Do you need to watch Supergirl to understand the CW Heroes vs Aliens crossover?

It’s a busy week for me, considering it is CW’s big crossover week in the UK. This happens to coincide directly with Nanohop (I signed up for Twitter and blogs.) I am finished with Twitter follows, and I am working through blogs in the next few days. It sure has kept me busy, and it is so nice to meet so many interesting new people 🙂

Anyway, this is the first of four parts for Heroes vs Aliens, the Invasion crossover week:

Three scenes that relate to the crossover in Supergirl: Episode 8, Medusa

Supergirl Spoilers


This week in the UK, we are finally treated to the four part crossover: Invasion.

This begins on Supergirl.

Some of you watch Supergirl. I do. My favourite character is Mon-El, an alien from a planet near Krypton. Kara’s sister Alex is a close second.

I usually find it hard to watch a show with a female lead, despite being female myself, because I can’t relate to a lot of female characters on television.

Kara though, is likeable, and her sister Alex is even more awesome. But Supergirl doesn’t try too hard either, as some shows do when they try to create strong female characters.

It is refreshing to see a show with strong, realistic, female leads. Cat Grant was amazing. Lena Luther is exceptional. Now that I think about it, Cat Grant and Kara seem pretty similar to Andy and Miranda from Devil Wears Prada. Anyway, I digress.

Some of you don’t watch Supergirl. Don’t worry, there are only a few instances throughout the episode which hint towards the crossover, and I’ll summarise them below.

Firstly, during Thanksgiving dinner:

Kara’s sister Alex has recently struggled with her sexuality, and is about to come out to her friends, and more importantly, her mother, at dinner.

She is interrupted when a sparkling blue breach appears above the dinner table, and shocks everyone present.


It disappears soon after it appeared, and Wynn comments afterwards that the space time continuum ripped apart in Kara’s living room. Smart guy. I really am disappointed that he and Cisco didn’t meet.

In a previous crossover, Kara helped Barry to get back home. (Supergirl, Season One, Episode 18.) Kara knows what the breaches look like, and is probably aware that Barry is responsible for the incident in her apartment.

That’s it for now: no Cisco, no Barry, no random objects being thrown through the breach.

Secondly, during a break in at L corp:

When Kara confronts Cyborg Superman at L corp, she is pinned and in trouble.

Suddenly, a breach opens behind them. Cyborg Superman is distracted. Kara gets away.

The breach disappears again without anyone coming through.

A note on Medusa:

This episode of Supergirl has been about Medusa, a chemical that, when released into the air, kills any alien who breathes it in. Except Supergirl.

One of the components used to make it was Supergirl’s blood.

This got me thinking. Medusa is designed to end all aliens on earth.

There are no aliens on Barry’s earth, that we know of, apart from the Dominators.

Supergirl will be there, so they could use her blood to make a Medusa chemical of their own. This seems like a set up for how the team will defeat the Dominators to me.

Thirdly, a breach appears in Kara’s apartment:


The final breach appears in the last minute and a half of Supergirl.

I watched it a few times and summarised the scene below, as best as I could. There might be a few mistakes:

Kara’s table wobbles. A breach opens.

Cisco and Barry (finally) appear. Cisco removes his vibe goggles and he and Barry look around at the apartment that they have infiltrated.

‘This better be the right place.’ (Cisco)

‘Yeah.’ (Barry)

‘Cos if this isn’t the right place someone’s about to be real confused.’ (Cisco)

Kara appears in the doorway. She is carrying bags, which she drops in shock.

‘Barry!’ Kara exclaims.

‘Hey,’ Barry replies with an awkward wave.

Kara dashes forward to hug Barry.

‘I knew it. I knew that was you. You and that weird speed portal thing.’

‘Yup. Sorry. Took a couple of tries to get here.’ Barry turns to Cisco. ‘This is my friend, Cisco.’

‘Friend is a loose term. We work together,’ Cisco insists. Barry pauses and looks awkward. It is clear that Cisco is still upset about events from the last episode of the Flash. The Flash Season 3, Episode 7 Recap.

Cisco follows up with, ‘Hi, Cisco,’ and he shakes Kara’s hand. ‘I have to say it, this is a nice universe you got here.’

(At which point I think that Cisco fancies Kara, just a bit, because that’s kind of an awkward thing to say!)

‘Thank you,’ Kara replies, and she looks down and away. She looks pretty awkward too.

Barry gets down to business. ‘Yeah. OK. Do you remember last year when I helped you out, and you promised to do the same for me?’

I’m pretty sure that Kara thought she would never see or hear from Barry again, actually, let alone have him show up in her living room.

Kara’s tone changes completely though, and she is all business.

‘What are we up against?’

That’s it.

Barry and Cisco do not appear until the very end of the episode.

So if you don’t want to watch Supergirl, the only scene you really need to see is in the last two minutes. (Or, this blog post sums it up pretty well.)

If you are on the fence about Supergirl, I would recommend it. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought that I wouldn’t like it, but I actually quite enjoy it!

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