Arrow Season 5, Episode 14 recap: The depository, and who reported the cover up of Detective Malone’s murder to the media?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 14.

Last time:

Rene’s past was revealed and a gun ordnance was put in place in Star city.

Onto the recap:

Oliver and Diggle visit Claybourne’s mistress:


Amanda Westfield, Claybourne’s mistress, refuses to help Oliver find her son. She believes that her sons actions are justified, because he has been hurt and scared since the murder of his father, and she does not want him locked up. Do I still think Prometheus is someone from Russia? I don’t know. Westfield hasn’t seen her son in years, so who knows what happened to him? He could be dead, and Prometheus could be someone else entirely!

Prison break:

Cupid, China White, and Liza Warner, escape from a prison bus and head for Star city. In previous episodes, Cupid was an archer who had a vendetta for happy couples, China White was a member of the triad, and Liza Warner was a police officer who went rogue.

Data and prison break:

Felicity and Curtis created a device to pull data from hard drives nearby, which Oliver took with him to meet Claybourne’s mistress in case she didn’t cooperate. The device has pulled a lot of data, so Felicity has her hands full looking through it.

Dinah tells Oliver that, whilst they were away, Warner, China White, and Cupid escaped.

Susan Williams arrives at the mayor’s office:

Oliver apologises for cancelling dinner so many times. Susan asks Oliver outright if he is the Green Arrow. Oliver denies it.

In Russia:

Oliver and Anatoli plan to kill Gregor. Oliver tells Anatoli that, after this is dealt with, he will leave Russia. Anatoli says that Oliver is a sin eater. He takes on other peoples problems all the time, and will never get home that way. Oliver realises that they need to leave the hospital, because they are being watched.

The swearing in ceremony:

Dinah is sworn in at the SCPD. Oliver tells Thea that Susan asked if he is the Green Arrow. Thea is worried, but Oliver says that he handled it.

Quentin approaches them, concerned that Liza Warner has escaped. Oliver gets a location from Felicity, and Quentin insists that he accompany Oliver.

Triad massacre:

When Oliver and Quentin arrive at the location, the women are not there. All that remains are bodies of the Triad. Felicity shows Oliver what happened on a cool camera in his armour. I guess that Star labs hooked Oliver up with some new technology!

The depository:

The team find out that Warner and her crew are looking for a depository somewhere in the city.

The ACU receive a message:

Captain Pike receives an envelope from an anonymous source and assembles the ACU in the conference room.

Thea does some damage control:

The actions of Thea and Felicity do not surprise me: they have never liked Susan Williams!

Thea tells Felicity about Susan Williams, and she asks Felicity to hack Susan’s computer to delete any information she has. Felicity gets in easily: Williams password was 1234 and her information was stored in a file called Oliver Queen info. Felicity is concerned by what she sees. Susan got her information from an outside source and will be able to get it again if they delete it.

Wilddog and Mr Terrific seek information:

Rene and Curtis interrogate a Triad member to try and get information about the depository. They find out that it is the 100 million that Church got from the Amertech deal.

Oliver is cornered by the ACU:

Oliver and Quentin engage Warner, Cupid and China White. As the women flee, Oliver is surrounded by the ACU, who want to arrest him for the murder of Billy Malone. Oliver escapes, but now that the ACU are after him, he will have issues operating as the Green Arrow.

Oliver talks to Pike:

Oliver, Chase and Quentin ask Pike why he is after the Green Arrow. Pike shows them the envelope, which contains evidence that the cause of detective Malone’s death was one of the Green Arrow’s arrows. Pike refuses to drop it, because the official report said otherwise.

Oliver believes that Prometheus sent the information to Pike, because the envelope was postmarked from the city where Prometheus’ mother lives.

Thea’s meddling got Susan fired:

Susan tells Oliver that her producer fired her for plagiarism: her laptop was filled with incriminating evidence. Susan blames Oliver, because it happened after she asked Oliver if he was the Green Arrow.

Oliver still denies that he is the Green Arrow. Susan reveals that she knows Oliver was in Russia the same time as the hood, and that he is a Bratva captain. She can longer go public, because she has been discredited, and she leaves, upset.

Oliver confronts Felicity:

Oliver storms into the Arrow cave and asks Felicity what she did. Felicity admits that she hacked Susan’s computer, and Thea told her to put some files on it. Felicity plays innocent, but surely she must have known what Thea was up to?

In Russia:

Oliver and Anatoli are cornered. Gregor says that if Anatoli hands over Oliver, he can go free. Oliver says that he will surrender, because they are trapped.

Oliver and Thea talk:

Oliver tells Thea that Williams got fired. He says that Thea should have come to him with the information, rather than go behind his back. Thea says that she didn’t tell him because she knew he would trust Susan not to betray him. Oliver doesn’t understand how Thea could knowingly destroy someone’s reputation. Quentin interrupts, and Thea leaves.

s05e14_girl band Warner's crew.jpg
Anyone else think that these girls would make a great girl band? Warner’s Crew?

Quentin tells Oliver to stop Warner:

Quentin says that Warner and her crew captured one of the Bertinellis, who knows where the depository is. He suggests that Felicity track the guys phone, so they can go after him.

Oliver says that they should let the police handle it. He feels guilty about Billy’s death, and it is holding him back as much as the ACU being after the Green Arrow is. Quentin says that Malone’s death was Prometheus’ fault, and Oliver shouldn’t let Prometheus stop him from serving justice. Oliver agrees, and goes to talk to Pike.

Oliver talks to Pike:

Oliver tells Pike that he knows the Green Arrow, who said that he was manipulated into killing Billy. He says that Chase covered up the circumstances of Billy’s death to avoid panic. Pike says that the Arrow still killed Billy. Oliver replies that he will have to live with that for the rest of his life. Pike says that he will think about backing off.

As Oliver leaves, Felicity contacts him with a location on the phone.

Oakhill memorial:

s05e14_Dinah is now the Black Canary.jpg
Dinah is now the new Black Canary, mask and all!

Warner and her group have found the money at Oakhill memorial. Oliver and the team engage them. Pike and the ACU arrive in the middle of the fight. The ACU help the Green Arrows team, and Warner, Cupid and China White are neutralised. Oliver tells Pike that he is sorry about detective Malone, and he will have to deal with that for the rest of his life. Pike realises that this is what the mayor said too.

Oliver talks to Thea again:

Oliver tells Thea that Susan is not returning his calls. When Thea apologises and says she made a mistake, Oliver tells her that it wasn’t a mistake, it was a choice. Oliver is worried. Thea’s actions reminded him of their mother, who did not always make the best choices.

In Russia:

Oliver pretends to surrender and fights his way through the Bratva when their guard is down. Gregor confronts Anatoli and holds a gun to his head.

Scandal at city hall:

Adrian comes into Oliver’s office and says that they have a problem. The media have received reports that the mayors office covered up the circumstances surrounding detective Malone’s murder. If the allegations are proved true, Oliver will be impeached.



  • Will Susan seek revenge against Oliver? I don’t think she intended to out Oliver originally: I think she just wanted to know the truth. Now her career is destroyed, that may change. 

  • Did Thea go too far? I don’t think so. There were only two ways to deal with Susan: trust her, or destroy her. The last time Oliver trusted someone (Artemis) he was betrayed. Thea was just looking out for Oliver’s best interests.

Who reported the cover up of the circumstances surrounding Detective Malone’s murder to the media?

Was it Pike? Adrian Chase? Susan Williams? Prometheus?


If Pike knows Oliver is the Green Arrow, which I suspect he might after the conversation at Oakhill, he may not approve of Oliver being mayor and want him impeached.

Adrian Chase:

Chase suggested the cover up in the first place. He has also made it clear that he thinks Oliver is too soft, the same attitude that Vigilante has towards the Green Arrow! If Oliver is impeached, and Adrian can prove that he had nothing to do with it, he may be made the next mayor. Quentin, just out of rehab and close to Oliver, may not be considered a suitable candidate. Perhaps Adrian tipped the media off with this in mind, so that he can become mayor? 

Susan Williams:

If Susan found out about the cover up, anonymously sending this information to the media would be good revenge against Oliver for ruining her career.


If Oliver is taken out as mayor, he will no longer be able to make a difference on both fronts, and it would be a blow to Oliver’s cause. This does seem like Prometheus’ style.

Next time:

Vigilante targets Oliver as mayor over government corruption. Is it still possible that Vigilante is Adrian Chase?


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