The Flash Season 3, Episode 14 recap: Will Iris say yes? Will Wally be led to the dark side by Savitar?

Spoilers for The Flash Season 3, Episode 14.

Last time:

Barry and his team rescued Harry from Gorilla city, but Grodd had taken control of bounty hunter Gypsy to open a breach to Earth 1…

Onto the recap:

Barry tries to impress Iris:

Iris wakes at 6.30am to find that Barry has made breakfast to surprise her. He has made a nice effort, and she is pleased. I’m going to assume this is a Valentines day episode!


H.R decorates:

H.R has decorated the speed lab with pink and white hearts. Harry comes in, and he is not impressed. H.R is interested in the differences between them. Harry says that there are not so subtle differences too. Harry is a genius and H.R is a moron. Harry then spits in H.R’s coffee. I forgot just how mean Harry could be!

H.R presents ‘friends day,’:

Friends day is H.R’s earth’s equivalent to Valentines day. He has made cards for everyone to spread the cheer. Jesse is surprised just how different H.R is to her dad. She and Wally decide to tell her dad that she will move to Earth 1.

Jesse and Wally tell Harry:

Jesse tells her dad that she is moving to Earth 1 with Wally, because he makes her happy. Harry is surprisingly calm about it. He says that it is OK, and her happiness is all that matters. Jesse is shocked.

Cisco laments his lack of love:

Cisco is upset that he is alone and says that at least Caitlin has Julian. Caitlin insists that they are just friends, and she tells Cisco that his perfect girl is just around the corner. Gypsy appears through a breach and attacks Cisco. Barry tries to intervene, but he is also defeated. Harry incapacitates her. I missed having someone who shoots first and asks questions later.

Gypsy wakes:

Gypsy says that the last thing she remembers is being on Earth 2 chasing a target in a jungle. The team work out that Grodd controlled her to open a breach.

Grodd and his army are outside Central city.

The team try to find Grodd:

Grodd has scrambled Star labs satellites, and the team can’t find him. Barry is worried. Harry says that Cisco can vibe a wider scope of the future if he makes an adjustment to Cisco’s vibe gear. Harry takes Wally with him to help. Iris goes to tell Joe to rally CCPD. Cisco tries to get Gypsy to help, but she refuses and he lets her go back to her job.

Harry opens up to Wally:

As they work, Wally admits how surprised he is that Harry is fine with Jesse staying. Harry says that he only wants Jesse to be happy. He then tells Wally that he doesn’t know how much time he has left. Wally jumps to the conclusion that Harry is dying.

s03e14_Yes, Harry is really that low.jpg
Oh Harry, how I’ve missed your wit and charm… Wait. Did he really just let Wally believe that he’s dying?!

Cisco vibes the future:

Cisco sees an intersection, State and Oakhill, near a bridge that leads to the centre of town. Barry, Wally, and Jesse head there with the CCPD. Grodd takes control of Joe. He makes Joe raise his own gun to his head and shoot. Luckily Barry is fast, and Joe only gets a scratch on his head. They realise that the location was a distraction.

Across the city, Grodd kidnaps a military man.

Harry has a plan:

Harry realises that if they can make Joe remember what he saw when Grodd controlled him, they can find out what Grodd is up to. Harry and Cisco get to work. Barry leaves.

Barry doubts himself:

Barry tells Iris that he believes he has to kill Grodd to end this once and for all. Iris says that Barry should not kill to save her, because she is not worth him losing his humanity.

Wally tells Jesse to go back to Earth 2:

Wally says that Jesse should spend as much time with her dad as she can and not move to Earth 1. Jesse is confused, so Wally reveals that her dad is sick and doesn’t have much time left. Jesse mutters that he is unbelievable and stalks off to confront her dad. She yells at Harry for lying and insists that she is moving to Earth 1, whether he likes it or not.

Joe draws what he saw:

Harry and Cisco hook Joe up to their device. Joe draws a picture of a man, who the team now need to identify. Meanwhile, the man Joe drew enters a military base.

Barry tells H.R his plan:

Barry practices his punching and splits a punching bag. I wonder how many he goes through each week! Harry comes in, and Barry says that he thinks he has to kill Grodd. Harry thinks it is a terrible idea: he has made mistakes that he is not proud of, and each time, it makes it easier to do it again. Harry does not want Barry to take the dark road: saving one life does not justify taking another. He tells Barry to find another way.


Grodd has control of nukes:

Cisco calls Harry and Barry to the cortex. H.R realised that the man Joe drew had a standard military haircut. The team have located him: he is in charge of nuclear missiles. Harry says that if any are authorised to fire, an alarm will sound: which it does.

Barry goes to stop the missile launch:

Cisco cannot stop the launch remotely, so Barry heads to the missile. There is a keypad, with a 5 digit code and 90000 possible combinations. Barry starts entering codes, and with barely any time left, he gets the combination which will stop the launch: 45127. Grodd knows that Barry stopped the weapon and launches an attack.

Back at Star labs, Joe says that if Barry kills Grodd, there is no way back from it. Barry says that there is another way.

Cisco visits Earth 19:

On Earth 19, Gypsy completes her bounty and hands it to her boss, who is a speedster. Cisco arrives, and he asks Gypsy to help them. He says that he can vibe how people feel now, and he can sense that she wants to do something good.

Barry, Jesse and Wally confront Grodd:

Jesse and Wally engage the gorilla army, and Barry takes on Grodd. Barry is taken out first, Wally second, and Jesse last: award for the most skilled speedster goes to Jesse!

Cisco and Gypsy show up. They have brought Solovar from Earth 2 to fight Grodd. After a scuffle, Solovar wins. Barry convinces Solovar to spare Grodd and leave him on Earth 1. Solovar agrees, and he asks Barry to take the gorillas back to Earth 2.


All the gorillas are back on Earth 2, and Barry has called Lyla to contain Grodd. Gypsy kisses Cisco and leaves again. Wally and Jesse’s faces are so funny here! 

These two are so cute!

Harry is ready to leave, and he says that if Wally hurts Jesse, he will hunt him down. The team say goodbye to Harry.

Barry proposes to Iris:

When Iris returns home, Barry has cooked, lit candles and got her flowers. He shows Iris a ring that has been in his family for generations, and he asks her to marry him. We don’t see if she says yes or not. Iris looked half happy, and half awkward, so I wonder if she might say no!

Wally meets Savitar:

Wally and Jesse make out on the couch. Jesse says that she wants Big Belly Burger, so Wally dashes out to get some. He is confronted by Savitar, who rushes towards him.


  • Will Iris say yes? When Barry proposed, she looked happy, but a little awkward. I suspect there will be a conversation about how Barry is rushing into this because of what he saw.
  • Will Savitar influence Wally? Hopefully, the team will be able to set things straight, but if not, Barry’s only hope will be to try and become fast enough to stop Savitar himself. 
  • Can Cisco really vibe people’s feelings, or did he make that up to get Gypsy to help him?
  • Who is the mysterious speedster that Gypsy works for? There must have been a reason he was shown on screen. Will he play a part in future episodes?

Next time:

Wally sees Savitar everywhere, but it appears to be in his head. Savitar insists that he has what he needs to escape his hell.


I will keep up with my recaps as best as I can from the 13th-24th March, however I am in London doing work experience for Penguin books: Work experience adventure, so I may be off schedule by a day or two!
My other love, aside from Flash and Arrow, is writing: Dragons and Short stories, so the experience will be an eye opener!

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