Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts, Week 15: Rescue. Can Arckia rescue his dragon from a lake of lava?

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Today marks week 15 of the 52 week writing challenge!

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The prompt for 16th April is ‘Rescue’:

ssbanner16th April Rescue

Although today is Easter Sunday, I don’t tend to do seasonal prompts. My current works in progress are set in fantasy worlds, where the holidays are completely different, or in science fiction worlds so far in the future that our current holidays have been forgotten.

This weeks attempt is related to my current work in progress, Tales from Dragonspire, which I am working on as part of Camp NaNoWriMo 2017.

My Attempt:

The day was hot, and the sun was high in the sky, but Arckia paid it no mind. He was on a mission. The lake stretched out ahead of him, but it was not a lake of water. Rocks protruded from the surface, and he gazed at the ripples the liquid created against them. Lava.

From the safety of the shore he watched his dragon wobble back and forth on a rock in the middle of the lake, surrounded by lava and eyes wide with fear. Arckia took in a deep breath and looked around.

It would be a daring rescue, and one that would require a lot of thought. His dragon’s wing lay pinned by a boulder, much larger than Arckia himself. Arckia shook his head. It did not matter how big it was. His father had always said that, to accomplish a task, you sometimes had to use what you had around you. Arckia had spotted just the thing.

A large wooden pike lay beside the blanket of grass where he sat. Leverage. But first, he had to get across the lava to his dragon.

It would be no easy task, but if he did not rescue his dragon, the rapidly rising lava would result in its untimely death. He had only gotten his dragon yesterday. He could not lose it already.

Arckia took a hesitant step back as the lava bubbled up in front of him. Had he not backed up, it would have hit his face. As it was, his chest, covered by a thick dragon skin shirt, took the hit. Arckia knew better than to brush it off.

He glanced at the rocks that protruded from the lake. They would provide stepping stones, a path towards his dragon. Once he was by its side, he would free it, and if his dragons wing was not too badly hurt from the rock, they would fly to safety.

Arckia bent down to scoop up the pike and advanced towards the lake again, grip tight and face set with determination. He could do this.

He approached the first rock and lifted his leg to place a tentative foot onto its surface. His foot did not slip, and the lava stayed where it was. Arckia took a deep breath and began to make his way with hesitant steps across the rocky path.

Each step led him closer and closer to his dragon. The creature remained where it was, wide eyed and trapped. It did not scream in pain, but it barely shifted now either. Arckia felt a chill spread throughout his entire body. A dragon was rarely so still. He had to hurry.

The lava gurgled beneath him. Arckia looked back and gulped. The shoreline was distant and out of reach. The lava levels were rising. He needed to move. He took another step forward, onto the next rock. It seemed sturdy, so he lifted his other foot to move forward.

His foot began to slip, and he wobbled precariously above the lava. Time seemed to stop for a second, before Arckia sprung into action. He flung out his arms to try and regain his balance. The pike in his hand glinted in the sunlight. Arckia glanced at it in wonder as it began to glow. He felt himself lean forward, and he let out a huff of relief as his second foot connected with the rock. He steadied himself and wiped a hand across his forehead. When he looked up, he smiled. His dragon was now only two rocks away.

Two short hops, and he was next to his dragon. The dragon rolled over onto its side in relief, but the movement tugged his wing. Arckia knew that he had to act quickly. He pushed the pike under the bottom of the rock and began to push. He huffed. He puffed. He shoved as hard as he could, but the rock would not budge.

Arckia sighed and slid to the floor beside his dragon. He glanced at the beast in sympathy, and then back towards the shoreline, where Pero, his father’s dragon sat. Pero raised his head and looked on, but he did not lift a claw to help. This was not his mission, and the lightning dragon was afraid of the lake.

The sun glinted off the pike again. Arckia felt it begin to heat up in his hand, and he turned to the rock which pinned his dragon. Was the pike magic? Had it saved him when he slipped earlier? Arckia stood and clutched it, determined. This time, it had to work. He stood and aimed the pike at the rock.

A quick movement drew the pike back, and Arckia slammed it forward into the rock. The pike sparkled and the rock flew free. It landed with a small splash in the lake.

Arckia grinned and turned to his dragon. It teetered on the edge of the rock that they stood on, eyes wide as it fell towards the lake. The grin fell from his face. Arckia dropped the pike and rushed forward to grab its side. He fell to his knees and tried to use his weight to pull the dragon back to safety.

The dragon shifted, and Arckia felt himself fall forward. For a moment, he thought that they would both fall in the lake. Then, the balance tipped in their favour.

A strong wind assaulted his face, and he fell backwards with his dragon onto the safety of the rock. Arckia stood and brushed himself off. Beside him, his dragon wobbled with relief, but his eyes remained wide. They were not safe yet. The lava was still rising.

Arckia grabbed onto his dragon and nodded towards the sky. Together they dashed over the lava and back towards the shore. They crashed at the grassy edge where the land met the lake, and Arckia began to giggle as he held his dragon close. They were safe.

A sudden wave built up in the lake, and Arckia’s eyes went wide as he began to back away. His fast movements were not enough. They were done for. Arckia raised his arms over his face as the wave cascaded over them.

There was a giggle from beside him, and the illusion was shattered. Arckia frowned up at the young girl who stood next to him, and his grip relaxed around the spoon in his hand.

Chloe!” Arckia said with a glare. “Now look what you did! We’re both covered in lava!”

Chloe rolled her eyes and watched the water drip from his hair. “It’s water Arckia, you baby,” Chloe teased. She grabbed the spoon from his hand and twirled it in her hair.

Hey that’s mine!” Arckia reached out, but she batted his hand away.

I suppose it’s a magic spear,” Chloe said with a grin.

Arckia flushed and looked away. He clutched the soft plush dragon with wide eyes to his chest. “It glowed and everything, you should have seen it!”

Magic isn’t real, Arckia,” Chloe replied. She frowned at the toy in his arms and added, “I don’t know why your mother gave you that. It will only get your hopes up. You won’t get a mark.”

How do you know? My father said I have as much chance as the rest of you!” Arckia said with a gesture down the mountain. “And who knows what’s out there? Magic could be real!”

Chloe looked away towards her mother. ”I’ll believe it when I see it. Are you coming to my party? Or are you too busy playing make believe?”

Arckia stood and brushed himself off. “Your mum made cake, right?”

Chloe rolled her eyes and smiled. “Of course! It’s my birthday!”

Years later, Arckia smiled and heaved a fond sigh at the memory. They headed off that day to eat cake and play with their parent’s dragons. Now, Chloe sat beside him, and together they looked up at the darkened fortress in the distance.

Do you believe in magic now?” Arckia asked. He turned to look at Chloe’s arm, where Taylor had healed most of her wounds from the fight.

Chloe frowned at him, and then her eyes went wide. “The day of my eleventh birthday,” Chloe replied with a smile. “I’d forgotten about that.” She looked down at her arm. “I think the answer’s obvious.”

Arckia smiled and glanced away. His smile twisted into a frown as he clutched at his necklace. “Do you think they’re all right?”

Chloe nodded beside him. “I can sense her. She’s not in any pain, but she’s scared.”

Arckia sighed. “Orik too.”

He looked back towards the fortress and shuddered. When dawn broke, he had to rescue his dragon for real, but it would be much harder than the make believe games that he had played as a child. Arckia gulped and looked into the fire as the first rays of sunlight filtered over the horizon. He got to his feet. It was now or never. It was time to rescue his dragon.

End Prompt.

Thanks for reading! I love how children use their imagination to create entire worlds. I remember doing this a lot as a child myself: I could be anyone, anywhere, and I needed nothing more than my imagination 🙂

Next Sunday’s prompt:

The prompt for Sunday 23rd April is ‘Battle’:

Sunday 23rd April Battle

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