Heroes vs Aliens: Something is coming! (More things we know about Invasion)


Spoilers for Arrow/Flash and the crossover, but no more than the trailers show. All images are screenshots that I have taken from the trailers!

Right after I posted my blog article Invasion: What we know about the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow mega crossover so far. CW released another two trailers. So, here are more things that we know about Invasion/Heroes vs Aliens, which premiers today with Supergirl:

In addition to what we already know:

Lyla, Wally, and Joe will feature:

Lyla (Diggle’s wife, and head of A.R.G.U.S) makes an appearance at Star labs, and already has some information about the aliens. She explains that they are calling them the Dominators. Lyla will probably play a large part in the crossover because of her role in A.R.G.U.S.

Wally (and I think that is his voice, correct me if I am wrong!) comments that this is not the name of a species that comes in peace.

I also think that Joe is standing next to Iris in Star labs, although I am not sure if he, or Wally, will play an active role in the fight against the aliens.


The army cannot handle the invasion:

They are being slaughtered, which is not a surprise as the Dominators are twice their size! Ships are coming in worldwide, and The Flash cannot handle this alone.

How on earth are they going to fight a worldwide threat?

Oliver & Barry:

‘If the world wasn’t being threatened, what would we do.’

Have a drink, apparently. Does Oliver know that Barry can’t get drunk? Barry seems happy enough to humour Oliver, anyway. I wonder if this is a scene from near the end, given that they seem a lot more relaxed!barry &Oliver.png

In another scene, the two heroes are in the original Wells/Eobard’s secret room, and it looks like something has happened that has consequences in the future, if Barry’s, ‘things just got so much worse,’ is anything to go by!

star labs secret room.png


The Dominators want to exterminate the human race, before the scourge of Earth becomes the scourge of their own planet. Honestly, to me, this part of the trailer looked a lot like a scene from Doctor Who!

A preemptive attack on the part of the Dominators to protect themselves, rather than a desire to take over is quite refreshing. I wonder if this will end in bloodshed, or with negotiation?

Heatwave & Supergirl:

The highlight of the new trailers for me was Supergirl’s introduction to Mick Rory.

Supergirl asks Mick why he is called Heatwave. Mick replies, without a care in the world, that he burned his family alive, and he likes to set things on fire. Kara’s facial expression is gold, and she awkwardly replies that it is a colourful backstory.


H.R’s reaction to Supergirl is also pretty awesome. I’m sure that the events of this crossover will provide some epic scenes for the novel that he is writing!

An honour to know all of you:


Barry makes a speech that sounds a lot like farewell speech to me. ‘It’s been an honour to know all of you, to fight alongside you. Now it’s up to you to keep our home safe.’

Either Barry is planning to sacrifice himself to save the world, or a select few will board the mother ship, whilst the rest will stay behind and defend the earth.

I hope that, like a lot of films do, CW haven’t just added the best bits to the trailers. I hope that there are some really good scenes that we haven’t seen yet! We will see soon enough!

New trailers here: 

New Trailer 1

New Trailer 2

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