Flash Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: A mediocre episode, and will Iris survive the season?

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 10.

I’m usually easy to please when it comes to TV, but this episode of Flash didn’t impress me much. Between Cisco’s treatment of H.R, Barry’s treatment of Wally, and the noticeably disjointed high speed scenes, it was a bit of a let down.

There was no meta-human either, and the villain, Morillo, did not feature heavily. The focus was on Iris, Barry, and the future that Barry wants to prevent.

Onto the recap!

Barry has nightmares:

Barry has been having nightmares about Savitar killing Iris. He refuses to talk to Iris about what is going on, even though she has been woken up by Barry screaming in his sleep.

Caitlin and her powers:

Caitlin’s meta-human cuffs keep running out of power, and she feels like a criminal when she has to plug in the cuffs to charge them. After she visits Julian, who refuses to help her get rid of her powers, Caitlin’s cuffs power down and she nearly turns into Killer Frost.


When Caitlin talks to Julian again, he admits that he feels guilty about what he did as Alchemy, and about the officers that Savitar killed. Caitlin understands. When she was Killer Frost, she nearly killed her friends. She suggests that Julian come to work at Star labs as a way to move forward. Julian says that he will think about it.

The Museum, and Cisco’s attitude towards HR:

H.R gives Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry a tour of the Star Labs museum. It looks amazing. H.R intends for the museum to make an income, and act as a cover for Team Flash. He has made a holographic Cisco tour guide, but it doesn’t work very well. Cisco refuses to fix it, as he has important work to do: a cruel suggestion that the museum H.R has worked hard on is not important.

Barry talks time travel with H.G H.R Wells:

Barry asks H.R about time travel. H.R admits that his best seller was about a guy who tried to prevent his own murder. He explains that one theory says that the future is not fixed, and can be changed. The other theory says that the future is fixed, and you cannot change it no matter how hard you try.

H.R believes that the future is fixed. He speaks of man and destiny, a variation on the quote: “A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it,” from Jean de La Fontaine’s, ‘Fables.’

H.G Wells wrote about time travel. The writer in me enjoyed the reference.


In the future, one of the headlines showed that the Flash caught Morillo. Barry believes that, if he lets Morillo go, the future may change. Wally catches Morillo instead, and is feeling good about himself.

Barry yells at Wally. Their arrangement was for Wally to watch, not act, and Barry refuses to train Wally any more. Joe is angry, because Wally saved Barry’s life.

The grand opening of the museum:

H.R tells the group to get ready for the grand opening. Cisco complains that they were talking about something important before H.R showed up, again dismissive of H.R’s work on the museum. It gets worse.

No one shows up at the museum opening. H.R is upset. Cisco kicks him when he is down, and tells H.R that the museum isn’t useful. He then accuses H.R of being a distraction from what is important.

Barry tells Iris about his nightmares:

s03e10_347.jpgCaitlin admits that she asked Julian to join them, because he shouldn’t have to go through the realisation that he was Alchemy alone. Barry realises that he can’t deal with what he saw alone either. He tells Iris that he saw Savitar murder her in the future.

Iris is upset. Barry swears on both his parents lives that he will protect her. This line made no sense to me, because both of Barry’s parents are dead. I hate to say it, because I do like the show, but it struck me as pretty poor writing.

Back to the future:

Barry and Iris tell the rest of the group what Barry saw, but agree not to tell Joe. Cisco says that he will vibe Barry back to the future, 23rd May 2017, so that they can look at the news board and find out what events they need to change to prevent Iris’ death:

  • Morillo was captured by the Flash at Central city museum.

  • Star labs museum closes.

  • Killer Frost still at large.

  • Music Meister gets 6 figure book deal.

  • Joe West is honoured at city hall.

The future has begun to change because Barry told his friends what he saw. H.R is now on a roof with a gun behind Savitar.

As someone who has seen the videos of Grant Gustin in Glee too many times, the Music Meister is the most interesting point, because it hints to the musical crossover episode!

Cisco’s final awful comment to H.R:

As Cisco works on H.R’s hologram, he remarks that H.R’s partner might have solved the cryptogram to get rid of him. H.R admits that Cisco may be right. Greatness isn’t in the cards for him. Cisco finally decides to be nice. He says that greatness takes time.

Cisco fixes the hologram, and gives discounted tickets for the museum to a local school to encourage visitors. H.R thanks him, and Cisco says that he is welcome.

Kid Flash takes down Plunder:

Morillo escapes. Barry apologises to Wally, and says that Kid Flash must catch Morillo to change the future. Wally takes down Morillo, and the news has been changed.


Barry and Iris host a party. H.R brings a turtle as a housewarming gift. This was the best part of the episode for me. Barry loves his new pet: he is so excited!


Julian arrives, and is welcomed to the team. He and Cisco have made a solar powered necklace for Caitlin, so that she doesn’t have to charge her bracelets.

H.R says that he has never met two people more suited to one another than Iris and Barry. The whole episode has emphasised how perfect Barry and Iris are. It seems like the writers are building them up to tear them down. Either Iris will die, or her relationship with Barry will not last the season.

The woman at the end:

A woman with a hologram of H.R appears through a portal.

When H.R was asked who paid for the museum, he dodged the question. Later, when Cisco needed to order more parts for the hologram, H.R said that money is no object. Pretty suspicious. Did he steal money from this woman, who has come to hunt him down?

Random bits:

  • At the end, the board H.R wrote the headlines on is in the cortex. The group are doing a fantastic job of keeping Iris’ fate, and the plan, from Joe!

  • What was wrong with Cisco this episode? He has been rude to H.R before, but in this episode he was outright mean. Did I miss something important?

  • Will the team stop Joe being honoured at city hall and ruin his career instead?

  • Apparently, anyone can hop universes anytime they want now.

I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I have others. Caitlin, Julian, and H.R have become the most interesting characters. I will carry on watching because of them!

Until next time!


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