Arrow Season 5, Episode 7 Recap. Who is the Vigilante?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 7.

Oliver questions his methods, Williams moves in on Oliver, and a traitor is revealed.

The new vigilante is not to be taken lightly.

A new Vigilante:

Felicity tells the team about a new player, who has strung up two bodies at SCPD. She mentions her boyfriend as her source and Evelyn looks interested.

Oliver says that he doesn’t want another psycho loose in Star city. They have to stop him. Evelyn is clearly not happy to take out this new player.

Williams pursues Oliver:

When Oliver arrives at the mayors office, Williams is on her phone messaging an investigative journalist in Russia. That’s a warning sign, as we know that Williams was informed about Oliver’s time in Russia. She is digging, but will she betray Oliver?

Oliver doesn’t react at the mention of Russia, and instead focuses on the two bodies at SCPD, which Williams knows about. He tells her not to rile up the people.

Oliver then admits that with the corrupt officers, the murders last week, and another psycho in town, he doesn’t know if he is having a positive effect. Susan says that she will buy him a drink, as he looks like he needs one. Oliver makes it clear that this is not a date, but he agrees to meet her later that night as friends.

Quentin Resigns:

Quentin admits that he loses time when he drinks. He tells Thea that he woke up with blood on his hands and a throwing star nearby. He doesn’t think he is the throwing star killer from last episode, but he is rightly concerned.

Quentin doesn’t believe he should be near Thea in this state, and because he lied to her about the drinking, he feels he has to resign.

Bank Robbery:

The team arrive at a bank robbery to find one of the robbers injured, and he tells them that a vigilante did it. Oliver is not amused with the new vigilantes killing spree, and he says that he must be stopped.

Rory and Evelyn question why Oliver would want to stop other vigilantes, who are on the same side as them.

Oliver complains that last week, the recruits were pissed when they found out that the hood used to kill people. Now, they think that they are on the same side as this new vigilante, a killer. They can’t have it both ways, and they need to stop this guy before more people get killed.

Diggle is losing his cool and the team chase down leads:

Curtis and Rene chase down a lead in a gun shop. Diggle shows up, and uses violence to get the information they need. Curtis and Rene are worried as it is not like Diggle to lose it.

Diggle admits that he missed his sons second birthday party because his home is under surveillance. Rene looks sympathetic here. Can he relate?

Diggle confides in the recruits after he loses his temper.

Meanwhile, Evelyn and Rory find out which bank will be targeted next.

Confrontation at the next bank:

The new vigilante is at the next bank. Oliver stops him from killing one of the robbers and Dunn, the leader, gets away.

The vigilante insists that they are on the same side, but Oliver says they are not. The vigilante says that if Oliver is not with him, he is against him. He doesn’t kill Oliver though. Which is a bit strange after telling someone they are a dead man…

Oliver says that they need to find Dunn before the new vigilante does, or he is dead.

Oliver questions himself:

Back at base, Oliver worries that in four years, he hasn’t made a difference. He thinks that the vigilantes are not inspired by him, rather they are out there because Oliver is not getting the job done.

Dig and Felicity insist that Oliver has saved the city many times, but Oliver wonders if trying to be a legitimate hero, relying on justice and the courts, isn’t working.

A lead on Dunn, and a hint at who the new vigilante is:

The DA, Adrian Chase, interviews one of the robbers.

Oliver is impressed with Chase, who gets the location of a motel where Dunn is.

Chase asks for a warrant. Oliver says that will take time, and the vigilante won’t wait on a warrant. Adrian replies that he bets he won’t.

I am convinced that Adrian is the vigilante. His scary interrogation tactics, and his sly comment about the vigilante not waiting on a warrant, make me suspicious.

Oliver finds Dunn:

Oliver finds Dunn first. The vigilante shoots through the window. Oliver shoots a new trick arrow at the window, which appears to be a Kevlar barrier.

Oliver escapes with Dunn, but three people died. Oliver asks the team if they still think the vigilante doesn’t need to be stopped. They need to find him, or the team do.

Oliver is off to meet someone. The team call him out, and Oliver admits that he is meeting Susan Williams at a bar. Rene and Curtis suggest that it sounds like a date.

Thea takes Quentin to rehab:

Thea says that Quentin needs to work through his grief. He replies that it still hurts so much. Thea reassures him that Laurel would not be ashamed, just concerned. She is too.

Thea tells Quentin that the deputy mayor position will be waiting for him when he gets back. Quentin thanks her. Thea says he can thank her by getting better. I think it’s sweet how Thea has been looking out for Quentin, probably because she was such good friends with Laurel.

Oliver and his ‘date’ with Williams:

What are Susan Williams intentions towards Oliver?

Oliver shares a drink with Williams. He wonders if what he is doing is working.

Williams tells Oliver to keep doing things the right way, even if it takes longer to get the job done, and to stop being so hard on himself. She takes his hand, and now I’m torn over whether she is evil, or just interested in helping Oliver.

Oliver’s phone rings and interrupts the moment. Diggle has a plan.

The plan to draw out Vigilante:

Diggle and the team rob a bank. Curtis and Evelyn are on look out, but the vigilante captures Curtis.

Oliver arrives, and the vigilante insists that the team leave. He wants Oliver to let him operate without interference, because this is war. Oliver refuses.

The vigilante threatens Curtis. Oliver saves him with a quick arrow and captures the vigilante. Oliver knows that it is war, he just wants to fight it the right way.

Oliver tries to unmask the vigilante. There is an explosion and the vigilante vanishes.

Rene brings the part to John:

Rene has arranged for Lyla and JJ to bring the birthday party to Diggle, who is grateful.

Rene looks on with a smile. Clearly Diggle’s upset resonated with him. I wonder if Rene has a son himself, who he lost, or lost contact with, or if he missed out a lot with his own father.

Williams meets Oliver after work:

Williams shows up at the mayors office. Oliver thanks her for the other night. It was good advice and a good drink. She says that now, Oliver owes her a drink.

Oliver says lets go now, and they ditch the bodyguards. I hope that Oliver is keeping an eye on Susan. I know that I am.

Artemis is a traitor:

On a darkened rooftop, Artemis meets Prometheus. She says that they don’t suspect a thing and nobody followed her.

A traitor in the midst

I didn’t see this one coming. I liked Evelyn, so I hope that she doesn’t become a permanent baddie. Everyone is in danger now. Will Oliver have to move his base again?

Next time:

We probably won’t find out next time, as it’s the crossover and the 100th episode!


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