Sunday Scribbles Prompts!

Introducing ‘Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts.’

Twitter hashtag game and writing prompts for short stories.


Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts:

Sunday Scribbles is a weekly writing prompt feature on my blog and Twitter, originally designed to track my progress in the 52 week writing challenge (To write a story once a week for a year.)

Each Sunday I post a new writing prompt on Twitter and Pinterest. Instagram coming soon.

I write a short story a week based on the prompt and post it on my blog. Some are work in progress related, others are not. I also share lines from the story I’m writing under #SunScribbles on Twitter.

I encourage participation from anyone, so if a prompt takes your fancy give it a go. If you write a short story on your blog, let me know the link in my comments section so I can read it too.

You can also join in the hashtag game #SunScribbles on Twitter, and share lines around the prompt. I am super interested to see what you all come up with 🙂 No buy links though. These writing prompts are for fun!

Rules below:

ssbanner rules copy
Weekly hashtag game on Twitter. Sharing of lines and short stories written around the prompts encouraged. No buy links.

I look forward to developing a community where we can share our writing together, and hopefully gain some constructive feedback from each other too!

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