Flash Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: Who will be the victims of Savitar’s prophecy?


Spoilers for the Flash mid season finale!

Last time:

H.R offered to train Wally.

Barry realised that Iris West-Allen no longer wrote the article in Eobards secret room.

Cisco struggles with visions:

Cisco sees a vision of his brother, which he shakes off.

He explains that they have no new information on Savitar, but Julian wrote a paper on the stone that Alchemy uses to create meta-humans.

On a side note, it’s nice to see a Wells who enjoys Christmas!

Barry quizzes Julian:

Julian admits that he funded an expedition to look for the stone, but he was unsuccessful.

When Barry mentions Savitar, Julian says that he was the first meta-human who got speed. He tells Barry not to waste his time with further research. Is he trying to protect Barry here? Contrary to Julian’s later pleas of ignorance, he knew who Savitar was at the hospital in Killer Frost. It looked like Julian could see Savitar too, despite not being a speedster.

Barry visits Earth 3 and the other Flash:


Barry asks Jay Garrick about Savitar. Jay explains that Savitar is the fastest of them all, and is surrounded by myth, legend, and rumours.

He says that Barry has grown powerful enough to threaten Savitar’s power, so Savitar will challenge Barry. Barry says that he will be ready.

Jay tells Barry to stop researching

Jay finds Barry surrounded by books. Barry says that he can’t find anything on Savitar.

Jay tells Barry to go and be with the ones that he cares about, whilst he has them. Jay has either experienced loss himself, or he already knows what the future has in store for Barry. There is something about Jay this episode that feels off to me.

Iris provides a lead:

Iris tells Barry that 4 scientists were killed on the expedition that Julian funded, and she believes that Julian is covering something up. Where would he be without her?

Barry and Jay confront Alchemy:

Alchemy tries to restore the powers of all the meta-humans from Flashpoint at once.

Barry and Jay confront him, but Savitar shows up. Jay engages Savitar, and tells Barry to get the stone. When Barry gets the stone back into its box. Savitar vanishes.

Barry unmasks Alchemy to reveal Julian.

Barry questions Julian:

Julian is locked in the pipeline. He denies that he is Alchemy. Barry, masked, asks Julian if he has been experiencing blackouts.

Julian will not talk to the Flash because he can’t trust him. Barry unmasks himself, and Julian admits to blacking out. When his sister died, he saw her ghost. She told him that if he found the stone, they could be together again.

Julian found the stone in India. It was the first time he blacked out.

Barry says that when Julian blacks out, he becomes Alchemy. Julian protests that it is impossible, Alchemy is a monster, and has been terrorising people for years.

Cisco sees Dante and opens the box:


Cisco sees Dante again, who tells him to take the stone so that they can be together again. That sounds awfully familiar to Julian’s story! Cisco, grieving and hurting, opens the box, and Savitar appears.

Barry and Wally fight Savitar:

Barry engages Savitar, and H.R tells Wally to help. Wally saves Barry’s life.

Caitlin encourages Cisco to close the box, and Savitar disappears.

Joe tells H.R off for putting his son in danger. H.R points out that Wally saved Barry, and he tells Joe that if he denies Wally his potential, Wally will look for support elsewhere.

Conversation with a deity:

Cisco works out that there is no Alchemy. Savitar just possesses whoever becomes Alchemy. If they sync Julian’s brain to the stone, they can talk to Savitar.

Savitar says that one will betray them, one will fall, and one will suffer a fate far worse than death. More on that later.

Savitar explains that he is the ‘future Flash.’ I have watched this clip a few times now, and there appears to be no pause between ‘future’ and ‘flash.’ Is this deliberate? Is Savitar actually another version of Barry? ‘The future Flash,’ rather than ‘the future, Flash’?

Savitar wants to take back everything that Barry took from him, and then destroy him. This doesn’t sound like a god of speed who challenges fast speedsters. This sounds like a vendetta.

Barry is thrown into the future:

Barry and Jay throw the stone into the speed force, to make it disappear forever.

Barry ends up 5 months in the future, and he sees Savitar murders Iris. The news mentions Thunder, a meta-human who robbed a museum, so we will know that we have caught up to this point when Barry catches Thunder.


Barry panics. He was too slow to save Iris, and he worries that she will die: after all, the newspaper in the time vault did change.

Jay says that Barry glimpsed one possibility, which may or may not happen. He tells Barry to live his life, and focus on the here and now.

Party at Joes:

Julian comes to Joe’s for Christmas, and reveals that he got Barry his job back. I guess that he’s a part of Team Flash now!

H.R is completely smashed on eggnog. I really like this Wells a lot!

Joe, H.R, and Barry give Wally a suit. He is finally accepted as part of the team.

Caitlin makes it a white Christmas with her powers.

The only one who is a little downhearted is Barry, who is concerned that they have not dealt with Savitar, because of what he saw in the future.

All the loose ends are tied up, and there doesn’t appear to be a cliffhanger over the break! (Unless you consider Savitar’s prophecy a cliffhanger.)

Barry gives Iris her present:

Barry sneaks away with Iris and shows her a flat, where he hopes that they will both live together. Iris mutters that she got him a wallet. Poor Iris, Barry always outdoes her at Christmas!

Barry admits that he doesn’t know what the future holds, but he knows that he wants to spend every moment that he can with her.


All in all, a strong end to the first part of the season.

Savitar’s prophecy:

One will betray them:

Let’s be honest, the writers want us to think it will be Caitlin. This is too obvious for my liking.

Something was not right about Jay Garrick this episode. He knew a lot about Savitar, and Savitar called Jay by name when they fought, even though Jay said that he had never seen Savitar before.

Jay was also quick to leave when Barry returned from the future in a state. Coupled with his earlier suggestion, that Barry spend time with his beautiful girlfriend, it is as if Jay knows what is going to happen to Iris in the future.

A few episodes ago, Jay stopped Barry from going back in time to fix Flashpoint. At the time, he appeared to mean well, but now, I am not so sure.

It would certainly hurt Barry a lot if the one who looks like his father betrays him.

One will fall:

Savitar never said that anyone would die. Fall could also mean fail. I think it is more likely that someone on Team Flash fails, than dies. Probably Cisco, at a crucial moment, because they seem to like to torture him this season!

One will suffer a fate worse than death:

To me, it seems likely that Wally will experience his speed for the majority of the rest of the season, and then lose it. For him, this would be a fate worse than death, because he would lose what he was wanted for so long.

We will have to wait until the Flash returns in the new year to find out what the prophecy actually means!



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