Flash Season 3, Episode 17 recap: Duet, a Flash-Supergirl Musical crossover!

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 17, and Supergirl season 2.

Last time:

Supergirl: Kara and Mon-El broke up, and Kara was knocked out by a mysterious stranger.

Flash: Barry freed Wally from the speed force, and told Iris that they needed space.

Guide to Supergirl characters: For those who don’t watch Supergirl.

Kara Danvers: Supergirl. Flies, is bulletproof, and has super strength.

J’onn Jones: A martian, and leader of the DEO. Supergirl works with him to save National city.

Mon’El: Kara’s (currently ex) boyfriend, and prince of Daxam.

Winn: Supergirl’s equivalent of Cisco Ramone. Tech, suits: that’s his thing!

Onto the recap:

Eighteen years ago:

Barry watches ‘Singing in the rain’ with his mother. She tells him that everything is better in song: When you sing, you open up your soul and let who you are shine through.

Barry mopes at Cisco’s flat:

s03e17_16 Barry mopes at Cisco's

Barry mopes on Cisco’s couch watching musicals. Cisco cannot persuade him to go out, or cheer Barry up after his failed engagement.

H.R calls:

Barry and Cisco are interrupted with a call from H.R. He calls them to Star labs, where a breach has opened. J’onn J’onzz and Mon-El appear, with an unconscious Supergirl.

Mon-El and J’onn explain:

J’onn explains that an alien they had captive escaped and put Supergirl in a coma. Mon-El says that the stranger disappeared, and they tracked him here because he wanted to find the fastest man alive. Cisco says that he should be able to find him: Which he does, in the speed lab.

Barry goes to confront the stranger:

The stranger, Music Meister, tells Barry that he wants to teach them a lesson. He incapacitates Wally, who H.R encouraged to help Barry, and puts Barry into a coma.

Barry wakes to a strange bar:

When Barry opens his eyes, he is in a bar, and Kara is singing ‘Moon River’ on stage. Kara is excited to see Barry, and backstage they realise that they both got whammied by the same guy. They agree to try and find out where they are and how to get out. 

Malcolm Merlyn appears:

Kara and Barry renter the bar. They are confronted by Cutter Moran, who looks like Malcolm Merlyn. Moran owns the club and pays them to sing. When Kara backchats him, he threatens them with a knife. Barry and Kara realise that they don’t have their powers.

Moran calls Grady, a piano player who looks like Winn from Supergirl. Grady warns them to be careful of Moran. Pablo, a waiter who looks like Cisco, says that he thinks Moran is all talk.

Music Meister appears:

Music Meister says that Barry and Kara created this world from their childhood influences: Musicals. Kara tries to punch him, but he shimmers like a hologram. He is not in this world, he is in Central city trying to take over. Music Meister explains that the only way out is to reach the end of the musicals plot, but if they die in here, they die out there. He sings ‘Put a little love in your heart,’ joined by the entire bar staff. At the end of the song, Music Meister vanishes.

Kara and Barry try to figure out the plot:

Barry and Kara work out that they are performers who work for a gangster. As they chat, they are accosted by men with guns, and someone who looks like Stein knocks Barry out.

Joe and Stein have captured Barry and Kara:

s03e17_228 Joe and Stein, gangsters

When Barry wakes up, he and Kara are surrounded by men with guns. Kara tells Barry that Mon-El lied to her about who he was, and Barry tells Kara about his failed engagement. 

Joe and Stein reveal their plan:

Stein arrives with someone who looks like Joe. They are gangsters who run the city. ‘Joe’ says that his daughter Millie, (who looks like Iris), is missing. The last time he saw her was at Moran’s place. He wants Barry and Kara to look for her at the club. Barry and Kara agree.

Barry and Kara find Millie:

Pablo (Cisco) leads Barry and Kara to apartment 4B, where he says Millie is. Inside, two people who look like Iris and Mon-El are making out. 

At Star labs:

Caitlin says that the speed force in Barry’s cells, and the solar radiation in Kara’s, are being depleted. Music Meister is stealing their powers. Across the city, he uses them to rob a bank.

Wally, Cisco and J’onn go after Music Meister:

Wally and Cisco agree to go after Music Meister. J’onn says that he will come too. Cisco is skeptical, until J’onn reveals that he is an alien. The team go to confront Music Meister.

Confrontation in Central city:

Wally chases Music Meister, who now has super speed. With Iris’ direction, Cisco gets ahead, but Music Meister flies over him. Cisco opens a breach so that Wally and J’onn can ambush their enemy. J’onn and Wally double team Music Meister to incapacitate him.

s03e17_289 Cisco Wally and J'onn confront Music Meister.jpg

Back in musical land:

Barry and Kara tell Millie that her dad sent them: He thinks Millie has been kidnapped. Millie says that she loves Tommy Moran (Mon-El). If their fathers found out, they would go to war because they hate each other. Barry realises that this is like West-side story, and they must convince Millie and Tommy to tell their fathers about them for the script to continue: so they do.

Millie tells her fathers:

Millie tells ‘Stein’ and ‘Joe’ that she loves Tommy Moran. They are angry, but Barry appears to convince them to be okay with it. They tell Millie that they want her to be happy, and sing, ‘More I cannot wish you,’ from Guys and Dolls. Millie leaves, happy. Her fathers prepare for war.

Tommy tells his father:

Cutter (Merlyn) is angry that Tommy kept this from him for so long. Kara says that Cutter is being too tough, and she realises that maybe she was too hard on Mon-El. Cutter says that he appreciates Tommy’s honesty, but as he walks away, he too prepares for war.

Mon-El & Iris confront Music Meister in his cell at Star labs:

Iris and Mon-El tell Music Meister to fix Kara and Barry, but he says that he can’t: his powers don’t work that way. He says that Mon-El and Iris have the power to get them back. As they leave, he mutters that if they love them enough, they can save them.

Barry and Kara sing a duet:

Flash S3E17 Super Friend.png

Barry and Kara realise that they have to finish the musical to go home. Winn plays piano, and Barry and Kara sing ‘Super Friend.’ The best bits were when Barry and Kara mock Superman, and when Barry says that he will be there in a flash if Kara ever needs help. 

A gunfight breaks out:

Joe and Stein confront Merlyn in the street, and a gunfight breaks out. Barry and Kara, despite knowing they are mortal, run into the street and get shot. At Star labs, their vitals plummet.

Iris and Mon-El save Barry and Kara:

Iris gets Cisco to vibe her and Mon-El to whatever world Barry and Kara are. When they arrive, Mon-El apologises to Kara, and they kiss. Barry says that he loves Iris. She kisses him.

Barry and Kara wake up:

s03e17 barry and kara wake up 2

At Star labs, Barry and Kara wake up. The kiss saved them: Sleeping Beauty, much? Music Meister comes in, clapping. He says that was beautiful: their love was strong enough. Cisco asks how he escaped from the cell, and he replies that it could not hold him.

s03e17_537 barry and kara wake up

Music Meister says that he saw two people with broken hearts and wanted to fix it. He says that he is off to teach more people lessons, and he disappears.


Barry and Iris hug, as do Kara and Mon-El. J’onn says they have to get going. Kara tells Barry that her and Mon-El will be okay, so long as he doesn’t lie to her again: If he does, she will drop a mountain on him. I don’t doubt it! When Kara asks about Iris, Barry says that they will see.

Barry proposes again:

At their flat, Barry tells Iris that his mother used to say that musicals have the power to make everything better. Barry serenades Iris with a song, ‘Running home to you,’ which is pretty relevant to him as the Flash. He then asks her to marry him again, and she says yes.


  • Cisco has the coolest flat: I want a pinball machine!

  • The episode seemed like it was just meant to showcase actor musical talent and get Barry and Iris and Kara and Mon-El back together. It was fun, if a little cheesy.

  • Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn, used a similar accent to his character in the musical, Newsies. He’s pretty talented 🙂

  • Fun reference: Cutter had a son called Tommy, just like Malcolm Merlyn did.

  • In the world Music Meister said Barry created, Iris’ love life is as dangerous as West Side story (based on Romeo & Juliet). Both ended tragically. This doesn’t look good for Iris…

  • Music Meister was awesome, but if Iris and Mon-El’s love wasn’t strong enough, Barry and Kara would have died. Pretty dangerous game he’s playing! Still, this is much less dark than this week’s Arrow episode looks!

Next time:

A breacher called Abra Kadabra appears and says that he is a magician from the future who knows who Savitar is. It looks like Gypsy and Cisco will help Barry and Wally fight him.


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