Flash Season 3 Episode 6: Shade. Will Wally become a speedster? Who is Savitar?

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 6.

Wally is excited: He reveals that he has had dreams of being a speedster:


Wally tells Joe about his dreams, where he is the Kid Flash and he has super speed.

Joe is worried, and he has every right to be. Magenta heard Dr Alchemy in her head after the dreams began, and many of those who have heard Alchemy are in prison or dead.

Wally insists that he was helping people in his dreams, not hurting them, and he believes that the dark matter that affected both he and Jesse is finally giving him super speed.

Joe tells Barry about Wally’s dreams. Barry reveals that Wally was the Kid Flash in Flashpoint.

Barry says that Wally was hurt badly. This increases Joe’s worry. And he tells Wally that he doesn’t want to be a speedster as it’s not safe.

Wally is upset: Joe trusts Barry running into danger and screwing up, but not him.

Wally leaves, and Joe can’t get hold of him.

When Wally shows up at the police station, Joe admits that he doesn’t trust Wally with these powers.

Joe is afraid because Wally is fearless, exactly like Joe was when he was Wally’s age. It makes Joe nervous because if he got powers, he would have been reckless. Joe is also worried that Wally is getting his powers the same way that Magenta did.

Joe was right to worry. Wally collapses at CCPD.

Caitlin reveals her growing powers to Cisco:


When Caitlin overhears Cisco mention his power dampening cuffs, she is interested.

The cuffs go missing, and Cisco thinks that H.R did it. H.R denies it and Caitlin stays quiet.

Later, Caitlin admits that she stole the cuffs because she needs them. She freezes a glass, and asks Cisco to vibe her, to see if she becomes ‘her.’ If so, she will leave and not return.

Cisco vibes Caitlin and we see a fight between Cisco as Vibe and Caitlin as Killer Frost.

Cisco lies to Caitlin and tells her that she is fine. He doesn’t want to influence her to leave, or to write her off just yet. Caitlin asks Cisco not to tell anyone yet, and he agrees.


Julian and Barry, now on meta-human investigations full time, are on the scene of a crime where someone was attacked by a shadow. There is no useful evidence to be found.

Julian comments that there is a lot about him that Barry doesn’t know. Is this foreshadowing for a secret that Julian has, or are the writers trying to trick the audience?

Back at Star labs, H.R muses if only there was a way to see what happened. Cisco is prompted to hack the security cameras.

The team figure out that Shade, who H.R had on his earth, vibrates at a high frequency to create the illusion that he is a shadow. If they slow down his molecules they can grab him.

Wally and Dr Alchemy:

At Star labs, Wally admits that he heard Dr Alchemy. Cisco says that if Alchemy can reach him at CCPD, he could reach Wally anywhere.

H.R suggests that they control the situation and lock Wally in the pipeline.

Wally agrees, and Barry and Iris stay behind whilst Joe goes to park with his date.

Locked in the pipeline, Wally hears Alchemy again, and the word is scratched on the glass.


Wally is writhing in pain. Iris is concerned and opens the door. Wally tries to leave, and hits out towards Iris when she tries to stop him. Iris ducks and knocks Wally out. Contrary to her earlier conversation with Barry, Iris isn’t useless. She packs a mean punch!

When the others return, Iris says that Wally seemed possessed, and they can’t leave him like that.

Cisco tries to avoid Caitlin, and the truth comes out:

Cisco tries to avoid Caitlin by going to movie in the park with Joe, but Caitlin offers to come too.

When they are alone, Caitlin says that she knows when Cisco is not being honest. Cisco tells her what he saw, and says that she has to tell the team.

Caitlin says that they don’t need to know: it’s too late now, his vibes are always right. I really hope that in this case, Cisco is wrong!

Final confrontation: Shade

Shade attacks the movie event, and when Barry arrives, he tells the others to light this place up.

Caitlin takes the cuffs off and takes them to Barry.

When the area is lit up, Shade cannot hide in the shadows any longer.

Barry cuffs him and they return to Star labs.

Cisco outs Caitlin:

Cisco forces Caitlin to admit to her powers.

Caitlin is angry with Cisco, who says that he only told them because he cares.

Caitlin says that if he cared he would have let her say so when she was ready. She is the one turning evil, and she is the one who will have to leave soon. She leaves the room.

Barry follows and talks to Caitlin, who can’t believe that this is her life.

Barry admits that it shouldn’t be her life. Dr alchemy, Wally, her getting powers, Dante being dead: it’s all because of Flashpoint, and there is nothing that he can do about it.

If Caitlin tells Cisco that Barry is responsible for Dante’s death, this will cause a lot of tension in the team.

Caitlin apologises to Cisco, and admits that she is scared. Her mother said that if she keeps using her powers, they will be impossible to stop: and her mother is an expert.

Cisco reassures her. Her mother may be an expert, but they are the experts at dealing with the impossible. They will help her, even though her mother couldn’t.

The man behind Alchemy reveals himself:

With the police as backup, Barry, Wally and Joe head to find Alchemy. Julian is mysteriously absent. He did not show up to work that day.

Barry assures Wally that it is OK to be scared: he is, and it keeps him alert. Wally admits that he is on high alert, aka very scared. It is at this point that you remember that Wally is a student, who has never been in a situation like this before, with armed men and danger.

Wally approaches Alchemy, and Barry speeds in with the police as backup.

Barry is hurt, and Joe comes to his rescue. They capture Alchemy, who drops his crystal. At this point I was yelling at the TV for someone to unmask Alchemy.

They don’t.

A blue blur zips around, and Barry tries to engage it, but is knocked down.

Wally bends to pick up the dropped crystal, and is enveloped in a cocoon.

Barry is grabbed and pinned to the ceiling by the blue blur, who reveals himself as Savitar, the God of speed! (and we end on a cliffhanger!)


Next time: Killer Frost.

Caitlin struggles with her powers, and Julian finds out that Caitlin is a meta-human.

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