Arrow Season 5, episode 11 recap. Pandora’s box, Greek myth, and Felicity’s hacktivism.

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 11: Second Chances

Last time on Arrow:

Oliver vowed to find and train a new Black Canary.

Onto the recap:

The episode begins with a flashback: three years ago, in Central city:

A woman, Tina, was held captive and tortured. Her partner was captured and brought in by the people holding her prisoner. The particle accelerator went online, and Tina’s partner was killed. Tina developed a power similar to the canary cry.

The hunt for the new Black Canary:

Oliver has rejected the many suggestions that his team have come up with for the new Black Canary. Rory complains that no one will ever be good enough for Oliver, because he keeps comparing them to Laurel.

s05e11_Oliver is being picky.jpg
Team Arrow discuss a new Black Canary.

Curtis suggests a woman who has been travelling across America saving crime victims. She even has a canary cry. This is Tina, from the flashback at the beginning of this episode, and who we saw at the end of last episode. She became a meta-human when the particle accelerator exploded.

Bad news for John Diggle:

Oliver visits John at the prison. Adrian arrives, and he explains that they have a week before Walker takes John. Adrian knew of someone who was building a case, but they were made to disappear. The files are still there, but Adrian can’t get to them. Adrian leaves, and Oliver tells John that Felicity will hack into the database.

Road trip to Hub city:

Video footage of Tina shows that she is skilled at hand to hand, and her cry is impressive. Oliver, Rene, and Curtis head to Hub city, where Tina currently is. Rory stays behind with Felicity, who tries to get the files to exonerate John.

In Hub City, Tina is about to break into a building when Oliver confronts her and asks her to join his team. Tina refuses.

Oliver calls in a favour:

Oliver is not ready to give up on Tina yet. Tina was a cop from Central city, so Oliver makes a call to Captain Singh of CCPD as the Green Arrow.

Singh refuses to give information to someone with a voice modulator without proof that Oliver really is the Green Arrow. Oliver texts Barry, who Flashes in and sticks a note to Singh’s monitor: ‘He’s Legit.’ I love Barry’s little cameo!

Singh explains that Tina’s partner was killed in action, and he hasn’t heard from her since. Oliver realises that Tina is trying to avenge her former partner.

Russia: Talia offers to help Oliver with Kovar:

In Russia, Oliver wakes up in a safe location. Talia is interested in Oliver because Yao fei was one of her students, and Oliver has his hood. She suggests that they take down Yurievich, the leader of a trafficking operation, which is Kovar’s main source of income. Kovar will suffer. Talia agrees to help Oliver with this if he hears her out afterwards.

Oliver confronts Tina again:

Oliver’s team find Tina’s hideout, where she has captured one of the people connected to the man who killed her partner. Oliver disrupts her interrogation, and Rene uses the sonic dampener to disable her power, but it is too late to save the man who Tina was torturing.

Oliver confronts Talia, but she still refuses to join him.

The group are attacked, and Tina flees. Oliver gives chase and catches Tina with an arrow designed to knock over a target, but he is unable to convince Tina to join him. Tina realises that they are out of range of the sonic dampener. She attacks Oliver and flees.

Tina’s target:

Curtis says that the target of Tina’s investigation is Sonos, who is in Hub city to try and take over the drugs trade in the power vacuum left by Church’s death. Oliver says that they need to find Tina, or Sonos, and help her, because she is in over her head.

Return of the Ghost Fox Goddess?

Felicity realises that the file which could save John has been erased, so she scours the dark web trying to find it. She receives a message addressing her as Ghost Fox Goddess, a name that she used as a hacktivist in college. The message asks Felicity to meet this mysterious person in real life.

Oliver, Tina and the Team confront Sonos:

Curtis hacks traffic cameras to try and find Sonos or Tina. He finds Sonos first.

Oliver and Rene head to confront Sonos. Tina is already on scene, and Sonos disorientates her with sonic waves: he gained meta-human powers too. Oliver rescues Tina, but Sonos gets away.

Tina still doesn’t want Oliver’s help:

Oliver took an unconscious Tina to their van to recover. He says that they need to find Sonos and stop him. Tina wakes up, but again she refuses Oliver’s offer of help.

Russia: Oliver kills Yurievich:

In Russia, Talia and Oliver assault Yurievich and his men. Oliver appears to beat Yurievich to death with either the butt of his gun, or his bare hands. He emerges from the Yurievich’s car looking very bloodied.

Felicity meets her online friend:

Felicity, sensibly, takes Rory with her to meet the person who sent the message to Ghost Fox Goddess, and they meet in a fairly public place. The woman who arrives seems like a younger version of Felicity, and is a member of a hacktivist group called Helix.

Felicity receives the Pandora files. Will they be as dangerous as Pandora’s box from Greek myth?

The woman gives Felicity the files that she needs to help Diggle, as well as files that can bankrupt companies, take down politicians, and spark revolutions. She calls the files Pandora, and hopes that it will inspire Felicity to be the hacktivist that she once was.

Tina lets Oliver help her:

Oliver meets Tina with his mask down, and this time he convinces Tina to let him help.

Oliver, Tina, and Rene assault Sonos’ operation. Curtis has adapted his sonic dampener to work on Sonos’ power, so that he is no longer a threat. Oliver does some cool swinging around on a helicopter to take out the bad guys, and then blows the helicopter up with an explosive arrow.

Oliver shows off and takes out bad guys swinging from a helicopter!

Tina gets Sonos at gunpoint. Oliver tells her not to kill him, but Tina does anyway. Oliver lets her go and returns to Star city.

John is free:

Felicity tells Oliver that she has some good news: the files to clear Johns name. Oliver is pleased. At least one of them had some luck. After Oliver leaves, Felicity takes a look at the Pandora files.

At Iron heights prison, Adrian tells John that they received the information to free him from an anonymous source. John is free to go home to his wife and son.

Russia: Oliver becomes the Vigilante:

Talia says that Oliver should be going after the men on the list that his father gave him. Oliver protests that he can’t: he is not the man he once was. He is a monster.

Talia explains that Oliver needs to become someone else, something else, when he kills: to separate Oliver Queen, and the killer, the monster. Oliver becomes the vigilante that we see in season one, and we now know where he got his opening speech from!


Tina joins the team:

Tina visits Oliver in the mayors office. She thought that killing Sonos would make her feel liberated. It didn’t, and Tina decides to join the team.

She reveals that Tina was a cover name. Her real name is Dinah Drake. Laurel’s full name was Dinah Laurel Lance, so it seems like fate that Dinah Drake is the new Black Canary.



Felicity now has access to a USB of information, Pandora. It reminds me of Pandora’s box. According to Greek myth, when the box was opened, death and other evils were released into the world, and all that remained was hope.

I am sure that Felicity will use Pandora, either out of curiosity, or with good intentions to try and stop Prometheus, and then everything will go wrong. All that will remain to fight Prometheus will be Oliver, whose hope has been referred to numerous times this season.

  • Where is Susan Williams? We haven’t seen her since Oliver killed Billy in Episode 9. I wonder if she has gone to Russia to further investigate Oliver’s past?

  • Where is Lyla? We haven’t seen her visit John. John mentions that he wants to know how Prometheus set him up using Lyla’s voice. Has she been taken?

  • Having already brought up Oliver’s book from season one, I wonder if Prometheus’ next move will be to release season twos bad guy, Slade Wilson?

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