Arrow Season 5, Episode 9 Recap: Is Prometheus really Claybourne’s son?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 9.
Also mentions of Flashpoint. My theories on Laurel and Prometheus are after the recap!

Evelyn is with Prometheus:

Evelyn gives Prometheus information on Team Arrow.

Evelyn has brought pictures and information about Team Arrow to Prometheus, who pins them to a wall. Evelyn says that she wants to see Oliver die. Prometheus says that she has not been listening. He is not going to kill Oliver. He wants to make him wish that he was dead.

Christmas at the mayors office:

Oliver has invited Susan Williams as his date to the mayors Christmas event. Thea is not amused. Felicity has brought Billy to introduce to Curtis, and his partner Paul. Felicity mentions that her and Curtis got fired. Paul didn’t know that: Curtis had told him that he has been working late on a big project.

Christmas in the Arrow cave:

Diggle plays with JJ in the Arrow cave. Rene comments that being a father is the best thing in the world, especially during the holidays. Diggle asks if Rene has any kids. Rene looks awkward. I suspected that Rene was a father already, even more so now.

Evelyn arrives with presents for everyone. She says that the team are like her family. She is so two faced that it hurts to watch.

Curtis is attacked:

Curtis and Paul leave Oliver’s party early. Paul accuses Curtis of cheating. Prometheus attacks Curtis, who is badly injured. Curtis wakes up in hospital, Paul questions how Curtis knows how to fight: it is like he doesn’t know him any more.

Oliver and Felicity arrive. Paul insists that the attacker was the throwing star killer. Felicity takes Paul outside to talk to Detective Malone about what he saw. Oliver talks to Curtis, who confirms that it was Prometheus. They realise that Prometheus knows Curtis is Mr Terrific, therefore he must know that Oliver is the Green Arrow.

Flashback to Season 1: Claybourne

There was a drug in Curtis’ system. It was produced by a man who Oliver killed from the list, Claybourne. Claybourne worked with the AK Desmond group to weaponise TB, and profit from an epidemic that he created. Diggle warned Oliver that there may be unintended consequences of working down a list and killing people.

At Claybourne’s plant:

Oliver, Diggle and Rene realise that Evelyn is a traitor.

The team guess that Claybourne survived, and is Prometheus. His old plant has had heavy usage of water and power in the last few months. The team head to the plant.

Oliver finds a locked door. Felicity is about to hack it, when it opens. Prometheus lets Oliver in. Oliver shoots. Prometheus throws a star that shreds his arrow. Prometheus has amazing martial arts skills, and downs Oliver.

Rene shows up and aims at Prometheus, but Evelyn disarms Rene. She tells Oliver that he is not a hero, he is a fraud. Prometheus and Evelyn escape together.

Ashes from the plant:

Felicity tells Rory and Rene to analyse the ashes that they found at the plant, whilst she goes to talk to Billy. Billy has figured out the Claybourne connection, and he will not back off from the Prometheus case. Felicity returns to the Arrow cave.

Rene and Rory have managed to analyse the DNA in the ashes. The ashes are Claybourne’s, so he isn’t Prometheus.

Paul gives Curtis an ultimatum:

Curtis tells Paul that he works for the Green Arrow, and that it is amazing. Paul is angry, and he tells him to stop. He can’t wait at home every night, wondering if Curtis will come home alive or not. Paul tells Curtis that he can be a vigilante, or be married to him.

Billy explores Claybourne’s plant:

Billy finds a drawer with a folder of information, including a picture of a baby. He sends a photo of the picture to Felicity. Prometheus appears behind Billy and attacks him. No matter how many times I see that scene, it really is terrifying.

The DA orders Oliver to put a shoot to kill order on Prometheus, because enough is enough.

Felicity works out who the baby is:

The GPS on Billy’s phone revealed that he was at the Claybourne plant. When Billy doesn’t reply to her text, why doesn’t Felicity send Oliver to check on him? She is worried, but appears too focused on the fact that men never listen to her.

Facial recognition finds out from court records that the baby is Claybourne’s son. Oliver concludes that Prometheus wants revenge on the man who murdered his father.

Oliver figures out where Prometheus is:

Oliver tells Felicity that Billy is missing, and there is a shoot to kill order on Prometheus. Felicity is horrified, but Oliver assures her that they will find Billy.

Oliver realises where Prometheus will be, a location that Felicity found for him in the original case against Claybourne, and he heads out to confront him alone.

Oliver confronts Prometheus:

Oliver arrives on scene to find that Prometheus has laid out bodies exactly as they fell when he stormed the building four years ago. At the top, where Oliver killed Claybourne, Prometheus is waiting.

Is Prometheus really Claybourne’s son?

Oliver confronts Prometheus. They fall from the roof, and swing through a window into a mirrored area. Prometheus taunts Oliver. He has studied him. He knows who Oliver loves, who he trusts, who he has hurt. Prometheus says that it was easy to turn Evelyn against Oliver, and it would be easy to turn the rest of the team against him too.

Prometheus insists that everyone Oliver touches dies. He then appears, and Oliver shoots him multiple times. When Oliver approaches, he notices that the sword was taped to the man’s hand, and the body had a sound recorder on it.

Prometheus’ voice says that he has waited four years to make Oliver answer for his sins. Oliver unmasks him. It is Billy, tied up, and now dead.

Oliver returns to the team:

When Oliver returns to the base, Diggle asks what happened. Felicity asks about Billy.

Oliver explains what Prometheus did, and he admits that he killed Billy. Oliver apologises to Felicity, who, even through her grief, recognises that it was Prometheus’ doing.

Oliver says that Prometheus is right. Everyone he is close to dies. He tells everyone to stay away from him. Diggle reassures Oliver that they are exactly where they are supposed to be, and hugs him. The team move in around him too. They aren’t going anywhere.


Curtis returns home to find Paul packing. He doesn’t want to make ultimatums. Being a vigilante makes his husband happy, but he loves him too much to stay with him and watch him get hurt.

Diggle gets a call from Lyla to come to the safe house. It is an ambush, and he is surrounded by armed men.


Oliver visits Susan Williams for a drink. Russian Vodka. Oliver is convinced that he ruins the lives of everyone that he comes into contact with. Susan tells Oliver that he should stop focusing on the bad. They kiss. I’ve decided that Susan isn’t evil. I think that she will find out what happened in Russia, and help Oliver to defeat the real Prometheus. (my theory on who that is, is below.)


Oliver finds Laurel waiting for him when he returns to the base. This is where we break for mid season!

There are two things worth a mention now. One is Laurel, and the other is Prometheus.

Theories on Laurel: Is Laurel alive?

Theory 1: Ghosts:

We’ve already had one incident where ghosts have appeared this season. When Diggle was in prison, and plagued by guilt over Andy, the ghost of Deadshot haunted his cell.

In Arrow Season 2 Episodes 9, Oliver was visited by ghosts too: Slade Wilson, Shado, and Tommy. At the time, Oliver was struggling with his emotions.

Now, Oliver feels guilty over what he did to Billy, has been betrayed by Evelyn, and is concerned that everyone he cares about dies. It is possible that Laurel is another ghost. Oliver is the only one who sees her, and there is no one around to confirm what Oliver saw.


Theory 2: Earth 2 Laurel escaped from the pipeline:

If you follow the Flash, you will know that Barry had a version of Laurel from a different universe, Black Siren, locked up. She could have escaped and come to find Oliver.

Theory 3: Flashpoint/Alchemy:

Laurel can’t be alive as a direct result of Barry changing the time line in the Flash. If that had happened, Team Arrow would not remember her death, because Barry is the only one who remembers changes to the time line. Hence Diggle’s surprise when he hears that he once had a daughter.

However, in the Flash, Alchemy gives back the powers of anyone who had them during Flashpoint. If a person was meant to have powers in Flashpoint, but they had died, could Alchemy bring them back to life? Maybe in Flashpoint, Laurel had the same powers as Earth 2 Laurel, and Alchemy bought her, and her powers, back.

Is Prometheus really Claybourne’s son?

My first thought when Prometheus’ identity was revealed, was disappointment. There was no way the audience could have guessed his identity, and it seemed anti-climatic.

Then, I thought about it some more.

Prometheus never acknowledged that he is Claybourne’s son. There were no angry declarations when he confronted Oliver, and Prometheus did not seem upset when he asked Oliver if he hesitated when he killed Claybourne, only curious.

 Prometheus used a move that Oliver learned from a woman in Russia. The lack of Russian flashbacks this week can’t be a coincidence either.

I think that Prometheus isn’t Claybourne’s son. I think that he is Victor, who appears in the Russian flashbacks.

Is Victor, of the Bratva, actually Prometheus?

Victor held Oliver captive after Oliver killed one of his fighters. He was intrigued by Oliver and his fathers book. We know that Prometheus has knowledge of the book too.

Victor worked alongside Anatoli in the Bratva. He has distinctive tattoos on his neck and hand, and he was a part of Oliver’s initiation process. Victor did not trust or like Oliver, because he was an outsider who only got into the Bratva with Anatoli’s help. I think that Oliver did something in Russia to bring Victor to Star city as Prometheus. Something that we probably haven’t seen yet.

When Arrow returns, we will see what happens!

Is Laurel alive?

Do you really think that Prometheus is Claybourne’s son?

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