Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 recap: Intimidation, blackmail. What else will Felicity do with Pandora?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 12.

Last time:

Oliver tracked down a woman with a canary cry, Dinah Drake, and convinced her to join his team as the new Black Canary. Felicity was given Pandora, a cache of files, from a hacker group called Helix.

Onto the recap:

In Russia:

Oliver trains on drug dealers with Talia, to prepare for his return to Star city. Oliver manages to take down the men with ease. Talia leaps off a roof and shoots an arrow at Oliver as a test. He catches it.

Quentin and Susan return:

Susan Williams returns.

Susan arrives before a press conference. She mentions that she and Oliver haven’t slept together yet. I was convinced that they had already. Quentin appears, back from rehab, and says that he wants to talk to Susan about his experience on camera. when Susan leaves, Oliver warns him that it may not be a good idea, but Quentin insists that he is ready to move forward.

Walker escapes:

The team hear that General Walker has escaped and is on route to Russia to sell the nuke he stole to terrorists. Diggle insists that they have to stop him. This is personal.

Oliver and team head to Russia:

The group, minus Rene, head to Russia. Oliver is afraid that Rene will cause an international incident and leaves him behind to help Quentin prepare for his interview with Williams.

Anatoli reappears:

Anatoli meets Oliver at the airport in Russia and punches him in the face, angry. Three years ago, Oliver threatened a Bratva member to find Slade Wilson, rather than following oath and doing a favour in return. The Bratva member was killed by Slade. Anatoli refuses to help Oliver.

Anatoli is not happy with Oliver…

Oliver approaches Anatoli again:

The team arrive at an Argus safe house. Felicity says that finding Walker could take time. Diggle says that they don’t have time: they need to use Anatoli. Oliver and Diggle seek Anatoli, and Oliver admits that he made a mistake before. Anatoli still refuses to help Oliver, because Oliver does not want to be a thug any more, and will not do anything for Anatoli in return.

In Russia: Talia tests Oliver.

Talia gives Oliver the name of a drugs supplier who made the drugs that Thea was taking the last time Oliver was in Star city. The man is also on his fathers list. Talia says that Oliver should take him out to see if he is ready to return home.

Felicity resorts to blackmail:

Felicity uses Pandora to find the name of an employee of Detra-link: the only phone company that Walker could be using. Felicity takes Rory and Curtis with her as muscle, and intimidates the employee to find a location on Walker. Rory is disturbed by her behaviour. I am shocked too. When the man mentioned his children, Felicity did not flinch: she really is becoming dark!

Felicity resorts to blackmail and intimidation.

Assault on Walkers base:

Oliver, Diggle, Rory and Dinah head to where Walker is holed up. He knew that they were coming and escapes. The group manage to capture one of his men.

Oliver threatens Walker’s man:

Oliver does not torture the man, only threatens him. Oliver has changed. In earlier seasons he would not have hesitated to put an arrow in someone to get information:

Arrow season 3, episode 9: Oliver tortures a man for information. Barry (The Flash) was not impressed!

Diggle wants to beat information out of the man to get answers faster. Oliver insists that they wait for the man to crack.

In Russia: Oliver crosses a name off his fathers list.

Oliver takes down the drug dealer with three arrows to the heart.

Rene helps Quentin practise for his interview:

Rene goes through some practise questions. When he pushes about Laurel and Damien Darkh, Quentin snaps at Rene and tells him to leave.

Felicity and Diggle cross lines:

Felicity tells Rory about Pandora, and her use of the files for blackmail. Rory is worried about her, and he tells Oliver that he thinks Felicity crossed a line to find Walker. Oliver is about to react to that, when he hears a commotion. He finds that Diggle has beaten Walker’s man, who did not give any information. Oliver says that he will handle this, clearly upset with how Diggle and Felicity are behaving.

Oliver seeks out Anatoli:

Oliver agrees to do whatever Anatoli asks for the information that he needs. Oliver takes Dinah with him to intimidate a man to shut his business down.

Dinah reassures Oliver:

Oliver believes that Prometheus is right: he destroys everyone he comes into contact with. Diggle tortured a man, and Felicity crossed a line. Dinah tells Oliver that John and Felicity will listen to him if he talks to them about it. I’m not convinced that Felicity will listen to Oliver any more. She is becoming more independent and headstrong each episode. 

In Russia: Oliver intends to leave the Bratva.

Talia says that Oliver is ready. The names in his book are waiting for him in Star city. Oliver says that leaving the Bratva won’t be easy.

Quentin apologises:

Rene refuses to apologise, because Williams will not go easy on Quentin. Quentin apologises and admits that Rene was only trying to help. Rene offers to try again.

Oliver talks to Diggle and Felicity:

Oliver admits that he did what Anatoli asked to save his team from crossing a line.

Oliver says that they will have Walker’s location within an hour. Diggle asks how, and Oliver admits that he dealt with the Bratva, because he would rather cross a line himself, than have Diggle and Felicity do it. Oliver says that he needs Felicity and Diggle to be better than him to prove Prometheus wrong.

Anatoli arrives with backup:

Together with Anatoli’s men, Oliver and the team head to confront Walker. Oliver and Dinah overturn the van with the bomb, but discover that it was a fake. Diggle disarms Walker and captures him. Felicity enters the hanger, where Rory is with the real nuke.

Rory neutralises the bomb:

Felicity tries to disarm the nuke, but it speeds up the countdown. Rory says that his rags survived Havenrock, so he believes that they can survive this too. He wraps up the bomb, and tells Felicity to leave. Oliver arrives just as the blast goes off, but Rory survives.

The team celebrate:

Russian Vodka proves too strong for most of the team, except Dinah, who is now Anatoli’s new favourite American. Walker is being escorted to trial. Diggle says that Walker threatened his family, just like Andy did, but Diggle didn’t shoot him because of what Oliver said.

In Russia: Oliver tries to quit the Bratva:

When Oliver goes to find Anatoli, he is in hospital because of Gregor. Anatoli says that Gregor is loyal to Kovar, but there is nothing they can do. Oliver suggests that they kill him. Anatoli agrees. He asks what Oliver wanted to tell him. Oliver says it can wait.

Susan betrays Oliver?

Oliver takes things to the next level with Susan. Susan wonders about his tattoo and scars. Oliver refuses to talk about it. Later, Susan meets her contact, who tells her that the Green Arrow was in Russia the same time as Oliver was. They know that Oliver was Bratva too.

Quentin’s interview:

Quentin says that Williams went easy on him because of something Rene said to her. Rene says that when he was a kid, Quentin caught him tagging a building. Instead of taking him in, Quentin told him that he could be better. Rene wanted Susan to know that Quentin set him on a better path, and it was a good guy she was sitting down with.

Rory leaves:

Rory tells Felicity that he is leaving. His rags have lost their power, and he is a liability without them. This is a shame. I hope that he returns.

Felicity is contacted by Helix:

Felicity receives a text from Alena at Helix: ‘Don’t stop with Walker, Pandora is far bigger.’ Felicity replies, ‘Don’t plan to.’

Felicity replies to her hacker contact.


  • Despite Oliver’s speech, Felicity intends to use Pandora again. She has already blackmailed someone, and insists that everyone on the list is bad. Will she go far enough to kill?

  • Will Susan betray Oliver now that he has let his guard down? Her unfinished statement, ‘If Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow…’ doesn’t make her intentions clear.

  • I wonder if Rory can recharge his rags? Also, I wonder if Prometheus planned to have Rory taken out of the team in this way?

  • Where is Prometheus anyway?

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