Sherlock Series 4, Episode 2: Is there a fourth Holmes sibling?

Spoilers for Sherlock season 4, episode 2

So far, most of my theories were completely off. Following season 4, episode 2, here are more points that stood out to me, and a couple of my theories.

Mrs Hudson:

I enjoyed Mrs Hudson immensely this episode. We are reminded that she is much more than Sherlock’s landlady.

When Sherlock is clearly off the rails, Mrs Hudson grabs his gun, handcuffs him, and gets him in the boot of her very nice sports car. She then breaks the speed limit to get Sherlock to John.


Mrs Hudson also knows what triggered Sherlock’s self destruction. I don’t know how involved she was with Sherlock’s plan, but her distress seemed genuine, and I do not believe that Sherlock told her what to say here. Mrs Hudson knows that Sherlock is emotional when he is upset. When he has an unsolved case, he shoots the wall. When he can’t deal with something, he stabs it on the mantelpiece. She points Mycroft and his men in the right direction, and then throws them out when John becomes distressed. You do not mess with Mrs Hudson.

Moriarty’s final problem, and ‘the final problem,’ of season 4:

In season 2, episode 3, Moriarty said that the final problem was staying alive. Is this what season 4, episode 3 will be about? Geniuses trying to stay alive and outwit each other?

Are there four Holmes siblings?

I maintain that Sherrinford is Mycroft and Sherlock’s brother.

Sherlock, in a throwaway comment when Culverton says that he found three recording devices, says that there must be something comforting about the number three, because people always give up after three. Are there more than 3 siblings?

In the ‘miss me’ recordings, (which were broadcast across the nation on TV by ‘Moriarty,’ at the end of season 3, episode 3) it sounds like there are two voices, one of a man, and one of a woman. Are they Sherrinford and Eurus?

Mycroft says in season 3, episode 3 that he is not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion, and that they know what happened to the other one. He seems to be talking about brothers, not sisters, therefore it is possible that he another brother too.

Culverton mentioned that his favourite serial killer was HH Holmes, and he asks if he is a relative of Sherlock’s. Those initials don’t match Eurus or Sherrinford, but then Sherlock admitted in season 3 that his full name is William Scott Sherlock Holmes, so it wouldn’t be surprising if ‘HH Holmes,’ was actually either Eurus or Sherrinford, a serial killer.

I think that there are four Holmes siblings, Sherlock, Mycroft, Eurus and Sherrinford, and that Sherrinford is involved in what Eurus is up to. I would love to see Mycroft and Sherlock work together to take on two adversaries of equal intellect to themselves.

I may be completely off. My other half thinks Sherrinford is the place that Eurus was supposed to be held at, a code word, as secret government organisations tend to use those.

Eurus and her endgame:

I did not see Eurus coming at all, or, a sister. I think that the writers had a sister in mind from season 1 though, when Sherlock mistook John’s sister for a brother. If so, that was excellent foreshadowing.


Hints are dropped throughout the episode. John’s new therapist reminded him of Sherlock. She notices everything. It is odd that Sherlock does not pay her much attention. Normally, he notices everything and deduces everyone.

Sherlock noticed that ‘Fliss’ was no longer topping up her tan and her roots were showing. This is Eurus’ disguise showing through. Sherlock has seen that something wasn’t quite right, but he didn’t put it together because he was high.

Are any of the deductions that Sherlock makes about Eurus true? I think that Eurus is isolated, and has few visitors. I think that she does like to cook, and lives in a narrow street on a ground floor. It is convenient that Mycroft didn’t see Sherlock with Eurus. He probably would have seen past her disguise.

Eurus appears to know Sherlock well, as well as perhaps a twin sister would. She knows that John is important, that Sherlock will make deductions, and that he will want to stop her if she appears suicidal. Sherlock often makes throwaway comments about it never being twins, so it would be interesting if he had one.

The episode ends with Eurus holding John, Sherlock’s pressure point, at gunpoint, and firing. Eurus admits that Sherlock was quite good, but he missed the big clue that she left. I wonder if Eurus just wants to get her brothers attention? When she said that Sherlock was not what she expected, and that he is nicer than anyone, she seems genuine. My gut instinct tells me that her gun isn’t real, and that there is something bigger at play here. After all, Eurus had plenty of opportunities to kill John beforehand.

Sherlock, meanwhile, realises that there was a woman in his flat, and that ‘miss me,’ was written on the paper that she left behind. Now that he is clean, Sherlock will probably put everything together, borrow Mrs Hudson’s sports car, and race to the rescue.

Other notes:

For a moment, I believed that Sherlock, in his despair, wanted to die at the hands of a serial killer: a fitting end for him. That was until I remembered the conversation at the waterfront, where Sherlock dismissed the idea of suicide. If John hadn’t shown up in time, would that have been it for Sherlock, who had apparently forgotten his backup plans?

I wonder if there is anything behind Culverton’s words, that the worst thing you can do to your best friend is tell them your darkest secret? Does Sherlock have a dark secret which will test his friendship with John even further?

Will Irene Adler reappear, or was her text merely a plot device to get John to break down?

Guess we will find out tomorrow!

I’d like to say that these are my last crazy theories of the season, but Sunday’s episode is bound to be left on a cliffhanger, so I assume that there will be more. Let’s just hope that we are not left waiting so long for more this time!

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