Flash Season 3, episode 13 recap: Can Barry and the team rescue Harry from Gorilla city?

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 13.

Last time on the Flash:

Wally and Barry took down a meta-human who could destroy things just by touching them. Jesse arrived and told Wally that her dad had been kidnapped by Grodd.

Jesse tells her story:

s03e13_Jesse tells her story.jpg

Jesse tells the team that her dad has been missing for two weeks. He received an invitation from the gorillas, which asked Harry to come to Gorilla city. Harry took an expedition to Gorilla city, but the others were found dead and no one has heard from Harry.

City still recovering from gorilla attack:

Barry points out that one of the future headlines, which the team aim to prevent, is, ‘city still recovering from gorilla attack.’ He says that Harry is the only one on Earth 2 who knows how to open a breach. If they save Harry, it will help save Iris.

Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin decide to head to Earth 2 to rescue Harry. Barry tells Jesse to stay behind and protect Central city. He suggests that maybe she can teach Wally a thing or two. Jesse is confused, so Wally shows her his vibrating hand trick. Jesse is not as excited as Wally hoped she would be.

Julian goes with them:

Barry asks Julian to cover for him for a few days with Singh. Julian wants to know why, so Barry explains that they are going to another earth to save their friend from intelligent Gorillas. Julian is adamant that it is Planet of the Apes. Fun fact, Tom Felton starred in ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes,’ hence the reference here. Julian is not happy to hear that Caitlin is going. He is afraid that she may lose control of her powers, so he decides to go with them. 

Jesse is cold to Wally:

Jesse refuses to go for a run with Wally, and she is pretty cold to him. She claims that she is just worried about her dad, but Wally believes that something else is wrong. Joe and Iris say that Jesse will be fine, and they tease that Wally needs to make his move. Not long after, Jesse and Wally head to stop a robbery. Wally stops the criminals, whilst Jesse watches, impressed.

Barry, Julian, Caitlin and Cisco are captured:


Cisco opens a breach to Earth 2. Soon after they arrive, the group are tranquillised and captured. I am surprised that Barry was taken down, considering his accelerated metabolism. When the team wake up, they are locked in a cell in Gorilla city. Barry cannot phase out, and Cisco cannot open a breach. Grodd has dampened their powers.

Grodd asks for help:

Grodd speaks through Harry. He tells Barry that, as trespassers, the group will be sent to the Arena to fight the gorilla leader, Solovar. Grodd says that the gorillas plan to invade Earth 1. If Barry kills Solovar, Grodd will take control of the gorillas, and he will not invade Central city: it used to be his home, and there are people that he cares about there. 

Barry refuses to kill Solovar. Grodd says that if he does not kill Solovar, their home is doomed. 

Wally asks Jesse to move to Earth 1:

Wally asks Jesse why she is upset with him. Jesse believes that Wally liked her for her powers. Now that he has his own, she says that he doesn’t need her. Wally says that he is not complete without her, and he asks Jesse to stay on Earth 1. Jesse does not reply, and she walks off.

Barry agrees to fight Solovar:

Solovar visits the cells and asks why Barry and his friends came to Gorilla city. Barry insists that they came here by mistake and mean no harm. Solovar refuses to let them go, and he says that they will die in the arena. Barry makes a deal. He will fight Solovar alone. If he wins, Solovar must let them all go. Solovar agrees. 

The Flash vs Solovar:

To start with, Cisco advises that Barry use speed punches. Barry is taken down easily and thrown around. Cisco changes tactics and tells Barry to run away. Barry runs around the walls, and Caitlin suggests that he throw lightning. Solovar jumps and pounds the ground. Barry is knocked to the floor before he can get a shot off. As he is about to be beaten, Cisco tells Barry to pull a ‘Reverse Flash:’ a vibrating hand at Solovar’s chest.


Barry refuses to kill Solovar:

The vibrating hand did the trick, and Solovar is defeated. To show that humans are merciful, and do not want war, Barry refuses to kill Solovar. Grodd looks furious. Barry is tranquillised again.

Grodd betrays Team Flash:

When Barry wakes up, he is back in the cell. Grodd says that Barry beat Solovar in front of the gorillas, and they now fear what humans can do. Under Grodd’s leadership, they will invade Central city. Grodd refuses to let the group go. He needs Cisco to open a breach for him so that he can get his revenge.

The team make a plan:

Cisco says that Caitlin should kill him, so that there is no one to open a breach. Grodd doesn’t know about Caitlin’s powers, therefore he would not have dampened them. 

Julian says that, whilst Cisco’s death would prevent the gorilla headline from coming true, it would make Caitlin become Killer Frost. Julian says that he came with them to protect Caitlin, and he will not let that happen. Barry says that Cisco is right though, one of them has to die.

H.R talks to Jesse:

Jesse tells H.R that Wally wants her to stay, but admits that she is not sure what to do. H.R says that Jesse should take the chance to be happy, because otherwise she will have regrets.

Barry fakes his death:

Grodd comes in, and Caitlin says that Barry is dead. Grodd drags Barry out of the cell and leaves him on a pile of bones. Once Grodd has gone, Barry vibrates to shake off the cold and wakes up. Caitlin had frozen him so that he appeared dead.

Barry frees everyone, and he speeds them out of Gorilla city. As they are chased through the jungle, Cisco opens a breach, and the team escape back to Earth 1 just as Grodd arrives.

Jesse is reunited with her dad:

The group arrive home. Jesse is happy to see her dad again. Harry is surprised that H.R is still at Star labs, especially when the team reveal that H.R is a total fraud, who knows nothing of science. Cisco insists that it doesn’t matter: they couldn’t do it without H.R.

Jesse agrees to live on earth 1:


Jesse tells Wally that Harry will be fine: he just needs rest. She apologises for being crazy, and agrees to move to Earth 1. Wally kisses her.

H.R interrupts, pleased that Jesse took his advice. Jesse and Wally leave. H.R looks at Harry, smirks, and admits that Harry will be so pissed. Yes, H.R always cheers for Wally, but I am sure that irritating Harry was also part of his plan when he told Jesse to stay!

s03e13_Yup, he did it on purpose.jpg

Julian takes Caitlin out to dinner:

Caitlin tells Julian that she likes him, but she is afraid of her powers and what they could do to him if he gets close to her. She says that Julian should fear her. Julian says he will fear her, but, when he is scared, steak helps. He suggests that they find a steakhouse and be terrified together. Caitlin agrees, and they head off arm in arm.

Grodd raises an army:

Grodd has captured Gypsy (or her earth 2 doppleganger?) to open a breach for him, so that he can take his army to Central city.


  • I am surprised how easily the gorillas were able to work out the correct dosage of tranquilliser to take down the Flash. Grodd is a genius I guess!

  • Solovar and Savitar are pretty similar names. Is this coincidence, or is the universe rarely that lazy?

  • Why does Jesse have to move to Earth 1? Couldn’t Wally move to Earth 2? 

  • As cliffhangers go, this episode was no where near as bad as I expected. It was wrapped up nicely as a stand alone adventure. 

Next time:

Grodd’s army invades Central city.

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