Arrow Season 5, Episode 13 recap: Rene’s past, and various views on gun control, explored!

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 13.

Last time:

Oliver and the team chased General Walker to Russia, after Walker escaped to try and sell a missile. Rory’s rags lost their power, and he left the team.

Onto the recap:

Felicity uses Pandora again:

Felicity uses the Pandora USB to find Claybourne’s mistress, so that the team can find out more about Prometheus. Before today, Felicity had been looking for three months without a lead. She does not mention Pandora to Oliver when he praises her work. 

City hall: Thea returns.

Thea is back, and she is not pleased that Oliver is dating Susan Williams. She is happy that Quentin is back, but not impressed that Rene is working at city hall. As Quentin leaves to go to a meeting, he passes a man in a hat, with a bag, by the elevator.

Attack on city hall:


Adrian Chase talks to Oliver, to try and get him to get Williams to back off. The man from the elevator enters with a gun and opens fire. Rene shoots the man, but he has body armour.

Flashback: Rene’s wife and daughter

Rene talks to his wife about taking their daughter, Zoe, to a game. He heads to his safe to get his gun, but his wife, Laura, says that he cannot take it with him. Laura says that she is not going to the game because she has a headache. Rene asks her if she is using again.

Aftermath of the attack at city hall:

Oliver takes charge and orders that ambulances be called. Adrian Chase has been shot. Thea says that 5 are dead, 24 are injured and 8 are in critical condition. Rene reveals that he shot the shooter in the shoulder. Oliver alerts all emergency rooms in case the shooter seeks treatment.

Team Arrow analyse the shooters gun:

The shooter dropped his gun at the scene, but Felicity cannot find anything from it. He wore gloves and knew how to avoid security cameras.

Quentin chases a lead:

Quentin tries to ID the shooter at the police station, as he saw him before he put his mask on. 

Flashback, Rene gives Laura an ultimatum:

Rene tells Laura that he found her drugs. As they fight, their daughter comes in. Laura tells her to go and get ready. Rene gives his wife an ultimatum: either the drugs go, or she does.

At the hospital, Adrian Chase gives Oliver a lead:


Thea says that two of the victims who were in critical condition have died. Oliver insists that finding the shooter is top priority before he does it again. 

Oliver visits Adrian in hospital, who wants to help. Oliver tells Adrian that the gun was an AR-15 assault rifle. Adrian says that the Bertinelli family use that type in most of their hits. He suspects that Oliver’s office was the target, because it oversees the anti crime unit. Oliver says that he will look into it if Adrian listens to his wife and stays in bed.

No gun registry:

Felicity has not had any luck ID’ing the shooter, because there is no gun registry. Quentin says that the shooter is not in the system at SCPD either. Curtis is strongly for tighter gun controls, Rene is not. Whilst the team debate gun control, Felicity finds something.

Vigilante returns:

s05e13_What was the point of Vigilante's cameo.jpg

As Oliver interrogates one of the Bertinellis, Vigilante shows up and opens fire on the man that Oliver was going to leave hanging. I’m sure the point of Vigilantes cameo here was to hint that he is Adrian Chase, who also knew about the Bertinellis. This scene is also the only one where Oliver is in the Green Arrow suit this episode!

Felicity ID’s the shooter:

The shooter is 44 year old systems analyst, James Edlund. His family were killed in a mall shooting. Edlund was a supporter of the Star city gun registry, which the previous administration shot down. Oliver tells Quentin to share Edlund’s name with the SCPD. Curtis tries to convince Rene that guns are bad, but Rene says that if the bad guys have guns, he will carry one too.

Flashback, Rene:

Rene returns home to a break in at his house. He sends his daughter to safety and goes to investigate.


Statement at city hall:

Oliver receives some difficult questions from the press, which he struggles to answer. He realises that he needs to look into the issue of gun control. Oliver asks Thea and Quentin for a list of every councilman involved in the previous ordnance, so that he can meet them.

Oliver meets councilwoman Pollard, who killed the ordnance:

Pollard thinks that people have a right to bear arms, without limitation, to defend themselves. Oliver says that everything in life comes with limitations, and that she will sit with him in the office until they come up with a reasonable ordnance that respects everyone’s rights.

Felicity gets a lead on Edlund:

Diggle tries to find Edlund by chasing a few leads on the streets, with no luck. Felicity and Curtis haven’t had any luck either. Whilst they talk about Rene’s disagreement with Curtis about gun control, Felicity gets an alert on her computer. They find out that Edlund used to belong to a support group for those whose loved ones were killed by guns.

Rene and Curtis follow a lead:

Curtis and Rene head to the support group. They get an address where Edlund could be staying. Curtis asks Rene if hearing the experiences of those in the support group makes him think differently about guns. Rene says that it doesn’t change a thing. Guns save lives. Curtis questions him. Rene says that, if he had his gun, his wife would still be alive. Curtis is stunned.

Flashback, Rene’s wife is killed:

A gunman holds Laura at gunpoint, because she owes him money for drugs. Rene tells the gunman that the money is in the safe, and heads towards it, intent on grabbing his gun. Zoe comes in, and Laura tries to escape. Rene is shot, but he has body armour. He shoots the shooter, but the shooters gun goes off as he falls, and Laura is killed.

Rene and Curtis head to Edlunds last location:

Edlund is not there, but he has been. Rene finds a blueprint of Edlund’s next target: the hospital.

Oliver rushes out on the councilwoman:

It is dark outside, but Oliver still hasn’t gotten anywhere with the councilwoman. Diggle calls Oliver to tell him about the planned attack on the hospital. Oliver leaves, despite saying that he would stay with the councilwoman until they were done.

At the hospital:

Oliver confronts Edlund, not as the Green Arrow, but as the mayor. He manages to talk Edlund down, despite Edlund’s agitation. Edlund is arrested.

Oliver gets the councilwoman to agree to his new ordnance:

Oliver tells Pollard that he and Rene, who is strongly in favour of owning a gun, have drafted a gun control ordnance that should keep everyone happy. Pollard agrees to back the ordnance, but says that Oliver owes her one. 

Flashback: Rene loses his daughter.

Rene is on the phone to CPS, but they will not let him see his daughter because he lives in an unsafe environment. When he hangs up, Rene sees the Green Arrow kill Darhk on TV. Rene picks up his hockey mask and decides to become a vigilante.

Curtis and Rene talk:

s05e13_Curtis agrees to help Rene.jpg

Curtis apologises for getting in Rene’s face about guns, because he didn’t know about his wife and daughter. Rene says its fine, he doesn’t like to talk about it. Zoe is in a foster home, and CPS won’t let Rene see her. Curtis says that he doesn’t agree with that, and he knows a lawyer who will help them get Rene his daughter back.

Oliver addresses the shooting at city hall:

A candlelit vigil is held for those who have been lost. Oliver announces the new ordnance, and makes an inspiring speech about freedom and the people’s right to live.


  • Here in the UK, guns are banned: I wouldn’t feel safe if people were allowed to carry guns. It seemed like this weeks episode dealt with both sides of the argument pretty well, but I wish Oliver’s solution was explained more clearly.

  • Rene’s daughter was older than I expected: I thought she would be nearer to Diggle’s sons age. I had also hoped we would find out why Rene was dishonourably discharged this episode. Perhaps another time!

  • Something seemed off with Oliver’s voice this episode. I think its because Oliver spent more time as mayor and less time as the Green Arrow with his voice modulator on!

Next time:

The trailer shows Oliver surrounded as the Green Arrow, about to be arrested for the murder of Detective Malone. I assume this means Susan Williams finds out how Detective Malone died!

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