Sherlock Season 4, Episode 3. Recap, and what to expect from a potential season 5. In my opinion? Moriarty is alive.

Spoilers for Sherlock Season 4, Episode 3

Theories for a potential season 5 at the bottom. I think that Moriarty isn’t dead.

Sherlock scares Mycroft:

We begin with a girl, who is on a plane where everyone else is asleep, including the pilot.

We then see Mycroft, alone and enjoying a film. I loved this scene. He reminded me of me. I have seen How to Train Your Dragon so many times that I can recite the dialogue! This scene, indeed the entire episode, really humanised Mycroft.

The film flickers and flashes of home videos appear. I loved how close Sherlock and Mycroft appeared in those videos: Sherlock even hugs his big brother! Strange things begin to happen. Mycroft is scared, and we find out why he is never without his umbrella: it is a sword, and a gun! I imagine that he takes fencing lessons or something.

Sherlock shows up. He was behind the scare tactics. John thought it was the best way to get the truth out of Mycroft about his sister! John, who was only shot with a tranquilliser last episode, and is fine!

Mycroft becomes a client:

John tells Mycroft to come to 221B Baker Street. Mycroft is forced to sit in the client chair. He reveals that they have a sister, Eurus. Sherlock does not remember her. Mycroft insists that John leave, because this is a family matter, but Sherlock retorts that John is family, and he stays. Mycroft is shocked into silence and John smirks, pleased.


Mycroft says that their sister locked up Redbeard, and would not say where. John retorts that you don’t lock up a child because a dog goes missing. This is our first hint that something is not as it seems. Mycroft agrees, but he does not tell the truth yet. He says that Eurus was locked up because she burnt down Musgrave, their ancestral home.

Mycroft explains that Eurus is in a high security institution, Sherrinford, and she could not have escaped and shot John.

221B blows up:

A drone carrying a motion grenade arrives. Sherlock shows that he has come a long way. In season 1, episode 1, Sherlock didn’t understand why the woman in pink would think of her daughter in her last breath. Now, he asks Mycroft if it is possible for John to make a phone call to say goodbye to his daughter. Sherlock even compliments Mycroft’s performance in a play he did in school. Sherlock is rarely nice to Mycroft. I think it was his way of saying he cares, just in case they didn’t make it out alive.

They do escape with their lives though, and Sherlock finally gets to be a pirate. He takes over a boat and they infiltrate Sherrinford.

Arrival at Sherrinford:

Mycroft is furious. No one was supposed to talk to Eurus, but the governor tried to evaluate her because she was unique. Mycroft demands to see footage of who Eurus has spoken to. The governor says that anyone who spends time with Eurus is compromised.

Sherlock is with Eurus, and John realises that Sherlock is in danger. He whispers, ‘Vatican Cameos,’ to Sherlock, but Sherlock ignores him and pulls out his earpiece. John tells Mycroft that the voice on the footage is that of the governor. For some reason, Mycroft didn’t notice. Eurus controls the governor, therefore she controls the institution.


Sherlock does not notice that the glass is missing. Why did he miss this? I think that he was emotionally overcome, thus compromised. Eurus is the sister that he forgot, who, as far as Sherlock remembers, killed his dog. He is not paying attention to anything but her, which is, ironically, what she always wanted. Eurus attacks Sherlock, and Mycroft and John are captured.

Eurus’ first game:

When John awakes, he is in a cell with Mycroft, Sherlock, and the governor. Eurus has decreed that, unless Sherlock chooses Mycroft or John to shoot the governor, she will kill the governors wife. Sherlock chooses Mycroft. Presumably he wants to save John, who has a strong moral compass, from shooting an innocent. Mycroft refuses. Sherlock turns to John, who initially accepts, but ultimately can’t do it.

The governor shoots himself. Mycroft, who had been shaking, throws up. It is clear that, although he is powerful, Mycroft spends most of his time behind a desk. I wanted to give him a hug.

The three Garridebs:

In the next room, Mycroft exclaims that this is inhuman and insane. John tells Mycroft that they have to be soldiers today, and that means to hell with what happens to them.

Eurus tells Sherlock to solve a murder based on a gun and pictures. She then dangles all three suspects over the sea. Sherlock solves the murder with John’s help, but Eurus kills all three suspects anyway. John is upset, but Sherlock reminds him that they are soldiers today.

Eurus involves Molly Hooper:

The next victim of Eurus’ scheme is Molly Hooper. Sherlock must get Molly to say ‘I love you,’ to him on the phone, or Eurus will blow her up. Molly doesn’t want to say it because it is true. Even though she is upset, I like to think that Molly retains the upper hand. She makes Sherlock say it first, like he means it, before she says it herself.

Eurus admits that there were no explosives, and that Sherlock hurt Molly for no reason. Sherlock is distraught, but John encourages him to carry on. Mycroft looks on, helpless.

Eurus tries to force Sherlock to choose: Mycroft or John:

In the next room, Eurus demands that Sherlock kill either John or Mycroft. Mycroft taunts Sherlock and tells him to shoot John, because John is useless. John seems to believe him.


Sherlock realises that Mycroft is trying to make it easier for Sherlock to shoot him. Mycroft blames himself, because he let Eurus speak to Moriarty unsupervised for 5 minutes, 5 years ago. Sherlock turns the gun on himself, and away from his brother. This makes Eurus angry, and she intervenes with tranquilliser darts.

Sherlock awakes at his family home:

When Sherlock wakes, he is alone. He can hear John’s voice, but not Mycroft. He pushes aside his worry for his brother for now, and focuses on John. John is chained up at the bottom of a well, and has found some bones. Sherlock sheds a few tears when he finds a bowl in the room with ‘Redbeard’ written on it.

Sherlock realises that they are no longer at Sherrinford. The room he is in is fake. They are at Musgrave Hall, his old home.

Eurus taunts that she is going to let water in the well now. John realises that the bones are human bones. Eurus says that their dad was allergic to dogs, and Sherlock never had one. Sherlock realises that Redbeard was his best friend, a boy named Victor Trevor. In the books, Victor was Sherlock’s college room mate. Using his name here was a nice touch.

Sherlock solves the cipher in the song:

Sherlock is upset, but he tries to keep it together. He realises that the graves with the funny dates on, which he was obsessed with as a child, are a key, and the song is a cipher.

‘I am lost, help me brother. Save my life, before my doom. I am lost, without your love. Save my soul, seek my room.’ All Eurus wanted was for Sherlock to come to her room and play with her. I’m not sure I buy it. Eurus drew pictures of Sherlock’s grave when she was young, as well as pictures of him being killed:


Throughout the episode, Sherlock has been trying to help the little girl from the beginning, who was on the plane. Sherlock realises that the girl on the plane was Eurus, trapped inside her own mind.

Sherlock brings Eurus back to reality, and he hugs her. He tells Eurus that she needs to tell him how to save his friend. Eurus tells Sherlock where John is.

Sherlock saves John, and makes sure that Mycroft is looked after:

John is saved, and Eurus is taken away. Lestrade tells Sherlock that he has spoken to Mycroft, who wasn’t hurt. Sherlock asks Greg to look after Mycroft, because he is not as strong as he thinks he is. Greg agrees. Sherlock finally remembered his name!

In episode 1 of season 1, Greg said that Sherlock is a great man, and one day, he might even be a good one. At the end of this episode, Greg tells an officer that Sherlock is a good man!

Eurus is contained again:

Later, Mycroft is scolded by his parents: he told them that their daughter was dead. Mycroft thought he was being kind. Mummy insists that he should have done better. Sherlock sticks up for him and says that Mycroft did his best. This experience has brought Sherlock and Mycroft closer together.

Their parents want to visit, but Mycroft says that Eurus will not communicate with anyone. Mummy asks Sherlock what they should do. Apparently, he was always the grown up! Sherlock visits Eurus, and figures out that he can communicate with her with the violin, which she taught him to play. Later, Mycroft and his parents visit as Sherlock plays violin with Eurus.


221B is repaired & aftermath:

Sherlock sends a text as he and John tidy the flat. ‘You know where to find me. SH.’ I believe that he texted Lestrade. It is the same text that Sherlock sent to Lestrade in the very first episode.

John spray paints the smiley face on the wall. I am reminded that John was once given an ASBO for graffiti, and burst into giggles. Sherlock shoots the wall. Everything is as it was before, only brighter.

John and Sherlock look after Rosie together. Mrs Hudson is just downstairs to babysit when they need to dash off to solve crimes.

Mary sends another DVD, which summarises in a very final way that Sherlock and John will always be at Baker Street, solving crimes. Sherlock has addressed his past. Baker Street is repaired. It seems very much like a last episode. I get the feeling that from now on, we will get the odd special, and that is it.


There are quite a few people who disliked this episode. I loved it, probably because it was very character focused. Sherlock nearly shot his own brother, he ignored John’s warning for danger, Mycroft struggled with the entire situation. Eurus was, apparently, a lonely little girl who wanted her brother’s attention. Then, the emotional ending.

It was an emotional episode. Eurus was playing with Sherlock’s emotional side, not his intelligence. Fans who watch Sherlock for the logic, the clever puzzles, the crime, and the deductions, probably would have been disappointed. As I recall, the only puzzle was the small cipher at the end.

Although, is there a hidden message for the viewers in all this, based on the Nemo Holmes grave and the dates 1718-1922, Age 32?

Things that could be addressed in season 5, or future specials:

Uncle Rudi:

Mycroft said that Uncle Rudi arranged for Eurus to be institutionalised. Did he also cover up Eurus’ involvement in Victor’s disappearance? Victor’s parents would have been angry with the Holmes family otherwise, and it probably would have been all over the news. I feel like there could be further mention of Uncle Rudi if we get a season 5.

Moriarty, his brother, and why Molly was upset before Sherlock called her:

Eurus mentioned that Moriarty had a brother, a stationmaster, who he was jealous of. Was it a twin brother? If so, Moriarty could have taken his brother to visit Eurus at a later date, when she controlled the institute, but before the end of season 2. Did Jim have Eurus brainwash his brother to take his place and shoot himself on top of the hospital at the end of season 2? Is Moriarty still alive? Was Molly upset/having a bad day before Sherlock called because she thought that she saw Moriarty?

Did they ever confirm who put the ‘Miss me’ videos out at the end of Season 3? Will Jim Moriarty make a return to our screens if we get more Sherlock? I don’t know. This is purely speculative, as all fan theories are!

Irene Adler, the woman, will reappear: 

Irene has been hinted at throughout season 4. She texted Sherlock on his birthday. The code word ‘Vatican Cameos’ was first used in ‘A Scandal in Belgravia.’ Sherlock played the song he composed about Irene to his sister. All these hints must be signs that she will return at some point in the future.

Unless there is a secret 4th episode on Sunday, that’s the end of Sherlock for now!


  1. Oooh, that’s a really interesting theory about Moriarty – I adore Andrew Scott in that role, and obviously loved his appearance in this episode.

    I was literally (in the true dictionary definition) on the edge of my seat towards the end. I have all three episodes recorded to watch again, soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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