The Flash Season 3, Episode 7. An emotional episode. Finally, the series begins to pick up! Team Flash fall apart and Alchemy’s identity is revealed!

Spoilers for the Flash Season 3

Last episode, we ended on a cliffhanger. Savitar, who called himself the God of speed, had Barry pinned to the ceiling.

Savitar is seriously creepy, but also looks pretty cool!

Cisco and Caitlin save Barry

Savitar runs off with Barry. His friends figure out that Barry is at the waterfront.

H.R suggests that if it were three against one, Barry would stand a chance. Caitlin is reluctant, but Iris insists, and Cisco opens a breach across the city.

Caitlin freezes Savitar, and Barry is saved. Savitar breaks out and runs away.

Barry thanks Caitlin. She used her powers even though she knows it is a risk. Caitlin says it was nothing, Barry has saved her before. When she leaves though, her eyes are icy.

Wally is trapped in a cocoon:

Wally’s brain function is low. It is like he is in a coma. Caitlin thinks he is like a caterpillar. They can’t take him out before he is ready. Joe is upset and heads to CCPD.

Joe displays a violent side:

 Joe conducts a brutal and shocking interrogation of one of Alchemy’s followers: I think that might be a broken nose!

Caitlin arrives and tells Joe that Wally is fine and out of the cocoon. Who knows what Joe would have done next, had he not been interrupted? He will do anything for his kids.

Caitlin kidnaps Julian:

Caitlin wants Julian to write an algorithm to find Alchemy’s followers, so that they can lead her to Alchemy. Julian knows who Caitlin is, so she is in trouble.

Caitlin holds Julian hostage.

When Joe arrives back at Star labs, he is shocked to see Wally still in the cocoon.

The group try to find Caitlin:

H.R suggests that they use the same strategy that they used to find Captain Cold. I really like H.R. He forces the team to think for themselves.

Cisco realises that they need to scan for cold signatures and he finds out where Caitlin is.

Barry arrives in time to stop Caitlin from attacking Julian. Julian tells the Flash to knock Caitlin out. Barry knocks Julian out.

Caitlin lashes out at Barry about all his mistakes, and Cisco finds out that before Barry created Flashpoint, his brother Dante was alive.

The police arrive, and Caitlin stabs Barry in the leg with an icicle. This severs his triceps, which, even for Barry, will take four hours to heal. Caitlin runs. She doesn’t want to be followed.

The aftermath: Cisco and Barry talk:

Barry returns to Star labs, and tells Cisco that Caitlin didn’t lie. He is responsible for Dante. Cisco is upset, and I am surprised that he didn’t give Barry more than a light shove.


Cisco doesn’t know how he feels, but he is worried about Caitlin, and wants to find her. Carlos does an amazing job of portraying just how broken up Cisco is feeling.

Cisco hacks Julian’s computer and finds the locations of two of Alchemy’s followers. Cisco goes to watch one house, and H.R and Joe the other. Cisco tells Barry to stay put, as he has already done enough.

Killer Frost vs Vibe:

Caitlin threatens one of the Alchemy’s followers, and asks if Alchemy can take her powers away. The follower replies that he could, but he won’t. Savitar has plans for Killer Frost.

Cisco’s yell from outside distracts Caitlin and she goes to confront him. They fight.

Barry arrives and is knocked to the floor, winded. Caitlin kisses him, which freezes Barry. Cisco tells Barry to start vibrating, and goes to deal with Caitlin himself.

Team Flash is falling apart:

Caitlin is locked in the pipeline and says that for a hero, Barry lets a lot of people die. She accuses him of not caring. Barry has his happy ending, Iris, everyone else be damned.

Barry shuts Caitlin away. He doesn’t want to hear any more, as he already blames himself.

Cisco has given up hope.

Iris comforts Barry. She tells him that he was hurting, and he would have done anything to make the pain stop. That doesn’t make him a bad person. It just makes him human.

Iris tells him to be strong. He is not a god (and hopefully not Savitar!) They need a leader, even if Barry doesn’t want to be one right now.

They really are building up just how much Barry has come to rely on Iris.

Joe causes more issues:

Joe breaks Wally out of the cocoon. Wally is vibrating like crazy and runs off.

They need Caitlin’s help. Barry tells Caitlin that she can leave if she kills him.

Barry taunts her, and Caitlin creates an icicle. Barry says that villains kill their friends, because nothing matters any more. He insists that Caitlin can’t do it: underneath all that cold, she is still her.


This was another highly emotional scene. Kudos to the actors, directors, writers, and everyone involved in pulling off such a roller-coaster of an episode.

Barry shows a lot of faith in his friend here, and it pays off. Caitlin doesn’t kill Barry. She drops the icicle and hugs him. They go to help Wally.

Joe and Barry go to get Wally:

Caitlin says that Wally’s mind and body are not in sync. She creates a drug that will help.

Joe’s gut tells him that Wally will be in Keystone, where he used to be with his mother. Joe is right, and Barry injects Wally with the drug. Wally passes out, but he is more than OK.

Wally is faster than Barry was at first, and excited. It feels great, like he can do anything.

Will Caitlin, Cisco, and Barry ever be as close again?

Caitlin and Killer Frost seem to have a split personality, much like Magenta and Frankie. Caitlin seems herself again now, and she and Cisco hug. Cisco is relieved to have his friend back, but he leaves when Joe asks Caitlin to run tests on Wally.

Barry follows, and he asks Cisco if they are going to be OK, because Cisco is his best friend.

Cisco replies that he doesn’t know. Barry nods, accepting. At least it wasn’t a no.

Barry better find somewhere new to live, because otherwise, that is going to be one awkward living arrangement!

Julian wakes up and gives Barry an ultimatum:

Barry asks Julian to keep Caitlin’s secret. Julian agrees, but only if Barry quits his job.

Iris and Joe find Barry packing up his stuff in the lab at CCPD. Barry says that he will give up everything that he has to keep the people that he loves safe, with no regrets.

He takes one last look around the place where it all began, and leaves.

Alchemy’s identity is revealed:

Julian hears a voice in his head and runs out of the hospital, straight into Savitar. Savitar says that Julian must become Alchemy once more.

I had a bit of a giggle at the fact that, as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, Tom Felton served the dark lord, and now, as Julian Albert, he serves who Alchemy’s disciples also refer to as the dark lord. Seriously, these Harry Potter references… Julian’s back story of sole heir to a fortune, Alchemy looking a little like a Death Eater, the dark lord. What next?

Julian seems scared and unsure. There must be more to this than there seems!

I thought that season 3 of the Flash got off to a slow start, but with this episode I feel like things are starting to pick up.

This week for the first time this season, I enjoyed Flash more than I did Arrow.

Next time:

The crossover! Will the Flash episode address the fractured relationship between Barry and Cisco?

It’s going to be a busy week, as I attempt to cover four episodes rather than the usual two!


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