Arrow Season 5, Episode 18 recap: Can Team Diggle prove Prometheus’s identity to the SCPD?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 18.

Last time:

Prometheus tortured Oliver. Oliver admitted that when he started his crusade, he killed because he wanted to, and he liked it. He disbanded Team Arrow.

Onto the recap:

Diggle talks to Oliver:

Curtis, Felicity and Diggle ask Oliver what Prometheus did to him. Oliver tells them to go home. Chase is right: Everyone around him suffers or dies. The team cannot persuade him otherwise. 

Team meeting at the loft:

Diggle tells the team that Oliver will bounce back: In the meantime, they must continue to protect the city whilst Felicity finds a way to out Chase as Prometheus. Oliver reprogrammed the security at the bunker, so Felicity’s flat will be their base for now, and Lyla will lend them some gear.

Chase tries to bait Oliver:

s05e18 Chase tries to provoke Oliver.jpg

At City Hall, Quentin asks Oliver what they are going to do about Chase. Oliver says that Chase has won, and they aren’t going to do anything. Chase arrives and asks to speak to Oliver in private. Quentin leaves. Chase offers Oliver a knife, and tells Oliver to kill him. Oliver refuses.

In Russia:

Oliver tells Anatoli that he intends to go back to Lian Yu before he goes home. Anatoli says that he needs Oliver’s help to make the Bratva work for the Russian people again. Oliver says that Anatoli has 48 hours before he leaves.

Felicity works with Helix:

Felicity helps Helix again so that Alana will investigate Prometheus. Alana finds a video where Prometheus takes off his mask. It is blurred, but Alana explains that if he is using technology to blur his face, they can hack it and get evidence that Adrian Chase is Prometheus.

Susan visits Oliver:

Susan tells Oliver that the police didn’t believe her about Chase, but she thinks that, if Oliver corroborates her statement and outs himself as the Green Arrow, they may believe her. Oliver refuses because Chase would have planned for that. He says that he has to do something that Chase hasn’t planned for. Oliver tells Susan that they can’t be together. 

Oliver meets Anatoli:

Oliver asks Anatoli to kill Adrian Chase. Anatoli agrees, but only if Oliver makes a deal. 

Felicity figures out how to reveal Prometheus’ identity:

Felicity realises that Chase is using an optic scrambler, due to be released by Court industries in 6 months. Alana says that they can remove the distortion if they get the scrambler.

Team Diggle run into Anatoli:

Curtis alerts the team to a break in at a medical research lab. The team head to the lab, where they find Anatoli and his men stealing Oplimid, a diabetes drug. They are surprised to hear that Oliver invited Anatoli into Star city and gave him permission to steal the drugs.

s05e18 Diggle confronts Anatoli

Diggle confronts Oliver at City Hall:

Diggle is angry, and he tells Oliver that it is a mistake to let the Bratva into Star city. Oliver orders Diggle to stand down and let Anatoli kill Adrian Chase. He insists that Prometheus is his responsibility, and he won’t let anyone else get hurt because of him. Oliver tells Diggle that the team is done.

At the loft, Diggle updates the team:

Rene is angry: Oliver let Anatoli steal from a company that is struggling. Diggle asks Felicity to come with him to talk to Oliver as a united front. Felicity says that if Oliver thinks that the Bratva is the best way to get to Chase, maybe they should stay out of his way. Curtis sees messages on Felicity’s laptop to Alana at Helix about getting Chase’s scrambler.

At the bunker:

Anatoli tells Oliver that he intends to create a drug more addictive than Heroin to get money for the Bratva and secure his position. Diggle arrives, and Anatoli leaves them alone. Diggle asks again what Chase did. Oliver tells Diggle that Chase made him realise that his crusade was a lie to justify his murder spree. He tells Diggle to stay away from him, and from Chase.

In Russia: Anatoli works with hospitals

Oliver and Anatoli visit a child with tuberculosis. Anatoli says that all the Bratva can do is pay for funerals, as they can’t afford the medication. He says that Oliver is to come with him on a heist to steal some medication. 

The team figure out when the Bratva will attack Chase:

At the loft, Diggle tells the team that they can’t let the Bratva kill Chase, because Oliver will regret it. He says that they will bring Chase to justice the right way. Curtis has hacked the DA’s office to get Chase’s schedule. Chase is about to leave city hall for his safe house. It is the perfect opportunity for the Bratva to get to Chase, so the team head to stop them.

The Bratva attack Chase:

The Bratva attack Chase, but Team Diggle intervene. As Chase flees, Curtis engages him. Curtis gets the scrambler that Felicity wanted using his T-Sphere, and the team retreat. 

Chase is put into witness protection:

Chase tries to insist that it isn’t necessary, but Oliver says that his safety is important. Chase says that he is impressed that Oliver tried something. Oliver says that this isn’t over.

Oliver confronts Diggle:

s05e18 try to help a brother, and this is how he repays you. Oliver punches Diggle

Angry that the Bratva cannot get to Chase now, Oliver visits Diggle’s house and punches him in the face. Diggle says that he will not believe anything that Chase says, because he knows who Oliver really is. Oliver says that even if John doesn’t believe Chase, he does. 

Diggle says that when he killed his brother, Oliver told him to atone for what he did as Spartan. He tells Oliver that he should atone as the Green Arrow, and if he doesn’t think he deserves that, he should work towards it. Diggle says that Oliver isn’t alone: He just needs to ask for help.

Curtis walks into Helix:

As Alana and Felicity discuss how to get close to Chase, Curtis walks into Helix. He tracked Felicity with tracking Nanites! Curtis gives Felicity Chase’s scrambler, but she cannot break the encryption. Alana suggests that they break into Court industries to break the encryption.

Oliver tells Anatoli the deal is off:

Oliver tells Anatoli that the team have convinced him not to give up. He says that Anatoli must leave Star city. Anatoli refuses, and says that if Oliver interferes, he is an enemy of the Bratva.

Oliver reassembles the team:

Oliver says that the Bratva won’t back down. He tells the team that he was afraid to ask them to kill Chase, because he didn’t want to corrupt them more than he already had. Oliver says that after they stop the Bratva, he needs the team to prove that John is right and Chase is wrong. The team insist that they are there for him. They suit up to stop Anatoli.

Z.A.R.N Corporation:

Oliver, without his Green Arrow gear, and the team check the building. Dinah and Rene report that the east and west wing are clear. Diggle finds the Bratva, and the team head to help him.

Felicity and Curtis break into Court industries:

Curtis and Felicity compromise the CCTV and sneak into Court industries. Felicity takes out a security guard.

Oliver confronts Anatoli:

s05e18 Anatoli has hostages

Oliver tells Anatoli to leave. Anatoli refuses. He says that he has hostages. If Oliver does not back off, he will kill them. Oliver tells the team to free the hostages whilst he deals with the Bratva. He fights off Anatoli’s men, and he and Anatoli hold each other at gunpoint. Anatoli tells Oliver to kill him. Oliver shoots the alarm on the wall so that they both have to flee.

Felicity breaks the encyption:

Inside Court technology, Felicity uses some of their tech to break the encryption.

Getting the team back together:

Felicity and Curtis show the team the video of Prometheus as he pulls off his mask to reveal Adrian Chase. Dinah takes it to SCPD, and Felicity puts it up on Youtube. Oliver thanks Felicity. The team is back together, but Oliver says that he will not be the Green Arrow again just yet.

In Russia:

Anatoli and Oliver deliver the stolen medication to the hospital. Anatoli wanted to convince Oliver to stay in Russia, as he is worried what will happen to him without Oliver by his side. Oliver tells Anatoli that he will be fine, and that he still intends to leave to save his own city.

Anatoli and Oliver meet on a rooftop:

Anatoli tells Oliver that he is going back to Russia, but he is leaving behind men who want revenge on the vigilantes. Oliver says that the Anatoli he knew never would have threatened innocent people for money. Anatoli says that he did what he had to do to keep the Bratva together and stay alive. He and Oliver part on bad terms.

Chase escapes custody:

Dinah and Quentin show the footage of Chase as Prometheus to the SCPD. They call the officers who have Chase in protective custody. At the safe house, Chase is suspicious the moment the officers get a phone call. He kills them and drives off into the moonlight as police rush to the safe house. Presumably he is on the road back to Star city.

s05e18 Chase escapes


  • Diggle is good at reasoning with Oliver, and he seems to lead the team better too!

  • What will it take to get Oliver back in the Green Arrow suit?

  • Will Oliver and Anatoli ever see eye to eye now? I was shocked that Anatoli has changed so much: from helper of small children to hostage taker!

  • I don’t see Chase as much of a threat now that everyone knows he is Prometheus, so perhaps other villain will take centre stage? Is it Helix? The Bratva?

  • It looks like we will finally see the bad side of Helix next time!

Next time:

Oliver tells Felicity that Helix has compromised her security. He and Diggle agree that they need to get her out of Helix. Felicity appears reluctant!

That’s it for Arrow until the 26th April!

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