Arrow Season 5 Episode 16 recap: Will Oliver rescue Susan from Prometheus?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 16.

Last time:

A bar fight broke out in Russia. In Star city, Oliver realised that he and Prometheus had the same teacher. Felicity joined Helix. Prometheus kidnapped Susan Williams.

Onto the recap:

Oliver finds Talia:

s05e16_54 Oliver finds Talia

On a snowy mountain in the middle of nowhere, Oliver finds a monastery. When he goes inside, those training attack him, but when Talia shows up, they back off. Talia admits that she knew about Prometheus and did not stop him because Oliver killed her father too: Ra’s Al Ghul. She reveals that Prometheus is Adrian Chase.

Felicity visits Helix:

At Helix, Felicity ignores texts from Curtis. Helix have a feed from every cell phone camera in the world, and have a large, powerful operation. Felicity is impressed.

Oliver confronts Adrian as mayor:

Oliver storms into the mayor’s office and tries to confront Chase in the conference room. Chase refuses to meet Oliver right now: he is busy with the councillors. Chase taunts Oliver: “Are you tired, or is it like you’ve been asleep this whole time?”

In Russia:

Oliver tackles a gun man and saves Victor’s life, but the rest of the Bratva captains are dead. Gregor will promote new ones loyal to him, who will kill them all.

Oliver confronts Adrian as Green Arrow:

In a car park, Oliver aims an arrow at Chase. Chase says that Oliver can’t touch him, because he has Susan.

The team discuss their next move:

Oliver says that they have to find Susan. Diggle has sent Dinah and Curtis to Opal city to get Chase’s mother as leverage. Oliver says that he is going to Chase’s house, which has a sub basement and may be his base. Diggle goes with him.

In Russia:

Anatoli says that they need proof that Gregor sold them out, but Oliver says that they don’t have anyone who can pull data off a bullet ridden laptop. (A nice throwback to season one: where’s Felicity when you need her?) Oliver says that they have to kill Gregor. Anatoli says that it is impossible. Gregor will be at a Bratva stronghold, which is heavily protected.

Curtis and Dinah investigate Chase’s mothers house:

s05e16_172 curtis and dinah find the video of susan

The house is empty. Curtis sends his spheres to investigate. As they wait, Curtis and Dinah hear a scream. They race upstairs to find a video playing: Prometheus with Susan.

At city hall:

Chase confronts Rene and Curtis in the corridor. After Chase leaves, Quentin tells Oliver that they have eyes on Chase at city hall, so Oliver can move on his house.

Arrow and Spartan break into Chase’s house:

Oliver and Diggle sweep Chase’s house. Inside, Oliver finds Chase’s wife. Oliver tells her that her husband is the throwing star killer. She is doubtful. The SCPD show up: Chase called them, always one step ahead. Oliver drops a spark grenade and flees.

The team review the footage of Susan being held captive:

Oliver doubts his decision to get involved with Susan, given what happened. Felicity arrives. Oliver says that he is worried about her, because she is keeping secrets. Felicity says that he will have to trust her: what she is involved with helped her find out that Adrian Chase is an alias. His real name is Simon Morrisson. Oliver thanks her and heads to city hall to make a statement about the Green Arrow breaking into the DA’s house.

The statement:

Chase says that the Green Arrow was retaliating against the office for speaking out against him. Oliver is forced to agree with Chase. He says that if the Green Arrow does not turn himself over in 24 hours, he will order the SCPD to shoot to kill.

Oliver visits Pike:

Oliver gives Detective Pike the information that Felicity found out about Chase, and tells him to investigate, because Chase is the throwing star killer. Pike agrees.

In Russia:

Anatoli confirms Gregor’s location and sends Victor away. Oliver trusts Anatoli with his masked identity. Anatoli says that Talia is wrong: Oliver cannot separate two parts of himself by putting on a mask. He warns Oliver to be careful of Talia.

Felicity visits Helix:

s05e16_309 Felicity visits Helix to find Susan3

Felicity shows the video of Susan to Alena at Helix and asks to use their database, because someone with a cell phone must have entered that room at some point. Alena says that Felicity must help break the encryption on a homeland security drone first.

Pike is stabbed:

Detective Pike leaves the SCPD, but he is stabbed in the alley outside. At the hospital, Oliver arrives to find that Pike is comatose. Quentin says that Chase is with Pike.

Chase guilt trips Oliver:

Oliver enters the room where Pike is comatose, and tells Chase that he won’t let him hurt anyone else. Chase says that Oliver doesn’t have a choice. He taunts that if Oliver retaliates, Susan will be as dead as his mother, Tommy, Laurel, and all the others who are dead because of Oliver. He says that Oliver is one loss away from being destroyed.

Oliver wrecks the base:

Oliver storms into his base and throws his Arrow suit on the floor. He smashes a few monitors, upends a table, and trashes the base.

In Russia: Oliver goes after Gregor:

At a hockey ring, Gregor discusses his plan. Oliver and Anatoli break in and open fire.

Felicity does what Helix asked:

Felicity gets Curtis to help with her assignment from Helix. When he realises that they are redirecting US border patrol drones, which is illegal, Curtis is not happy. Felicity says that her new friends can help find Susan, but they want a favour in return. Curtis realises that Oliver and Diggle don’t know what Felicity is up to.

Diggle finds Oliver in the trashed base:

Diggle asks Oliver what happened. Oliver says that it was a mistake to trust or care about anyone, because it gave Chase targets. Diggle tells Oliver that they are his team mates, his strength, not targets, and that caring makes Oliver human. Oliver insists that Chase will make them a weakness, and that he may not be allowed the luxury of being human.

Oliver gets a call from Felicity, who says that she has found Susan. Oliver says that he needs to play Chase at his own game, and he knows who makes Chase vulnerable.

The team head to find Susan:

They arrive at a building where there are lots of heat signatures, so they split up to look for Susan. Dinah and Rene open a door and find a bomb, which explodes. They are not hurt, but they are trapped on that floor. Oliver realises that the heat signatures are all bombs. He tells Curtis to get the others out whilst he finds Susan. A lift opens, and Susan is tied up inside. Oliver frees her, but the lift doors close and it heads down.

Oliver confronts Adrian:

s05e16_511 Oliver fights Prometheus

When the doors open, Oliver tells Susan to take the elevator up to safety. He exits the lift to find Prometheus. Oliver has Diggle bring in Adrian’s wife. She is upset, and wants to convince Adrian to turn himself in. Adrian stabs her, and he and Oliver start to fight.

Diggle rushes Chase’s wife outside. He sends the team back in to help Oliver.

Talia shows up:

Oliver and Adrian continue to fight. Talia appears and shoots Oliver with a tranquilliser. The team show up to find Chase gone, and Oliver’s bow left behind. Back at base, Felicity tells the team that Chase’s wife died on the way to the hospital. The team reveal that Chase has Oliver, and Dinah asks Felicity to find him. Felicity leaves to go to Helix.

In Russia:

Oliver injures Gregor, but Gregor says that if Oliver kills him, he kills himself.


Quentin helps Susan prepare to make a statement against Chase. Chase shows up, and says that they can’t touch him if they want to see their friend in one piece again.

Felicity goes to Helix again:

Felicity tells Alana that another friend is missing, and she needs all their resources to find him. She agrees to do whatever Helix needs her to in return.

Talia and Chase talk to Oliver:

Talia is with Chase when Oliver wakes up in chains. Oliver says that her father would be ashamed. Talia tells Chase to make Oliver suffer, and she leaves. Chase says that is the plan. Oliver says that his friends are his strength: they will find him. Chase replies that he’s not interested in killing Oliver: he wants to help Oliver discover who he really is.

s05e16_577 Chase and Talia have Oliver captive


  • Felicity is going to the dark side with her law breaking. She now has a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude. I’m waiting for the consequences of her actions to hit the team…

  • Does Chase want to convince Oliver that he is a killer? To kill someone whilst Oliver is unable to save them? To confess to Star city that he is the Green Arrow?

Next time:

Chase tortures Oliver, and tells him that if he confesses his secret, this all ends.

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