Flash Season 3, Episode 8: Invasion Recap. The crossover really begins!

Spoilers for Flash Season 3 Episode 8: Invasion.

Last time, on the Invasion crossover:

Cisco and Barry broke the dimensional barrier to ask for Kara’s help.

Oliver and Barry are in trouble:


When the Flash Episode 8, Invasion, begins, we have taken a large step forward from where Barry and Cisco approached Supergirl.

Barry and Oliver take cover together, whilst all hell breaks loose around them.

Oliver complains that Barry really did it this time. Barry admits that this is a fair comment, and they both emerge from behind their cover. They come face to face with their friends, who are attacking them. Oliver was right, Barry has led them up the creek.

Star lab, 10 hours previously: 

Team Flash test Wally and his new powers. His vitals are good, but Iris is worried. She tells the others that they must convince Wally that he’s not ready. Cisco is angry, as it is another lie between friends.

Caitlin tries to get Cisco to go for a drink with her and Barry later. Cisco refuses, because he cannot pretend that he and Barry are friends right now.

H.R wants to open the lab to the public, and Barry finds a spaceship:

H.R calls the team to the cortex to tell them about his plan to open Star labs to the public.

The team are not enthusiastic. Cisco bangs his head on the desk. H.R tells them to stop being so gloomy. They are interrupted by a meteor that is heading for down town.

When Barry investigates, he finds a spaceship, not a meteor.

Barry touches the ship, and it blasts him backwards. Aliens run out, and into the city. Barry is in disbelief. Yes, Barry Allen, this is your life now.

Lyla explains the aliens:

At Star labs, Lyla explains that, in the 50’s, the Dominators sent drop ships to look for human weaknesses. Thousands lost their lives, and then the Dominators vanished.

Three months ago, the aliens sent a message: they are gathering intelligence, and any action against them will result in retaliation.

Lyla says that action is being taken, and Barry should do nothing. Clearly she doesn’t know Barry very well…

Meanwhile, in Star city:

Oliver and Diggle chase down a lead on Vigilante. Barry arrives, and speeds them back to the loft. He asks Oliver who they were fighting.


Oliver replies that it was Vigilante, and they nearly had him. Barry retorts that actually, they didn’t nearly have him. Barry is probably right, Dig and Oliver were about to be shot. Where would they be without Barry?

Oliver asks, teasing, if there is something that he can do for Barry, maybe fight another evil speedster? I love the banter between these two, it never gets old 🙂

Barry says that there are aliens. Diggle complains that his life was somewhat normal before he met Barry. Thea arrives, and tells them to count her in.

Felicity tells them that they are insane. Can’t help but agree with you there, Felicity.

Barry says that he wants to get Stein and the others, and he asks if Oliver knows where they are. Oliver nods. He knew where they were.

Felicity sends a message, and the Legends arrive at an old hanger owned by Star labs. Barry and Cisco leave to get Supergirl from earth 38.


Barry and Cisco arrive with Supergirl, and introductions are made.


Meanwhile, Iris is fawning over Oliver, especially now she knows that he is the Green Arrow. Fair enough, say that his arms are twice the size of Barry’s the first time you meet him, when you aren’t dating Barry, but now that you are? It’s just cruel to say that Oliver got so much hotter now, especially since Barry knows that Oliver is on your three list!

Back to business:

Oliver says that they should use Kara as a stand in for training, and Mick asks who put ‘Robin Hood’ in charge. I love Mick, he doesn’t hold back!

Cisco says that he trusts Oliver to lead. Barry looks hurt. Oliver notices the tension between Cisco and Barry, and puts Barry in charge.

Barry is grateful, but he struggles to decide what to do. Oliver mutters pointers, and he leads in all but name anyway. They will do a test run, against Supergirl.

Everyone smiles, and Sara asks if they are supposed to pretend that they don’t hear Oliver.

Barry tells them to suit up. Oliver tells Kara not to hold back.

Stein and Jax show Barry the message from his future self:

Barry finds out from Ray that Snart died a hero, and is approached by Stein and Jax.

They want to talk to Barry alone, but Barry says that Oliver can stay. Stein and Jax show Barry a message they found in a secret room on the Waverider. It ends with Barry, from forty years in the future, saying that he changed the time line, and that they should not trust him, or anyone else, when they return.


Barry admits that he went back in time, and lived in an alternative reality for a while. When he tried to put things back to how they were, he couldn’t fix everything. Barry laments that he didn’t just screw up his life, he screwed up everyone’s lives.

Jax wants to tell the others. Oliver shuts the idea down. They are about to fight aliens, and they do not need the distraction. He reassures Barry that he made a mistake, and it’s part of the job. Oliver is probably the only one who can really understand what Barry is going through.

Cisco finds the message from future Barry:

Cisco is upset that Barry intended to keep the message from the team until after all this is over. He thinks Barry should tell them now. Sara overhears, and Barry is forced to explain.

Diggle is angry that Barry erased a daughter from his life. Sara is angry, as has avoided the temptation to bring her sister back, because she knows the implications.

Felicity interrupts. The president has been abducted. Barry says that he will stay behind.

Oliver shakes his head, and says that this is crazy. He refuses to go without Barry. Diggle says that Oliver will be here then. Clearly he feels strongly about this.

Kara says that it’s fine. She will go and get the president back, whilst Oliver stays with Barry. The team are lucky that Barry and Oliver stayed behind, given what comes next.

Kara leads the mission to save the president:

Kara and the group find the president, but a Dominator kills him, and mind controls them.

Barry and Oliver talk in Eobard’s secret room:

Barry shows Oliver the article from the future, which is no longer written by Iris West-Allen. Apparently, Barry has changed things with Iris too.

Oliver says that it’s a weird looking newspaper article. It doesn’t mean anything. He tells Barry to stop beating himself up. Barry can’t. He believes he is responsible for all of this.

Oliver says that Barry made a choice. He wanted to see his parents alive again, and anyone would do the same if they were in his position.


Oliver confides in Barry that his father shot himself, and their crew member, when the Gambit went down, so that Oliver could survive. Then, Slade Wilson killed his mother in front of him and Thea, and he was unable to stop it. Oliver says that he would give anything to go back and make things different.

Barry can relate to that: he tragically lost both parents too. Oliver insists that this is not Barry’s fault. Change happens, people make choices, and those choices affect everyone else. This episode has really shown how far Oliver has come as a character. Season One Oliver never would have opened up so easily.

We are now caught up to where we were at the start of the episode:

Barry and Oliver confront the group, who are being mind controlled.

Wally joins them. He saves Barry, but he is hurt by Supergirl. Barry tells Oliver to get Wally to a bunker under the building, and hold the others off as long as he can.

Barry lures Supergirl to a crystal, which is responsible for the mind control. She flies right at him, and Barry phases so that she flies through him and into the crystal. It’s destroyed. Being hit by an invincible force will do that to you.

The mind control is over, and not a moment too soon. Oliver’s quiver was empty, and the others were closing in for a fist fight.

Supergirl apologises, and the two head back to regroup outside Star labs.

Ray tells Barry that they are with him, message, or no message.


Just as things are back on track, some of the group are beamed up, presumably to a spaceship. Barry starts to run towards Oliver, but as he reaches out, his fingers close around nothingness. Barry was not fast enough, story of his life, and Oliver is beamed up too.

Thus ends an exciting episode, full of fun, funny moments, and tension. Just what we have come to expect from the Flash.

The crossover will continue in the UK tonight on Arrow, with the 100th episode!

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