Arrow Season 5, Episode 15 recap: Prometheus revealed, and will Oliver be impeached?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 15.

Last time:

In Russia, Anatoli had a gun to his head. In Star city, Thea got Susan Williams fired, and Oliver faces impeachment for covering up the circumstances surrounding Billy Malone’s death.

Onto the recap:

Oliver, Thea and Quentin make a plan:


Oliver says that if he loses the mayors office, Prometheus wins. Oliver plans to tell the media the truth: The Green Arrow is a good guy, and Oliver gave him the benefit of the doubt. Adrian arrives and offers to take the fall for Oliver. Oliver refuses.

Adrian explains that the council will call witnesses and evidence, and then call a vote. Oliver is not allowed to testify. Oliver asks Adrian to be his lawyer at the hearing.

In Russia:

Oliver appears behind Gregor and holds a gun to Gregor’s head. More men arrive. Anatoli says something to Gregor, which stops him killing them for the moment.

Curtis designs some balls:

Curtis is working on some technology to help him as Mr Terrific. Rene arrives, and Curtis explains that they are mini drones, one with offensive and one with defensive capabilities. Rene jokes that Curtis can’t handle himself on the field, so he’s giving himself a pair of balls! 

Oliver asks Felicity to fix things with Susan:

Oliver asks Felicity to help him with Susan, who won’t return his calls because she believes that Oliver got her fired. Felicity insists that she didn’t know what Thea was up to, but I’m sure she knew what she was doing! Felicity does agree to help Oliver, despite her reluctance.

Vigilante makes an appearance:

Vigilante sees the impeachment on TV, preps his weapon, and points it at the Oliver on the TV.


At court:

Susan is outside court. She is cold to Oliver and says that he deserves today.

In court, the woman who did the autopsy says that Chase told her to revise the report to say that the throwing star killer was responsible for detective Malone’s death. Chase told her that the request came from the mayor. At this point, I definitely thought Chase wanted Oliver to take the fall so that he could become mayor himself!

Pike says that Oliver told him the Green Arrow was manipulated, but he doesn’t know if he believes Oliver, because it seems like Oliver is protecting the Green Arrow for his own reasons.

Felicity tells Diggle about Pandora:

Felicity shows Diggle Pandora, and the data that got him out of prison. Diggle is not impressed, because it sounds like a weapon, and he doesn’t want Felicity to use it for the wrong reasons.

After court:

Oliver, Thea, Quentin and Dinah get into a limo. Thea suggests that they use Billy to get the council off Oliver’s back: he’s dead, and his reputation doesn’t matter. Oliver is appalled and says that they won’t do that. Quentin says that as it stands, Collins has the swing vote. 

Vigilante attacks Oliver:

Vigilante crashes the limo. Dinah attacks him, but is knocked down. Vigilante attacks Oliver. Oliver jumps over the wrecked limo. As Vigilante closes in, the police show up. Vigilante flees.

Thea approaches Felicity about Collins:

Protocol says that Oliver has to go to hospital, and Oliver cannot get out of it, so Thea goes to update the others and tell them to find Vigilante. Thea asks Felicity to get information from Pandora on Collins, the man with the swing vote, to try and get him to vote their way.

Oliver is at hospital:

Oliver’s doctor, Schwartz, knows about Oliver’s ‘other job.’ She tells Oliver that she can’t discharge him for a few more hours. She insists that his mind needs rest, or someone to take it off the evil he faces each day. Oliver tries to call Susan again, with no luck.

In Russia:

Anatoli has called a vote to see who has more favour among the captains, himself, or Gregor. He says that, usually, those who call the vote are killed, so it is not good news. Oliver says that it is, they just need evidence that Gregor was operating for himself, not for the Bratva.


Dinah finds some evidence:

At the scene where vigilante attacked, Dinah finds a fragment of Vigilante’s mask, lined with circuitry. She calls Felicity, and Curtis says that his new tech could track the rest of the visor.

Adrian takes the evidence:

When Adrian notices that Dinah is on the phone, Dinah pretends it is a family emergency. Adrian offers to take the evidence to the police station so that she can handle her family. Dinah seems suspicious, but has to let the evidence go.

Prometheus vs Vigilante:

On a rooftop, Prometheus warns Vigilante off Oliver. After a scuffle, Prometheus throws Vigilante off the roof. Prometheus pulls down his mask, and calls in the Vigilante sighting. It is Adrian Chase! Well, I’m shocked…

Diggle tells Felicity not to play with fire:

Felicity tells Diggle that she sent Thea information from Pandora to sway Collins’ vote: he covered up that his wife committed suicide. Diggle says that Collins went through a tragic accident, and that before Billy, Felicity would have had empathy with that. Diggle warns Felicity that, if she fights fire with fire, she risks being burned.


Chase arrives and places the visor shard down. Dinah steals it back, but Chase smiles: he has just confirmed that Dinah is part of Team Arrow!

Oliver confronts Thea:

After her conversation with Diggle, Felicity told Oliver about Thea’s plan. Oliver catches Thea before she sends the email. Thea insists that it is just politics. Oliver says that it is cruel. Thea ruined Susan’s career, and now she wants to use blackmail. Oliver asks where it stops.

In Russia:

Oliver breaks into Kovar’s mansion, dressed as the hood, to look for evidence on Gregor.

Curtis tracks Vigilante:

Using his ‘T-spheres,’ Curtis manages to track the shard, and Vigilante himself.

s05e15_Curtis T-sphere balls.jpg
Rene’s advice that Curtis focus on technology paid off!

Oliver calls a press conference:

Adrian says that Oliver’s only choice is to offer up a name for the council to punish: Adrian, or detective Malone. Oliver says that if the council won’t let him testify, he will call a press conference and throw the Green Arrow under the bus.

Vigilante tries again:

The team track Vigilante. He is in a building opposite where Oliver is giving his press conference, ready to snipe him. The team engage him. Rene is injured. Curtis saves him with his ‘T-spheres,’ and Rene promises no more ball jokes. Vigilante flees.

Oliver makes the Green Arrow a wanted man:

As Susan and the press look on, Oliver says that he covered up what the Green Arrow did to protect the public from the tragic news that the Green Arrow, a hero, had become a cop killer. Oliver tells those gathered that the Green Arrow is not a hero, and they must hunt him.

Susan visits Oliver in the mayors office:

Susan says that an anonymous hacker admitted the plagiarism story was fake, and she has been given her job back. She realises that Oliver didn’t ruin her career, and, when he heard someone had, he made it right. Oliver asks what happens next. Susan says that she will keep his secret. She cares about the city, and he is working double time to save it. Oliver says that’s great, but he wanted to know about them!

Susan steps forward, probably going for a kiss, but Adrian and Quentin interrupt to say that the council has voted against impeachment.

Thea quits:

Oliver goes to tell Thea the good news. Thea quits her job at city hall. She believes that Oliver was right: she is broken and needs to go to try and fix herself. Oliver accepts her resignation.

In Russia:

Just as the Bratva choose Gregor, Oliver arrives, with evidence from Kovar’s computer that Gregor kept 40 million rubles for himself from their dealings with Kovar. The vote is recast. Victor has the dividing vote, and he chooses Anatoli. A fight breaks out.

Oliver thanks the team, and Curtis meets his ex-husband:

Oliver thanks the team for saving him: 5 months ago he never would have thought it was possible. Curtis rushes off: Paul has invited him to dinner. Curtis thinks they are getting back together, but Paul wants a divorce. Curtis is crushed.

Felicity joins Helix:

Felicity meets Alena in an alley. Since her conversation with Diggle about playing with fire, she has changed her mind. Oliver came through something tough because he had a team. Felicity wants a hacker team, and wants to join Helix. She is welcomed on board. 

Adrian talks to Susan:

As Susan goes to get in her car, Adrian confronts her and asks to talk to her about a story. She tries to fob him off: she is late for dinner, but Adrian closes her car door and says that his story is important: life or death.

I knew that there was something sinister about this guy!


  • In the comics, Adrian Chase was Vigilante, but if Adrian is Prometheus, who the heck is Vigilante!?! For once, I don’t have any clue.

  • Prometheus isn’t Victor from Russia: I was so sure I was onto something!

  • Felicity is becoming more and more rogue. I’m interested to see what she does next.

  • Susan is on Oliver’s side: Now he and Barry can double date with their reporter girlfriends!

  • Now that we know Adrian is Prometheus, his meeting with Susan at the end is really sinister, if the creepy music wasn’t already a clue!

Next time:

Oliver finds out who Prometheus is, and that he has kidnapped Susan. Oliver insists that he will finish this. If he does, who will be the bad guy for the rest of the season?


I will keep up with my recaps as best as I can from the 13th-24th March, however I am in London doing work experience for Penguin books: Work experience adventure, so I may be off schedule by a day or two!
My other love, aside from Flash and Arrow, is writing: Dragons and Short stories, so the experience will be an eye opener!

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