Flash Season 3, episode 12 recap: Can’t touch this.

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 12.

Last time on Flash:

Cisco fought bounty hunter Gypsy to save H.R from being taken back to Earth 19 and executed. Barry realised that Wally is the only one who will be able to get fast enough to save Iris.

Onto the recap!

Barry and Wally have a race:

Barry and Wally race to see who is faster. Wally is pretty competitive, but Barry isn’t bothered who wins. This is about Wally getting faster so that he can save Iris.

Flash vs Kid Flash.

Team Flash bet on the outcome. Most of them bet on Barry, with H.R placing a large bet on Wally. It’s nice to see a bit of light banter again between the team.

After a neck and neck race, Barry phases through a wall and reaches the finish line first. Wally complains that wasn’t fair: he can’t do that yet. Barry agrees to teach him.

A new meta?

A body is discovered at Luigi’s restaurant. The victim, the chef, died less than 8 hours ago, but the body is in a severe state of decomposition. Barry and Julian suspect either a disease or a meta-human. Barry takes the body to Star labs so that they can analyse it.

Luigi’s restaurant:

Back at Star labs, Iris shows Barry that ‘Luigi’s restaurant re-opens under a new name,’ is one of the headlines from the future. Iris is worried: she spoke to the owner of the restaurant, and he said that because of the body and the circumstances surrounding it, he will have to re-open under a new name. Barry insists that it will be fine.

At Star labs:

Caitlin and Julian work together on the corpse. Caitlin wants to know the victims name, but Julian insists that it doesn’t matter: he’s dead. Caitlin does not approve of Julian’s attitude. When Caitlin opens the body bag, it has decayed further. The attacker was definitely a meta-human.

The meta-human claims his second victim:

A band finish their set, and outside, Mendez, one of the band members, is approached by a man who shakes his hand and causes him to decay. This is a dangerous new meta-human, who our team will struggle to deal with if they can’t touch him.

Mendez’ body is found:

At the crime scene, Barry recognises the name of the victim: in Flashpoint, he was Captain of the CCPD. Barry realises that the other victim was also a cop there. Julian says that they have to be quick to analyse the body. Barry dashes Julian and the body back to Star labs.

Julian and Caitlin conduct a post mortem:

Julian rushes Caitlin as she works and says that it might be faster if he does it alone. Caitlin now understands Barry’s frustration when he shared a lab with Julian. She finds a sample on the victims hand which shows two strands of DNA: meta-human and human.

Caitlin and Julian work together.

Julian notices that the meta-human DNA has similar elements to the DNA found on the husks from earlier this season. He realises that he, as alchemy, created this meta.

Coffee at Jitters:

Joe’s girlfriend Cecile’s daughter, Joanie, is in town. Joe asks Barry, Wally, and Iris to go with him to meet her. Joanie is not interested until they start talking about Kid Flash, who she loves. Wally loves the attention, and Iris says that her dad knows Kid Flash.

Coffee is interrupted, and Joe is saved from answering who he thinks is better, Flash or Kid Flash. This isn’t the first time an awkward conversation has been interrupted. The Flash seems to do it all the time!

The meta-human targets Joe:

The meta-human, who Caitlin and Julian have identified as Clive Yorkin, comes after Joe in Jitters. Joe is not safe on the balcony, because Yorkin can disintegrate objects as well as people. Wally rushes off and returns as Kid Flash to save the day. Joanie is impressed.

Iris tells Joe about the future:

Back at Star labs, Iris admits to Joe that Barry saw her die in the future. Joe is angry that no one told him. Iris goes after him but ends up back home: Joe will not answer his phone.

Yorkin breaks into Iris’ flat, and she activates her distress signal. Cisco says that they should call Barry, but Wally insists that he can handle it. Wally can’t: he is unable to save Iris from being touched by the meta.

Caitlin slows the decay:

Back at Star labs, Barry is angry that Wally didn’t call him when they found out Iris was in danger. Wally is upset, and leaves the room.

Caitlin risks becoming Killer Frost to help Iris.

Cisco realises that they need to freeze Iris’ arm to stop the spread of the decay, so that they have time to work on a cure. Caitlin is reluctant, but she manages to freeze the decay for now.

Wally blames himself:

Wally insists that it is his fault. He isn’t fast enough, and he couldn’t phase in training earlier, even though Barry explained how. Barry says that when he got his powers he had a lot of good teachers, but Barry hasn’t been that for Wally, and it’s not Wally’s fault. Barry vows to be better.

Cisco has a way to track down the meta-human:

Cisco says that he will vibe Flashpoint to find out Yorkin’s next victim. He discovers that a woman called Stone arrested Yorkin in Flashpoint. Joe knows her. She’s a PI.

Joe tries to warn Stone:

Joe and Stone board a train to Star city together, but Stone doesn’t take Joe’s warning seriously. Yorkin disintegrates the supports for a bridge over the train track. The track is blocked, and Joe activates his distress signal.

Julian figures out how to stop Yorkin:

Julian realises that Iris’ blood is attacking the cells in her body. Barry says that his blood does the opposite when he regenerates. Julian says that Barry’s blood can’t save Iris, but it can take down Yorkin. Julian has now provided the solution two episodes in a row. He’s on a roll!

Iris’ gets worse:

The decay begins to spread further through Iris, and Caitlin is losing control. Julian manages to talk Caitlin down. He is pretty fearless: he touches Caitlin even though she is out of control and could freeze him at any moment. Caitlin comes to her senses and freezes Iris again to stop the decay.

Barry phases a whole train:

Barry and Wally race to save Joe. Barry knows that there is no time to get everyone off the train, so he says that he will phase it through the rubble. Wally asks if he can do that. Barry admits that he doesn’t know, but he has to try. This is Barry’s true strength: the ability to think of something new and have faith that he can do it, even if he has never done it before. Barry succeeds.

Wally confronts Yorkin:

Wally learns to phase!

Yorkin is back, but Barry is weakened from phasing a whole train. Barry explains that Wally has to phase his blood into Yorkin to stop him. Wally doesn’t think he can: he’s never managed before.

Barry says that he never phased a train before, but he did it because he had to: Wally can do this. Wally cuts his hand, and phases through Yorkin. Yorkin is neutralised.


The team save Iris using a sample of Yorkins blood. Caitlin and Julian go out for a drink.

Barry adds extra locks to the door of his flat to make Iris feel safer. Iris admits that she struggled to feel safe at first, but now, she realises that the man she loves is a superhero. She trusts that Barry will protect her. If Barry fails to protect Iris now, he is never going to forgive himself.

Jesse arrives:

Wally is happy that he can finally phase. As he practises, a breach opens, and Jesse appears. Before Wally can tell her that he is a speedster now, Jesse says that her dad was kidnapped by Grodd.


  • I hope that Julian doesn’t die, or turn out to be evil, like Caitlin’s past love interests. I like Julian, and I want him to stick around. Caitlin deserves someone good in her life.

  • In the panic over Iris and the meta-human, there was no resolution to the headline about Luigi’s restaurant. It wasn’t changed: does this mean Iris will die?

  • I’ve seen theories that Wally will become Savitar. At this point, although Wally does have a bit of an ego, it seems far fetched. Why would he kill his own sister?

  • As it was last season, episode 13 will be the first of two parts, and will involve a return to Earth 2!

Until next time!


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