Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts.


Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts:

Sunday Scribbles was a weekly hashtag game I hosted on Twitter between January 2017 and March 2021. Prompts were posted each Saturday, and any writer could share lines from stories or poetry on Sunday under the hashtag #SunScribblesThe prompts were single words designed to spark ideas. Lines shared didn’t have to include the word, but had to be related to the prompt.

In April 2021 I decided to end #SunScribbles due to lack of time and energy. I enjoy seeing what the writing community share though and will continue to support writers playing other hashtag games.

I’ll also still sometimes share short stories on Sundays under Sunday Scribbles Stories. Some will be related to my works in progress, others random one offs. I’ll probably edit the older stories at some point too, as I’ve learned a lot since I wrote them!

Thanks for Playing, and for a list of Writing Hashtag games see: The Write Prompt

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