A warm welcome & updates schedule!


Welcome to Dragonspire.co.uk, the author page and blog of writer Louise Brady.

Louise lives in the UK, on the east coast by the sea, and is currently working on two books. They were originally intended as YA, but may be straying into NA!

Her blog, Tales from Dragonspire, hosts short stories, and outtakes from her works in progress: Second Chance at Destiny (based on Arthurian legend) and Dragonspire. There’s also the Book Corner, and posts about writing, TV shows, film, and games.

Louise runs ‘Sunday Scribbles‘ writing prompts, which started in January 2017. Each week a new writing prompt is posted on Twitter under the hashtag #sunscribbles 🙂

She’s been writing since she could hold a pen, and has enjoyed characters and stories for even longer. Her goal is to bring to life memorable characters and tell stories which delight and entertain readers in the same way her favourites captured her imagination over the years.

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2019 blog schedule: Weekly posts on Sunday.

1st Sunday of every month: Writing Updates.
2nd (sometimes 3rd) Sunday of every month: Short stories. Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts.
2nd (sometimes 3rd) Sunday of each month: Author Toolbox Blog Hop.

4th Sunday: Research posts, TV & Film posts, Writers life, Inspiration and short stories.

Occasional flash fiction and bookish posts on a Thursday.

2020 schedule coming soon…