Flash Season 3, episode 11 recap: Vibe vs Gypsy!

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 11.

Last time on Flash:

Barry told Iris that he saw Savitar kill her in the future. The team vowed to try and change the future, whilst keeping Joe in the dark.

I wasn’t very impressed with last weeks episode. This weeks episode, on the other hand, blew me away! Onto the recap:

H.R tells a story:

We open with H.R narrating a story about Barry confronting some arms dealers. It becomes clear that H.R has made himself the hero, when he describes himself as their secret weapon. In reality, it is Barry and Wally doing the fighting.

H.R dreams of greatness.

The Flash and Kid Flash work as a team:

Barry and Wally stop the arms dealers together, and Barry lets Wally take the credit for saving a group of cheerleaders. I love Wally’s lightning bolt squiggle, and how well he and Barry are working together now.

Julian does some maths:

Back at Star labs, Cisco and Caitlin have built a lego model of the future, where Savitar has Iris. Julian says that, based on Barry’s current rate of improvement, Barry will never be fast enough in time to save Iris from Savitar. Julian is right, if a bit blunt and to the point about it.

Gypsy arrives:

The group investigate a meta-human who broke into Jitters. As they are looking at the CCTV, the meta appears outside Star labs. Her name is Gypsy, and she has the same powers as Cisco, which is why she can hop dimensions so easily. She has come to collect H.R, and she shoots him with a stun gun.

Cisco jumps to H.R’s defence with his powers. Gypsy is impressed that Cisco can vibe, and Cisco flirts with her, much to Caitlin’s disapproval. Gypsy attacks Cisco, and she easily stops Wally when he rushes in to help. She gives H.R one hour to get his affairs in order.

H.R reveals more about earth 19:

H.R reveals that Earth 19 banned travel to other dimensions years ago, because his world was invaded through a breach. H.R had broadcast stories back to his world, and because of this, he got caught out. The punishment is death, because it is considered a serious offence.

Barry is not happy that Iris is investigating a dangerous story:

Iris is investigating a new arms dealer in town, and Barry and Joe are concerned. Barry tries to get Iris to back off, and Iris agrees. They are being cute in a way that makes me smile this episode: unlike last episode, where they seemed over the top.

Cisco finds out that trial by combat can save H.R:

Cisco talks to H.R, who admits that he risked his life to come to their earth because he knew that he was a fraud, and wanted to rewrite his story. He reveals that the only way to change his fate is to win trial by combat.

Cisco defends H.R:

Cisco Ramone, H.R’s unlikely champion!

Before Barry can offer to fight, Cisco offers to fight on H.R’s behalf. I think what I liked so much about this episode, was that Cisco got to be the hero, instead of Barry. Gypsy explains that trial by combat is to the death, and Cisco gets 24 hours to prepare.

Cisco is not confident:

Neither is anyone else. Barry tries to build Cisco’s confidence.

I love the dynamic that Julian adds to the team. He offers to set up a training session, and suggests that Caitlin should set up the medical bay. Cisco is offended. Caitlin tells Julian that he needs to work on his interpersonal skills. Julian protests that he was trying.

H.R talks to Cisco:

H.R doesn’t know why Cisco would risk his life for him, because Cisco doesn’t like him. Cisco says that they depended on Wells and Harry, because they were smart. With H.R, it is the other way around. He depends on them, and Cisco wants to be there for Harrison Wells for once.

Iris gets Wally to help her investigate:

Iris lied to Barry, and she gets Wally to help with her investigation. At CCPD, Iris distracts Joe with an awkward conversation, where, at first, Joe thinks that her and Barry want a baby. Wally copies Joe’s files on the arms dealers whilst Joe is distracted.

Barry and H.R take matters into their own hands:

Cisco practises his powers, but he is not doing well. Barry and H.R decide to try and catch Gypsy before the fight. H.R tagged her with a tracer, so he knows where she is. They fail, and H.R is taken by Gypsy.

Cisco isn’t happy, because Barry said that he believed in him, and then went behind his back. Julian remarks that he isn’t the only one who has to work on his interpersonal skills.

Julian advises the team:

Barry talks to Cisco, who admits that he is struggling. Barry replies that, when he is struggling, he leans on the team: Cisco should too. Julian arrives with a strategy. He has noticed that Gypsy’s feet come off the ground for a moment after she exits a breach. They can use this to beat her.

Julian isn’t just blunt and witty, he is the man with a plan!

Iris chases her story:

Iris and Wally go after the arms dealers. Iris tells Wally to scout the area. When he is gone, she sneaks into the building on her own. Iris is caught by a man with a gun, but she isn’t afraid, and stands up to the man. Wally arrives and saves her before she can be shot.

Iris, believing that she may die anyway, becomes reckless.

At Star labs, Joe is angry. Wally says that Iris almost got shot. Barry is worried. He takes Iris aside to ask her what she was thinking.

Iris reveals why she insists on chasing a dangerous story:

Iris admits that she doesn’t want to be like her mother, who died and left nothing behind. She wants to make a difference with her journalism. Barry says that her mum did leave something behind: her amazing son, and the woman that he loves.

Vibe vs Gypsy:

Cisco confronts Gypsy. They have a rather Harry Potter vs Voldemort type moment, where their powers collide, before they have a fight which spans the multi-verse. Back on Earth 1, Cisco wins using Julian’s advice. Barry, Caitlin, and Julian celebrate in surprise and happiness. Julian remarks that Gypsy must have been having an off day.

s03e11 flash, another harry potter moment copy.jpg
These Harry Potter references in The Flash just keep on coming!

Cisco spares her life, and Gypsy intends to tell her superiors that she killed H.R. H.R can never return to Earth 19, but Caitlin says that he will always have a home here. Does this mean that H.R is here to stay?

Barry promises to save Iris:

At home, Barry reads Iris’ article, and he tells her that she will have an amazing journalistic legacy. Barry tells Iris that he will beat Savitar and save her.

Cisco tells H.R that they are friends:

H.R is still upset that he hasn’t accomplished anything. Cisco says that H.R got him to risk his life to save him, which is a big accomplishment. Cisco calls H.R his friend, and says that saving him was his way of balancing the scales. A man with H.R’s face has helped him so many times, and now, it feels like Cisco had a chance to return the favour.

Barry realises the way forward:

At the speed lab, Barry realises that Wally is getting faster quicker than he is. Barry tells Wally that he will be the one to save Iris, because Barry will not be fast enough in time.


  • I love the dynamic that Julian adds to the team. He is serious, blunt, and to the point. It’s like having Earth 2 Wells back!

  • I am concerned about Wally. If he continues to get faster at the rate that he is, will he become so fast that he eventually disappears?

  • It was nice to see Cisco and H.R building on the uneasy friendship that they had at the end of last episode. This episode, Cisco seemed back to normal, and I liked it!


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