Barry and Jay confront Savitar

I’ll get onto that in a moment, but first, a recap of what we know about Savitar:

Warning: spoilers for Flash Season 3

The Prophecy:

‘Hello, Barry. It’s been a while.’

  • Savitar has knowledge of Barry’s future: He knows that one of the team will betray Barry, one will fall, and one will suffer a fate far worse than death.
  • Barry took everything from Savitar, and Savitar wants it all back.
  • Barry, at some point after the prophecy, traps Savitar in eternity

Jay Garrick on Savitar:

Don’t know, never seen him. You’re the first speedster I know of who has.”

  • Jay tells Barry that he has grown powerful enough to challenge Savitar.
  • Jay says that he has never seen Savitar before: Barry is the first speedster who has.
  • Savitar was the first man granted speed. He became the god of motion, fastest of them all.
  • Savitar wants to fight Barry because Barry is threatening his power.
  • Jay learned all that he knows from speed force myths, legends, and rumours.

Second chat with Savitar:

  • Savitar believes that Barry is cruel and selfish: from his perspective, Barry is the big bad.
  • H.R survives Savitar’s wrath.
  • Savitar has been trapped long enough to lose his mind several times over. Only his will has kept him on the side of sanity. 
  • Savitar is critical of Cisco: “You are small, Cisco, you’ve always been small. Reverb told you that you could have been a god, but instead you’d rather work as tech support.”
  • Savitar and Barry have to be enemies. Only one of them could live.
  • Barry is there when Savitar is created, but Savitar created himself.
  • Savitar is sorry that Iris has to die, but it’s her or him. 
  • Savitar tells Barry that he can’t change the future: he is the “future Flash.”
  • Savitar says that Barry will never get over this.

Flash vs Savitar:

Like the Greek myth of Atlas, who could not put down the sky until someone took his place: Wally has taken my place in the speed force.”


  • Savitar loves a good myth.
  • When Barry created Flashpoint, he gave Savitar the idea to turn Wally into Kid Flash, to make him fast enough to replace him in Barry’s prison.
  • Savitar says that Wally will suffer for all eternity, another victim Barry failed to save.
  • Barry had a chance to kill Savitar in the future, but he didn’t. 
  • Savitar believes that Barry has everything and deserves none of it.
  • Savitar intends to destroy Central city, so Barry can see the truth.
  • Savitar wants to kill Barry, but only after Barry sees Iris die.

Jesse confronts Savitar:

  • Savitar has plans for Jesse.
  • Savitar knew Jesse would attack: He knows everything because he has already lived it.
  • Savitar has armour. He is vulnerable under the suit, human.

So who is Savitar?

Jay Garrick:

At the moment, in my mind, there is a high possibility that Jay Garrick is Savitar.

Jay knew a lot about Savitar:

Jay knew that Savitar was a myth: The first to get speed and fastest of them all. Savitar later tells Barry that Barry knows him: He loves a good myth, just like Jay does. Barry couldn’t find anything on Savitar in books in episode 9: Jay only knows so much because he is Savitar.


Jay’s behaviour:

Jay was quick to leave in episode 9, when Barry returned from the future upset. Earlier in the episode, Jay suggested that Barry stop looking for information on Savitar and spend time with Iris and his loved ones whilst he has them. It was as if Jay knew what was going to happen to Iris in the future before Barry saw it. Who else has knowledge of the future? Savitar.

Jay was also concerned that Barry saw the future: He says that Barry shouldn’t have seen that. Is he worried that Barry’s future knowledge will ruin his/Savitar’s plans? Jay insists that Barry live his life and not focus on stopping the future. If Jay is Savitar, that suggests that there is a way for Barry to save Iris: Why discourage Barry otherwise?


In episode 2, Jay stopped Barry from going back in time to fix Flashpoint. At the time, he appeared to mean well, but Savitar needed Flashpoint to happen to get the idea to create Kid Flash and escape. Has Jay been under the influence of Savitar the entire time?

Jay understood Barry’s attempt to change his past,  even though he cautioned against further time travel. After years trapped in the speed force, Jay could have become resentful of Barry’s meddling. Jay told Barry that they are not gods, they are men. Has he become the god of speed to stop Barry from making any more mistakes?

His father’s doppleganger:

Jay knows that he is Barry’s fathers doppleganger, and he knows how hard that is for Barry. Iris’ death would hit Barry even harder if Henry’s doppleganger, the speedster that Barry has grown to trust, becomes Savitar and murders the woman he loves. Barry would never get over it. 

The first speedster:

In the comics, Jay Garrick was the first Flash. As far as we know, Jay is the first speedster. Kadabra and Jay both said that Savitar was the first speedster too.

Another victim:

Savitar said that Wally was another victim Barry failed to save. Is Savitar resentful that Barry failed to save him? Will Barry fail to save Jay Garrick, and as a result Jay becomes Savitar?

Jay is trapped:

s03e16_436 Barry creates Savitar Jay is left behind in the speed force

Jay volunteered to stay behind in the speed force to save Wally, because someone had to. Barry didn’t force Jay to stay behind, but it was either Jay or Barry: only one of them could live.

Savitar said that Barry was there when he was created: Barry witnessed Jay become trapped in the speed force. Jay could go mad in the time that he is trapped and become Savitar.

The stone:

Jay suggested that Barry throw the stone into the speed force, eternity itself, in the first place. This ultimately gave Savitar the very thing that he needed to escape. If Jay doesn’t turn out to be Savitar, he could be working for him: Some of his actions this season are questionable.

Barry Allen:

In episode 19, Barry will head to the future to figure out how to stop Savitar. The air date, 25th April, is the date of the future article. Will Barry go further into the future than he intends to? 

April 25th coincidence I think not

After Flashpoint, the Eobard Thawne that Barry held captive became a time remnant. Was a remnant created of the Flash who chased Eobard back to the night of Nora’s murder too? 

That other Flash urged Barry not to save Nora in season 1: He knew there would be consequences. If a remnant of that Flash was created and trapped in eternity as a result of Flashpoint, he could have become Savitar. Savitar said that only one of them could live, and that Barry is a selfish villain who took everything from him, so it appears to fit.

It would explain why Savitar knows a lot about Barry too: that Barry doesn’t kill, and that Iris’ death would destroy him. When Savitar says that he is the future Flash, does he mean that he is a future Barry? My main issue with this theory? I don’t think that Barry would kill Iris.

The stone can create meta-humans: (Or, Savitar could be literally anybody…)

Crazy theories below! Because the stone can create meta-humans, anyone could have gained super speed and become Savitar:

  • Maybe Eddie was still alive when he was sucked into the singularity and is jealous of Barry’s relationship with Iris? 
  • Maybe Cisco’s brother is Savitar, since Savitar is so critical of Cisco.
  • What about that speedster from Earth 19, Gypsy’s boss?
  • Caitlin could be Savitar: She blames Barry for her powers, and seemed jealous of his relationship with Iris. Ronnie also died because of the singularity that Barry created…
s03e18 Caitlin becomes Killer Frost
Caitlin’s eyes even have the same eerie glow as Savitar’s do!

Why does someone have to take Savitar’s place in the speed force?:

What happens if someone does not replace Savitar in the speed force? Will reality itself collapse? Will the speed force hunt down whoever was last imprisoned? I hope that this is explained, otherwise, Jay replacing Wally in the speed force was a pointless sacrifice.

We will see who Savitar is soon! Like this? I recap Flash on Tuesdays, Arrow on Thursdays, and write short stories on Sundays. Follow my blog for updates and more theories!

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