Invasion Finale! Will the Dominators be back? Legends of Tomorrow S2 Episode 7 Recap.

Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 7.

For a Legends of Tomorrow Episode, the Legends don’t feature as much as I’d expected.

Last time:

Oliver, Diggle, Sara, Ray and Thea escaped from an alien spaceship.

Reunited, the team plot their next move.

Central city, Star labs Hanger:

Nate, Mick and Amaya go back to 1951, Oregon, to try and kidnap one of the Dominators. Cisco and Felicity tag along too.

The president wants to meet the team. Oliver tells Kara that he wants her to stay here. He would rather stick to known quantities when he goes up against something new, and he wants to claws back a sense of normalcy after being abducted by aliens.

In 1951, Felicity talks to Cisco about Barry:

Cisco and Felicity are left behind on the ship. Cisco admits that part of the reason he came here was to escape Barry, because Barry killed his brother.

Felicity says that Barry didn’t do it. Cisco concurs that Barry didn’t literally kill him, but he was responsible for it because he changed the time line to save his family. Cisco used to dream of aliens and time travel, but now it just seems weird.

Felicity says that it will only get weirder, and they need to rely on their friends. Cisco wishes that he could, but Barry is not his friend.

The Legends take out an alien:

Mick, Nate and Amaya find the aliens and take out a straggler. They are then abducted by the government, along with the alien that they took down.

Whilst hunting aliens, Mick shares his opinion of Nate’s new outfit: ‘You look like a star-spangled idiot.’

Nate and Amaya attempt to talk to the alien, who they are locked up with. The aliens want to determine if their kind is a threat.

It is up to Cisco and Felicity to rescue them. Cisco finds some guns, and he and Felicity storm the castle. Mick is not pleased to be saved by geeks.

Cisco and Nate insist that they save the alien, and give him the ship that Oliver stole last episode. Cisco has stolen an alien communicator, so that they can stay in touch.

In 2016:

Flash, Green Arrow, Atom and Sara head to meet the president. She is not there. A government agent and men with guns surround them. The agent is the same man who captured Nate and the others in the past, Agent Smith.

The group deal with the gunmen easily. Agent Smith says that the Dominators are here because they see meta-humans as a future threat. 1951 was a reconnaissance mission, which ended in a truce.

The aliens told Smith that Barry broke that truce when he messed with the time line. How come the aliens remember life before Flashpoint and know that things have changed? No one else does.

Barry finds out that the Invasion was his fault.

Barry insists that he made a mistake, and it won’t happen again. Smith shakes his head. He has negotiated a deal. If Barry surrenders himself, the Dominators will leave the humans in peace.

The Waverider returns:

The alien Cisco saved says that he will spare them because they saved him 60 years ago. However, they will not spare Barry Allen. If he does not turn himself in, they will deploy a weapon that will exterminate all meta-humans.

Dominator ships are coming in worldwide, so Cisco and Nate contact the alien again. Cisco insists that meta-humans protect the world. The Dominator points out that if a man like the one who captured him got powers, it would be a concern.

Cisco realises that, by saving the alien, they have made things worse: they let the Dominators know that others have the ability to time travel. Cisco just wanted to make things right, but in doing so, he made things worse. He finally understands how Barry felt after Flashpoint.

Caitlin, Stein, and his daugher:

In the Flash episode of the crossover, it was revealed that Stein has a daughter now. Caitlin calls her to help defeat the Dominators.

Stein explains that he messed with time and created her. He intends to erase her when this is done. He is cold towards his daughter, and she is distracted.

Caitlin tells Stein that he is ruining their chances of defeating the Dominators by upsetting his daughter. Stein apologises to Lily, and they work out how to defeat the Dominators together.

Barry says goodbye:

Barry insists that this is not up for debate. It has been an honour to know them all, and to fight with them. Barry looks worried when he walks away, no super speed here.

The team refuse to let Barry sacrifice himself.

Oliver insists that he is not letting Barry leave. Barry smiles a little, and turns to see that the rest of the team are behind Oliver. They tell Barry that he can’t do this.

Cisco tells Barry that they won’t let him be a hero and sacrifice himself. He says that Barry is not a hero to him, and Barry looks disappointed. He brightens immediately though when Cisco says that he is his friend. I’m glad that they are bros again!

The group take out the aliens:

Stein has developed a device that will cause agony when placed on the Dominators. They need to do it fast, and Barry grins. It is the only way he knows how. The devices must all be in place and activated at the same time, or the Dominators will know what they are up to.

Barry attaches devices, whilst the rest of the team confront the aliens in Central city. Supergirl saves Oliver when he falls from a roof, and they come to an understanding.

Barry and Supergirl race off to add devices to aliens across the globe. When they are done, Felicity activates the devices. The Dominators writhe in pain and retreat.

The meta-bomb:

Cisco and Sara catch the meta-bomb in the traction beam of the Waverider. It barely slows down. Sara calls Firestorm and asks him to transmute the bomb. They struggle, but when Stein tells Jax that he has a daughter who is depending on them, they manage to turn the bomb into water.

After party:

Back at the hanger, the president thanks them. They are heroes.

After the president leaves, the team wind down with drinks. Fun fact: it looks like Oliver wore the same jacket last crossover too!

Oliver apologises to Kara for keeping her at arms length. Barry insists on a group hug. Cisco gives Kara a device that can create breaches, so that she can visit.

Agent Smith shows up to cause trouble. Kara says that she spoke to the President and got him reassigned to Antarctica. That’s what happens when you mess with Kara’s friends!

Everyone parts ways:

Kara leaves. Sara says goodbye to Oliver. They agree that, although it was a prison, what they experienced was also a gift.

Diggle comments that Sara is off to her space ship, time travelling as if it is totally normal.

‘Normal sort of went out of the window when this one arrived.’

Oliver gestures to Barry with a grin, and says that normal went out of the window when Barry arrived. Diggle forgives Barry, and tells him that, like he keeps telling Oliver, they need to learn to forgive themselves.

Barry turns to Oliver once Diggle has left, and says that they need to do this more often. Oliver replies that he doesn’t think the world could take it. Barry clarifies that he meant without the world being threatened.

Barry and Oliver share a beer:

The last time they had free time, Oliver and Barry sparred. Barry finally confirms that he won their last fight. Oliver says that there were no witnesses, and Barry laughs. Cisco likes him again, he and Oliver share a beer, everything seems right with the world.

Barry comments that, with superspeed arrow duels, their lives aren’t normal. Oliver says that he’s not sure he wants normal. Barry understands, as they both had a chance to see what a normal life would be like. They agree that it was happy, but not full. Barry raises a toast to things not being normal, and Oliver agrees. To life being full.


Invasion Final thoughts:

All in all, a good crossover. A few parting points though. Why weren’t the aliens shown on the news? Where was the worldwide panic? 8ft aliens are not exactly easy to cover up when they are swarming the streets.

Why did Barry consider handing himself over? I can only conclude that he was blind with guilt over Flashpoint. Ray was right: if the Dominators were so threatened by meta-humans, they would not be satisfied with one. It was obvious that the Dominators would have dropped the meta-bomb whether Barry turned himself in or not.

I was disappointed that they didn’t make use of Medusa to defeat the aliens. It would have been a nice way to link Supergirl more fully to the crossover.

Will the aliens be back? Surely making the Dominators run away in pain is only a temporary solution to the problem? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dominators reappear at some point. Probably 40 years from now, in a future Legends episode, when Barry ends up sending that message.

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