Arrow Season 5, episode 10 recap. Who will be the next Black Canary?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 10, and Flash season 2.

Last time on Arrow:

Prometheus staged Felicity’s boyfriend, Billy Malone, to look like himself, and Oliver killed Billy, thinking he was Prometheus. Diggle was arrested. Oliver found Laurel at his base.

Onto the recap!

Laurel appears in the base:


Oliver embraces Laurel, and Laurel tells Oliver that her sister Sara saved her. This would be believable if I didn’t know, from watching Legends of Tomorrow, how determined Sara is to preserve the time line. After the initial shock, Felicity is as suspicious as I was.

Felicity goes to make coffee, and when she returns she tells Laurel that they will have a party. There are coffee making facilities in the base! I would love to see a blueprint.

John is in prison:

Felicity reveals that John has been arrested, and Oliver goes to visit him. Oliver intends to break him out, but Diggle wants to fight the charges the honest way this time. Oliver says that he knows a lawyer.

Welcome back party:

Felicity hosts a party for Laurel, as part of a plan to get a sample of Laurel’s DNA.

Oliver isn’t suspicious of Laurel. He is probably blinded by happiness, and his new found hope. When Rene comments that they are acting like this has happened before, Oliver admits that it has. Rene is overwhelmed. Who can blame him? To a regular person, another person coming back to life is a shock!

Felicity tests the DNA sample:

The DNA sample that Felicity took matches Laurel. Felicity realises that this isn’t their Laurel, it is the Earth 2 version of Laurel, Black Siren.

Prometheus freed Black Siren from Star labs, and told her everything that she needed to know to pretend to be Laurel. Black Siren attacks Felicity and Rory, then flees.

A note on Earth 2:

If I didn’t watch the Flash, I think I would be confused by now.

s05e10_Laurel and Prometheus.jpg

In the Flash season 2, Barry, (the Flash,) and his team, visited a parallel earth, or, as they called it, Earth 2. Earth 2 had people who looked like people they were familiar with, but who displayed differences. Cisco was evil, Iris was a cop, Joe was a singer.

Black Siren is Laurel’s doppelganger. She was sent from Earth 2 by Zoom to attack Earth 1’s Central city. Barry captured her and locked her up. I wondered at the time if Barry told Oliver about her. Apparently, Felicity was made aware.

Black Siren meets Prometheus:

Prometheus is mad at Black Siren for her failure. She was supposed to infiltrate the team and pretend to be Laurel, not scream at them and blow her cover.

In Russia:

Oliver has been captured by Gregor and his men, who are working with Kovar. Gregor questions Oliver about the picture of Laurel. It seems like those in Russia come to know about Oliver and his life quite well. I still think that Prometheus is someone from Russia. How else did he know about Laurel?

s05e10_the Bratva know about Laurel.jpg

Oliver gets Diggle a lawyer:

Oliver asks Adrian Chase to represent John Diggle. Adrian agrees, and Oliver owes him. Adrian tells Oliver that they are going to cover up the circumstances surrounding detective Malone’s death, to avoid panic.

Oliver meets with Black Siren:

Black Siren arranges to meet Oliver at the Black Canary statue. Oliver says that the team are not to engage. Felicity disagrees. Oliver tells her off, and she appears to back down.

Felicity puts the rest of the team on a separate channel to Oliver, so she can tell them to move if she suspects a trap. Felicity sees Siren reach into a pocket, and she tells the team to take her out. Black Siren attacks. Oliver subdues her, and locks her up back at base.

Felicity and Oliver disagree:

Felicity does not trust Black Siren, but Oliver will not listen. He knows that this is not their Laurel, but if Prometheus is forcing her to work for him, he wants to save her.

Oliver talks to Black Siren, who explains that the Oliver on earth 2 has been dead for ten years. After he died, Black Siren moved to Central city. She was affected when the particle accelerator went off, and got her powers. Black Siren says that she made bad choices. Oliver wants to help her make better ones.

Curtis doubts himself:

Curtis is upset that he got beaten again. Rene teases him, and Curtis tells him to back off. When Rene asks what is wrong, Curtis attacks him. Curtis is upset that his husband Paul left him because he is Mr Terrific, and now he feels useless at being a vigilante, so he feels like he lost his husband for nothing.

Felicity trains:

Felicity punches a punching bag. Oliver tells her to keep her wrist straight. Felicity is angry that Oliver is so hung up on Earth 2 Laurel. She knows that Oliver sees this as a shot at redemption, because he blames himself for his Laurels death.


Chase visits Diggle:

Adrian Chase talks to Diggle. The general, Walker, who has brought the charges against Diggle, wants Diggle shipped off to MP custody. Diggle knows that if this happens, there will be no trial. He tells Chase to help him.

Felicity lets Black Siren go:

As part of a plan to find and capture Prometheus, Felicity gives Laurel a drink, which contains tracking Nanites, and lets her go. Oliver appears more concerned that Felicity could have been hurt, than mad at her.

Curtis excels at technology:

Curtis works on a way to drain Laurel’s powers. Rene tells Curtis that, instead of focusing on what he is bad at, he should focus on what he is good at, because his idea is amazing.

Confrontation with Black Siren and Prometheus:

The tracker goes live, and the group head to confront Black Siren. Black Siren takes out Rene. Felicity and Curtis run in with Curtis’ device, but before they can use it, Black Siren screams at them.

Meanwhile, Prometheus takes out Rory, and engages Oliver. Prometheus says that Oliver needs to choose: him or Felicity. Prometheus wants Laurel to kill Felicity in front of Oliver.

Oliver rescues Felicity, but it doesn’t look good. Curtis saves them with his device, and Felicity punches Laurel in the face. She even remembers to keep her wrist straight!

Chase buys Diggle some time:


Chase visits Diggle again, and quietly tells Diggle to hit him. Diggle does, and Chase informs Walker that, because Diggle has committed a crime in Chases’ jurisdiction, he can stop the transfer and has a right to pursue charges in his district. Walker will be back, but Chase has bought Diggle some time.

Black Siren is locked up:

Oliver locks up Black Siren at ARGUS, rather than sending her back to Central city. He wants to try and get through to her.

In Russia, Talia al Ghul saves Oliver:

Gregor tells Oliver that he either joins him, or dies. Oliver is rescued by an archer, Talia, who has been looking for him. Talia is Nyssa al Ghul’s half sister, and presumably a member of the league of assassins.


Who will be the next Black Canary?:

At the ruined Black Canary statue, Oliver tells Felicity that he will not rebuild it. He intends to look for a new Black Canary instead. I don’t think this will be Felicity. She is too valuable on the technology side of the operation.

Earth 2 Laurel could be the next Black Canary. She certainly has the ability, and if Oliver can get through to her, she may become a valuable ally. It would also make the next crossover with Flash rather interesting!

Meanwhile, in a Hub city bar, a mysterious woman throws some brutes out of a window. Will she be the next Black Canary? The noise that was made before the men flew out of the window was remarkably similar to the Canary cry. I hope that we find out next episode!


I like what they did with Laurel. I also enjoyed how Felicity has become darker and determined to catch Prometheus. This episode of Arrow was, to me, leagues ahead of this weeks Flash episode. The mysterious woman in the bar also intrigues me. I am wondering where Evelyn got to though… Perhaps we will find out next episode?

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