The Flash Season 3, Episode 15 recap: Is Savitar Jay Garrick?

Spoilers for The Flash Season 3, Episode 15. Comments may contain spoilers.

Theories follow the recap. For an up to date recap on everything Savitar click here: The Flash Season 3, Who is Savitar: Jay Garrick, a version of Barry, or someone else entirely?

Last time:

Barry and his team stopped Grodd’s invasion of Central city, but afterwards, Wally ran into Savitar in the streets. Barry asked Iris to marry him.

Onto the recap:

Training to stop Savitar:

s03e15_Barry trains with Wally and Jesse

Wally races towards Barry, who has Jesse hostage as practice for when Wally has to save Iris. Wally manages to get there fast enough, and is now fast enough to save Iris from Savitar.

Iris and Barry make an announcement:

Barry has gathered everyone, and Iris shows them her ring. Joe does not look amused: he congratulates them publicly, but later tells Barry he is upset that Barry didn’t ask his permission. A fire breaks out, interrupting the awkward conversation. Barry and Wally race off.

Wally sees Savitar again:

Wally is attacked by Savitar, who is not visible to Barry. Back at Star labs, Barry is angry that Wally didn’t tell them he has been seeing Savitar. He says that Wally cannot stay at Star labs, in case Savitar is spying on them through Wally. Wally leaves and Jesse follows. Barry says that he needs to use Julian so that they can talk to Savitar again. Julian declines.

Caitlin talks to Julian:

Julian admits that he doesn’t want Caitlin to see Savitar talking through him again, in case she thinks differently of him. Caitlin says that Julian should trust her. Julian kisses Caitlin and agrees to help the team.

Barry talks to Savitar:

Through Julian, Savitar says that Barry is cruel and selfish, the big bad from his point of view. Savitar tells Barry that they had to be enemies, because only one of them could live. Another Harry Potter reference, really? 

Barry says that Savitar can’t escape, because they got rid of the philosophers stone. Caitlin looks awkward at that. Savitar scoffs and says that he only needs one more thing to escape. He says that they cannot change the future, and Barry will never get over Iris’ death.

The stone:

s03e15_Barry chases down the acolytes

Because Savitar questioned that they got rid of the stone, Barry believes that there could be another one. Cisco tracks down one of Savitar’s acolytes, and Barry rushes off. He interrupts a gathering, where they have the box which held the stone. Julian believes it is the same box they threw into the speed force, and that Savitar could have the stone.

Wally visits the future:

Cisco vibes Wally to the future, because Wally wants to see if he can find anything that will help. Wally sees Iris die, but he notices that Iris did not have an engagement ring in the future.

Wally confronts Barry:

Wally insists that Barry should tell Iris why he proposed. Barry admits that, in the future, Iris had no ring. He thought that if they got engaged, he could change the future. Iris says that she needs time to think and leaves. 

Caitlin admits she betrayed them:

Julian tells Caitlin that he is worried he will betray them. Caitlin says that he won’t, because she already did: she kept a fragment of the stone to try and get rid of her powers. Barry says that they need to talk to Savitar again, and try to find out where he is. Julian agrees, but he is angry at Caitlin for keeping part of the stone when she knew what it did to him.

Cisco gets a location:

The team talk to Savitar to distract him, so that Cisco can get a location. Cisco says that the location is Central city, but he will try to narrow it down. Barry gets a call from Iris and leaves.

Wally sees his mother:

Jesse finds Wally at Joe’s house. Wally admits that he is worried because he got his powers through Savitar, and he feels like Savitar has a hold on him. 

Wally sees his mother. Jesse knows he is seeing things, and Wally realises that Savitar is in his head again. Savitar tells Wally that they won’t have the fragment of the stone for long, and he will escape soon. Wally rushes off to try and stop Savitar.

Iris & Barry talk:

Iris tells Barry that she isn’t angry, but she thought that he asked her to marry him out of love, not fear. She knows that he loves her, but she wants to be his wife, not someone he’s trying to save for the rest of eternity. At her words, Barry realises where Savitar is trapped.

The team realise where Savitar is:

At Star labs, Cisco tries to vibe Savitar’s location, but all he sees is a storm. Barry arrives and says its the speed force: exactly where they threw the stone, and where future Barry trapped Savitar. Savitar hasn’t been able to escape because Caitlin kept a fragment.

Wally tries to stop Savitar:

Jesse rushes in. She tells the team that Wally went after Savitar, and they realise that he took the stone fragment. Cisco cannot find Wally, who turned off the tracking in his suit. Wally tries to open a portal, but fails. Savitar taunts him. Wally opens a portal and throws the stone in.

s03e15_wally throws the philosophers stone into the speedforce

Barry tries to save Wally:

Cisco detects a power surge, and Barry rushes to the location to see Wally get sucked into the speed force: Jesse, Joe, and the team witness it on camera. Savitar appears from the portal.

Barry fights Savitar:

Savitar says that Wally has taken his place in the speed force. Barry engages Savitar and lands a few good hits, but Savitar stabs Barry in his right shoulder. Savitar says that he will let Barry live: he wants Barry to see Iris die first. Barry cuts off Savitar’s blade arm, and Savitar flees.


At Star labs, Caitlin stabilises Barry and removes the blade. Barry passes out. When he wakes up, he is distraught. Joe says that it is not Barry’s fault. Jesse walks off, and H.R comforts her. 

Iris touches Barry’s hand, and he notices that she has taken off her ring. Barry is more upset, and Cisco and Julian leave Barry alone with Caitlin.

Caitlin apologises. Barry insists that he doesn’t blame her, because fear makes them do a lot of things they shouldn’t, and his fear is the cause of all of this. I think he means more than his proposal: If Barry hadn’t been scared to face his father’s death, Flashpoint never would have been created, and Savitar never would have had the idea to use Wally to escape.

Who is Savitar? (Theories. Might get a bit crazy!):

Jay Garrick:

In my recap of Flash Season 3, Episode 9, I suggested that Jay Garrick would be the one to betray Barry. I am convinced that Jay is either Savitar, or was/is involved with Savitar.

  • Jay knew a lot about Savitar and his myth when no one else did. Savitar said that Barry knows him, and that he loves a good myth.
  • Savitar called Jay by name in episode 9, but Jay said he had never seen Savitar before. Savitar only appears to speedsters if they are fast enough, so why does he know Jay? Have they met before, or does Savitar know Jay as his past self?
  • In episode 9, Jay insisted that Barry spend as much time with Iris as possible. Did Jay know what Savitar plans for Iris, perhaps because he killed someone Jay cared for? Or did Jay lose someone and become bitter towards Barry after Flashpoint, enough to become evil?
  • Jay stopped Barry from going back in time to fix Flashpoint in episode 2, and he told Barry to throw the stone into the speed force in episode 9. Savitar needed Flashpoint to happen, and he needed the stone in the speed force. It’s either a big coincidence, or Jay is helping Savitar.


Barry from an erased time line:

Savitar says, ‘I am the future Flash,’ a lot. Is Savitar a version of Barry from another time line? When Barry first went back to the night of his mother’s murder, another version of himself shook his head to warn Barry not to save Nora. In Flashpoint, Barry did save her. Did that cause the other Barry to lose everything? Iris? Savitar said that only one of them could live, and that Barry is a selfish villain who took everything from him, so it appears to fit. It would explain why Savitar knows a lot about Barry too: that Barry doesn’t kill, and that Iris’ death would destroy him. 


  • I think Iris was cruel. Barry loves her to bits, yet when he is at an all time low, she shows him that she’s taken her ring off and leaves him in tears. Yes, she’s upset, but Barry’s just lost Wally, been stabbed, and Savitar is free. He needs her support right now. 

  • Can Wally be saved before he goes mad like Savitar did? I hope so, but I think that it may come at a cost: his speed.

  • Will Caitlin and Julian ever reconcile? He had a right to be angry, but if Caitlin no longer has Julian’s support, will she become Killer Frost after all?

Next time:

Barry heads into the speed force to find Wally, and bumps into some familiar faces…

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  1. Episode 16: Everything you said about Jay fits especially after he decides to stay in the speed force. With everything savitar has said, Barry does witness Savitar(Jay) created himself and only Barry or Jay would be able to live and the other suffering a fate worse than death. Savitar(Jay) does create himself on yesterday’s episode. When savitar speaks out of Julian and tells Barry that he(Barry) had to suffer worse than anyone, losing his mother and father. Then he ends it with “trust me you will never get over this”. Barry would really have a hard time getting over it if it was his fathers doppelgänger.


    • Exactly! Episode 16 makes it looks even more likely that Jay Garrick will be Savitar. The only way to free Jay is for Barry to find another speedster to trap in the speed force. The only one I can think of though (because Barry wouldn’t want to put Wally back in there, or trap Jesse) is that speedster who appeared briefly on Earth 19 as Gypsy’s boss. I feel sorry for Barry. Each season the writers find a way to mess with his family, and even though Jay isn’t Barry’s dad, you’re right that Barry is going to find it hard because Jay looks exactly like him.


  2. Savitar told Jessie that he has plans for her.
    Jay gets stuck in the speed force.
    Jessie takes Jay’s place on his Earth.
    Savitar / Jay’s plan for Jessie was to take his place.

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