The Flash Season 3, Episode 16 recap: Can Barry save Wally from the speed force?

Last time:

Barry proposed to Iris to try and change her future. Caitlin kept a piece of the philosophers stone, but Savitar needed it all to escape from the speed force. Wally took the stone piece and threw it into the speed force to try and get rid of Savitar. Savitar escaped and Wally became trapped in the speed force.

Onto the recap:

Barry decides to enter the speed force:

Barry, riddled with guilt, decides to enter the speed force to free Wally. H.R inspires Cisco to make a tether so they can pull Barry back if anything goes wrong. Julian adds that he can make a monitor for Barry’s vitals. Jesse wants to go with him, but Barry insists that she stay behind.

Joe tries to talk to Barry about Iris:

Barry tells Iris that he will get Wally back. When he notices the ring still isn’t on her finger, he asks if he has lost her. Iris walks away without answering. Joe asks what is going on, and Barry admits that she broke off the engagement.

Cisco vibes Barry into the speed force:

s03e16_Cisco vibes Barry into the speed force 2

Cisco has created ‘Goldtooth,’ an interdimensional version of bluetooth. If Barry is in trouble, Cisco can open a breach and pull him back. Cisco places his device in Barry’s emblem. Barry says goodbye to Joe and Iris, and Cisco vibes Barry into the speed force.

In the speed force, the CCPD:

Barry arrives in what looks like his lab at CCPD. When he heads downstairs, he finds Eddie: the form that the speed force has chosen. Eddie tells Barry that Wally is in the prison that Barry created. He says that the speed force won’t help Barry free Wally, because Barry created Flashpoint and saved his mother. Barry says that he will not leave until Wally is free. Eddie says that Barry should prepare to be in there for eternity.

Jesse and Cisco try to track Savitar:

Jesse asks Cisco if he can track Savitar using the blade arm. Cisco realises that Jesse wants to go after Savitar. Jesse says that they have to find Savitar and send him back where he came from, but Cisco says that Jesse is staying here, and they will wait for Barry to get back.

Iris doubts her decision to break off the engagement:

In the secret room, Iris looks at the article that Barry said was once written by her. She tells Joe that she is worried Barry ran head first into danger because she broke off the engagement. Joe says that Barry would have gone to save Wally regardless. He tells Iris to look to her heart to decide if she wants to marry Barry. 

The speed force sends a time wraith after Barry:

The speed force says that Eddie was going to marry Iris, but because of Barry, Eddie’s legacy is death. It says that if Barry wants Wally, he has to go through the lift doors. The doors open, and a time wraith appears. Barry runs around it and into the lift to close the doors.

The lift opens into Star labs:

Barry walks through Star labs, following the sound of singing. He finds Caitlin singing to a baby. Ronnie appears and says that they need to talk.

s03e16_225 The speedforce mimics Ronnie.jpg

The team figure out how to track Savitar:

The team try to track Savitar using the blade, but become sidetracked talking about Peanuts and Schrodinger’s cat. Jesse becomes impatient and asks if they can track Savitar or not. Caitlin says that the blade is motionless on the outside, but constantly moving on the inside. It is trying to reconnect with the rest of Savitar’s armour, and could lead them right to him.

Jesse wants to go after Savitar. H.R and the team tell her that she can’t, and H.R says that they should wait for the real Flash to get back. Jesse storms off. H.R tries to talk her out of fighting Savitar, but Jesse tells him that he isn’t her father, and on her earth, she is the real Flash.

The speed force tries to make a point:

The speed force, as Ronnie, points out how many people have sacrificed themselves for Barry. It says that Wally’s sacrifice was for Barry too. Barry says that he wants to sacrifice himself for Wally, but the speed force will not allow it. Barry refuses to leave without Wally, so the speed force sets Hunter Zoloman, as Black Flash, on Barry. After a struggle, Barry is pinned.

At Star labs:

The team realise that Barry’s vitals have plummeted. They prepare to pull him out.

Barry breaks the tether to home:

Barry realises that he must not let others bear his burden: He should be the one to save Iris, not Wally. Barry pulls the emblem from his chest and uses it to zap Hunter. Barry is safe, but the link to Earth 1 is broken. Cisco and the team do not know if Barry is dead or alive, and because the tether is gone, they do not know if they can get Barry back.

Barry wakes in a hospital:

When Barry wakes, he is confronted by the speed force, now Leonard Snart. Barry sees Wally, but Snart freezes the door handle to the room that Wally is in.

s03e16_359 Snart confronts Barry2s03e16_359 Snart confronts Barry

Jesse takes the blade arm:

Jesse, suited up, takes the blade arm. H.R blocks her path and says that he will not let her go. Jesse knocks him out and goes to confront Savitar.

The speed force makes it’s point:

Wally is trapped reliving his most painful moment: his mothers death. Barry says that his own most painful moment is in the future. The speed force tells Barry to change it if he doesn’t like it. Barry says that he’s not fast enough. Wally is: so they have to let Barry take his place.

The speed force refuses. It tells Barry that he inspired Snart to sacrifice himself, to be a hero like Barry. Barry says that he is not a hero lately, and he is done fighting. The speed force says that that is the problem and blasts Barry with the cold gun. I think the speed force is trying to make a point: fight your own battles, be your own hero. 

Jesse confronts Savitar:

Jesse lets go of the metal, and it flies off. It leads her to Savitar, who says that he knew she would come. Jesse throws lightning, but she is thrown back. H.R, on comms, tells Jesse that Savitar is vulnerable under his armour. Savitar says that he has plans for Jesse in the future. Jesse finds an opening and stabs Savitar. He flees.

Jay Garrick arrives to save Barry:

Barry asks Jay if he is another speed force test. Jay says that he isn’t: Cisco came to get him when they lost contact with Barry. Snart shoots Jay. Jay is hit, but Barry grabs Jay’s helmet and deflects the next shot back. The speed force says that Barry can’t take Wally. Barry tells them to try and stop him. He vibrates the ice off the door and enters the room where Wally is.

Barry frees Wally:

Barry tells Wally that it’s over, he is free. Wally and Barry leave the room. Jay remains behind. A speedster has to take Wally’s place, and Jay insists that he will do it, because he owes Barry for saving him from Zoom. Jay tells Barry to stop Savitar. He gives Barry his helmet, which Cisco can use to get Barry and Wally out. Barry vows to give it back when he breaks Jay out.

s03e16_436 Barry creates Savitar Jay is left behind in the speed force.jpg

Cisco pulls Barry and Wally out of the speed force and back to Star labs:

Barry tells the team that he saw Snart, Eddie, and Ronnie in the speed force, which was trying to teach Barry a lesson: he needs to save Iris himself. Barry says that Jay took Wally’s place in the speed force, but he vows that they will get Jay back when Barry beats Savitar. He says that Wally is going to take a break for a while after what happened.

Jesse leaves for Earth 3:

Jesse tells Wally that she is moving to Earth 3 to protect it whilst Jay is trapped. She also wants to move away because Savitar said that he had plans for her, and she can’t let that happen. Jesse and Wally declare love for each other, and Jesse tells Wally that this isn’t goodbye.

After Jesse leaves, H.R tells the team that he and Jesse found out that Savitar is not a god. Under that suit of armour, he is just a man who can feel pain.

Barry asks Iris for a break:

At their flat, Barry tells Iris that he can’t forget what he saw in the future. Iris says that it is okay: They love each other, and she wants to be his wife. Barry admits that he only asked her to be his wife because he thought it would save her. He says that they need space, because they can’t move forward in a relationship with this hanging over their heads. Iris is upset and leaves.


s03e16_I thought that emblem blew up
Continuity errors like the above bother me.
  • When Cisco pulls Barry out of the speed force at the end, Barry’s emblem is back.

  • Why doesn’t the speed force try to stop Barry when he vibrates the ice off the door handle to free Wally? Was it’s purpose to encourage Barry to fight, or will it be back to cause issues later?

  • Will Barry break Jay out and sacrifice another speedster, or will Jay become Savitar? Everything that Savitar said: only one of them could live, Barry would witness Savitar being created, and Barry would never get over it, makes sense if Jay becomes Savitar. After all, Jay looks exactly like his father. If he becomes Savitar, it would hurt Barry a lot. The only other speedster Barry might sacrifice is Gypsy’s boss on Earth 19, but to have Savitar as a character who has only appeared once would be a let down.

Next time:

Duet: A crossover with Supergirl. It will be a musical episode, presumably to inject some fun after this weeks emotional episode! I love musicals, so I am looking forward to it!

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