Arrow Season 5, Episode 6: How do the recruits react when Oliver’s past catches up with him?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5, Episode 6

Prometheus lures Oliver and Diggle around the city after Church’s phone. He leaves a message in fire: ‘So it begins.’


The ‘A’ team keep the ‘B’ team in the dark:

Felicity insists that Oliver tell the recruits, but Oliver refuses, and Diggle agrees, at least until they know what is going on. They barely know the recruits, and one of them gave up Oliver’s identity.

Before John returned, Felicity could convince Oliver to involve the recruits. Now, it is Felicity versus Oliver and John, and she cannot influence them both when they set their minds to something.

Thea finds out that Quentin is drinking again:

Quentin is late for work, but he insists that he is not drinking.

After the gun men attack, Thea cannot find Quentin, and searches his desk. She finds some alcohol.

Thea goes to Quentin’s house, and asks when he relapsed. She realises that he never stopped. Thea promises not to give up on him, and offers to take Quentin to an AA meeting.

Prometheus is now a serial killer:

Prometheus kills two more people, seemingly at random.

The Arrow arrives at a crime scene, and no one bats an eyelid. Clearly the Arrow’s reputation has improved a lot!

Adrian Chase asks why the Arrow is there. Oliver says that he heard the weapon was a throwing Star, and tells Chase about Prometheus. Before they can talk further, another body is found.

Felicity is talked into stealing evidence:


Diggle is a bad influence this season: first, he convinces Oliver to keep the recruits in the dark, and second, he convinces Felicity that she should use her connection to Billy to get them a throwing star. You know what they say about good men who go to prison…

Felicity tries to convince Billy to tell her about the case, but Billy sees right through her excuses, and asks why she doesn’t just tell him what’s going on. They are interrupted and Felicity takes that moment to steal the throwing star off his desk.

Back at the Arrow cave, Felicity is unable to learn anything, so it wasn’t even worth it.

Panic in Star city:

Williams incites panic by reporting about a serial killer, the throwing star murderer.

There are gun men in the city, and Oliver says that they need to call the team.

The team disarm the shooters and get people to safety. Oliver shoots an arrow into one of the guns (cool!) and tells the man to go home. Prometheus is no where to be seen.

Back at H.Q, the team are upset:

Oliver tells the team that they need to canvas the city to help the SCPD maintain order.

The team are upset: this is the first that they have heard of a serial killer: why didn’t he tell them?

Diggle says that this is not about feelings or ego. He and Oliver had to assess the situation first. I think that Rene is right, it does seem like an A team and a B team right now.

Prometheus is targeting the list:


Curtis has found something. Diggle says that the recruits should leave, but they refuse.

It is revealed that the names of victims 3 and 4 are anagrams of people from Oliver’s list.

Oliver shows the recruits his book. They did not realise that he was the hood, and are horrified.

Evelyn is angry, as Oliver told her that revenge wasn’t the way as it would tarnish the Black Canaries memory. As far as she is concerned, Oliver is a hypocrite.

As far as we are concerned, Oliver has changed.

The recruits discuss Oliver:

The recruits are at Rory’s place, and Rene insists that it is not news that Oliver is a killer.

Curtis and Evelyn believe that this is different: Oliver should have told them about the list.

Should he have told them? For Oliver, the list is in the past, and he is trying to move on from who he was then.

Rory says that secret keeping is not new, and Rene asks if they are mad at Oliver for lying, or because he killed people. He doesn’t seem bothered himself, and remains pretty calm.

Evelyn says that she is mad for both, and she will struggle to follow Oliver, never knowing what the next revelation will be. Can’t be worse than, ‘I used to be a serial killer,’ surely?’

Oliver broods and tortures tennis balls:

Diggle finds Oliver shooting arrows at tennis balls.

Oliver asks how the recruits are. He expected them to be upset, but they seemed horrified.

Diggle says that he hasn’t seen the guy with the list in a long time. Oliver has changed.

Oliver protests that he hasn’t. He killed Darkh and Church’s men.

Diggle says that Oliver now only kills as a last resort. The guy with the list killed as a first resort, and never would have cared what the recruits thought of him.

Felicity makes a list of her own:

Felicity has a list of 6 potential victims, and everyone takes one target to watch.

Evelyn says that it is not easy to work with Oliver after what happened. Oliver asks Evelyn if she is sure she should be out there, but Evelyn says that she is fine: she is doing this for herself and not for Oliver.

Felicity tries to get Evelyn to open up, but Evelyn turns off her comms.

Felicity tells Oliver, and tells him where Evelyn is so that he can check up on her.

Prometheus appears on the subway:


Prometheus attacks Evelyn, and she is injured.

Oliver shows up and shoots, but Prometheus escapes.

There is a bomb on the subway.

Oliver has no time to disarm it, so he uses a parachute arrow to get them all to safety. It is a good job Oliver is a quick thinker, as the train blows up shortly afterwards.

Evelyn and Oliver come to an understanding:

Oliver explains that the potential victims will be put into witness protection.

Evelyn says that Prometheus will find another way to get to Oliver.

Oliver promises that when he does, the team will find out right when he does.

Evelyn apologises for being a jerk. Oliver apologises for her parents, and for not being the man she thought he was.

Felicity decides no more secrets:

Felicity has watched Oliver not tell the people close to him what is going on, and she doesn’t want to be like that. She admits to Billy that she works with the Green Arrow

Billy accepts it, and says that he would be a jerk if he was mad, because she is helping save the city.

Felicity is relieved, and Billy starts asking questions about Green Arrow.


A lead on Prometheus:

Felicity pulls Oliver aside to talk to him privately.

She explains that the throwing star has now turned something up.

It is fashioned out of all the arrows that Oliver has used throughout the years, which suggests that Prometheus has access to SCPD lock up. It is their first real lead on who Prometheus is.

Let’s hope Felicity doesn’t share too much with Billy, just in case!

Meanwhile, at his apartment, Quentin wakes up with a throwing star next to him.

Next time:

A new vigilante shows up in town, and he plays about as nicely as Oliver did in season one!

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