Flash Season 3 Episode 18 recap: Will Abra Kadabra tell Barry who Savitar is?

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 18.

Last time:

Barry and Iris got back together after Music Meister taught them a lesson.

Onto the recap:

Abra Kadabra breaks into Stagg industries:

s03e18 kadabra breaks into stagg industries.jpg

Two security guards patrol Stagg industries. Abra Kadabra appears, steals some technology, and traps the guards in a glass container. As he leaves, he makes water pour in on them.

Barry and Iris get coffee with Joe and Cecile:

At Jitters, Iris tells Cecile that Barry sang to her to propose. Barry tells Cecile that Joe sings too, so Cecile invites them to go to Hamilton, a musical, on the first weekend in July. Iris and Joe are immediately saddened: If they cannot stop Savitar, Iris will be dead by then. Barry senses what is going on and insists that they will all be there.

Cisco vibes the future:

Cisco checks on Iris’ future, but nothing has changed. The team start to discuss how they will stop Savitar, but Joe, Barry, and Julian are called to a crime scene at Stagg industries.

As Julian leaves, Caitlin tells him that he received Opera tickets in the mail. Julian admits that he was going to take her because she has never been. He tells her to take whoever she wants and leaves for the crime scene. Cisco comments that things are a little frosty, but he apologises immediately for the bad pun and assures Caitlin that Julian will come around eventually.

At Stagg industries:

Barry and Julian are unable to find anything. There is no water access, so Barry cannot figure out how the men became trapped in water. Stagg industries have no CCTV for the police to look at either, as they feared their technology would be stolen. 

Barry tells Joe that they shouldn’t be wasting time on this: He wants to work to save Iris. Joe agrees and tells Barry to solve this fast.

Barry meets Abra Kadabra:

Cisco calls Barry about a robbery in progress at Court industries. Barry thinks that it may be the same person who broke into Stagg, so he speeds off. At Court industries he meets Abra Kadabra, who says that he is from the future. Abra knows everything about Barry and Savitar. Gypsy shows up, but Abra Kadabra gives them both the slip.

Back at Star labs:

Gypsy tells the team that Kadabra is not a magician. His tricks are advanced technology from the 64th century: Nanotechnology. Caitlin and Cisco comment that it is like Arthur C Clarke’s third law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Gypsy explains that Kadabra is at the top of the collectors most wanted list. He stole technology on her earth, and a lot of people died. Cisco agrees to help Gypsy find Kadabra, and find out why he is after the technology that he stole. Barry tells Iris and Joe that Kadabra knew about Savitar. They want to interrogate Kadabra before Gypsy takes him back to Earth 19.

Cisco and Gypsy work together:
Cisco is unable to vibe Kadabra’s location, so he uses the Star labs satellites to see if anyone is vibrating at a different frequency to those on Earth 1. As Cisco tries to initiate a kiss with a hesitant Gypsy, the satellite finds Kadabra at Mercury labs.

Confrontation with Kadabra:

s03e18 flash, kid-flash, gypsy and vibe confront kadabra.jpg

Barry, Wally, Gypsy and Cisco confront Kadabra, but he turns out to be a hologram. The real Kadabra is at Star labs. He attacks Joe, Julian and Caitlin. Caitlin contacts Barry, who speeds in and cuffs Kadabra. Gypsy says that Barry can talk to Kadabra before she takes him to be executed: which she can’t wait for. She leaves the room. Cisco, shocked, follows to talk to her.

Kadabra says that if Barry lets him go, he will tell him Savitar’s name.

Conversations and apologies:

Cisco tries to get Gypsy to tell him why she is so angry. Caitlin treats Julian’s injured arm and apologises for hurting him by keeping the stone fragment. Iris tells Barry that they can’t let Kadabra go, because Kadabra killed people. She believes that Barry can save her.

Joe lets Kadabra go:

Gypsy rushes to the scene, but Kadabra gets away before he can tell Joe who Savitar is. Kadabra steals a sphere from Eobard’s secret room. As he tries to leave Star labs, Caitlin, Joe and Julian confront him, but Caitlin is hurt and Kadabra gets away.

Caitlin is injured:

There are bits of shrapnel near Caitlin’s kidneys, and the team cannot take her to hospital because she will be ID’d as Killer Frost. Cisco says that if they take off the necklace, Caitlin will heal. Caitlin insists that Julian operate on her to remove the shrapnel instead, because she would rather die than become Killer Frost.

Gypsy confronts Joe:

Gypsy yells at Joe for letting Kadabra go. Joe retorts that he doesn’t regret it: His first duty is to try to protect his family. Cisco witnesses the conversation, and he criticises Gypsy for her anger towards Joe. Gypsy tells Cisco that she is angry because Kadabra killed her partner.

Julian operates on Caitlin:

s03e18 Julian agrees to operate on Caitlin

Julian removes the shrapnel from Caitlin’s wound. He manages to keep his cool pretty well, despite the pressure. Julian stitches Caitlin up, and he believes that she will be okay.

Gypsy figures out Kadabra’s plan:

Gypsy tells the team that Kadabra is trying to build a time machine to get back to the 64th century. The team realise that Kadabra has all the parts now, and they manage to track him. Barry convinces Gypsy to work with the team, and after a chase across the city, Barry destroys Kadabra’s time machine before he can escape to the future. Gypsy arrests Kadabra.

Barry lets Gypsy take Kadabra:

Barry hands Kadabra over to Gypsy and tries to appeal to any goodness in Kadabra to get him to say who Savitar is. Kadabra refuses. He says that he and Barry have been enemies for years, but no one hurt Barry like Savitar did. Kadabra admits that he was jealous of Savitar, but now, he feels like he gets to kill Iris too. Gypsy escorts Kadabra back to Earth 19.

Julian and Caitlin make up:

Caitlin wakes up to find Julian by her side. He tells her that he is impressed with her bravery, and kisses her. He presses on her wound by accident, but they joke about it, and Julian tells Caitlin to rest.

Joe admits that he is struggling:

At his house, Joe tells Iris that he feels helpless, and he doesn’t know what to do to save her. Barry says that he knows how to save Iris: Savitar, Kadabra and Thawne are always one step ahead because they have knowledge of the future, so Barry will run to the future to figure out how to stop Savitar.

H.R returns:

Cisco visits Caitlin. He admits that he ate all her strawberry jello but offers her a lime one. H.R shows up. I didn’t notice he wasn’t around until now! H.R says that he was away with a woman. Cisco is miffed that H.R didn’t let them know where he was. Caitlin gives H.R her jello, and he leaves the room. As Cisco admits that he was worried about H.R, Caitlin stops talking.

Caitlin becomes Killer Frost:

Julian and H.R rush in. Caitlin is not breathing, and Julian cannot bring her around: She dies. Julian does not want to let her go. He removes her necklace, despite Cisco’s insistence that it is not what Caitlin wanted. Caitlin heals and her heartbeat is back, but when her eyes open they are Killer Frost’s. She attacks, but we don’t see who she is shooting at.

s03e18 Caitlin becomes Killer Frost.jpg


  • Kadabra said that Savitar was the first speedster. In the comics, Jay Garrick was the first speedster too…

  • Kadabra mentions ‘DeVoe,’ another enemy of Barry’s who was known as ‘The Thinker’ in the comics. He was not a speedster. Will season 4 finally have a non-speedster big bad? 

  • In his attempt to save Caitlin, Julian has created Killer Frost. Will we see Caitlin return to normal, or is that it for her now?

  • Barry needs to go back in time and borrow Oliver from Russia to torture his enemies for information: it might be more successful than appealing to their common decency!

Next time:

Barry travels to the future to try to get information to stop Savitar. He meets Cisco, and a future Barry who looks like he has fallen apart after Iris’ death. It looks like Wally has lost his speed and is confined to a wheelchair. Barry also has a new suit.

That’s it for the Flash until the 25th April, which is the same date on the article from the future in Eobard’s secret room:

April 25th coincidence I think not

Coincidence? I think not…

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