Flash Season 3, Episode 5: Monster. The new Wells, Caitlin’s powers, and making friends with Julian.


Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 5

Barry is living with Cisco for the moment, and it’s good to see the guys friends again.

Cisco says that there is something about H.R Wells that he doesn’t like, but Barry replies that they need to give him a chance.

Barry offers to take Cisco to work, but Cisco refuses. Why do I get the feeling that there is a deleted scene where Barry takes Cisco to work, and Cisco doesn’t like the super speed lift? Cisco seemed way more reluctant than necessary when he refused Barry in this scene.

Caitlin and her powers:

Instead of confiding in her friends, Caitlin goes to see her mother, who runs tests to figure out how to help her.

Caitlin says that she ran these tests already, so her mother asks her why she came here. Caitlin is terrified, and had hoped that her mother would comfort her. Caitlin’s mother is cold, unemotional, and does not provide support.

Caitlin’s mother criticises her for taking a job at Star labs, when she could have worked for her mother. Caitlin insists that she did not want to live in her mother’s shadow.

I guess this is why Caitlin has a different last name, Snow, and her mother is Tanhauser: to try and make a career for herself without her mother’s influence.


Caitlin decides to leave: visiting her mother has not helped.

Her mother’s assistant locks the door and says that Caitlin can’t leave. He wants to use the information that he can get from her to further his career.

Caitlin freezes his hand. Her mother manages to talk Caitlin down from killing him, apologises, and tells Caitlin to go: she will cover this up. Caitlin returns to Star labs.

Barry, Julian and a monster:

Julian reported Barry for accessing Julian’s case files unauthorised, tardiness, disappearing throughout the day, and other violations.

Despite the seriousness of these accusations, Barry gets away with a fifteen second talking to. Singh has always been lenient with Barry because of how clever he is, but with Julian around, who is just as clever, why does Singh continue to be lenient? Does he suspect that Barry is the Flash, or just have sympathy for the boy who was struck by lightning?

Julian is incensed that the rules don’t apply to Barry, and storms off. Barry has to dash off because of a meta-human alert. Point, Julian. Barry was late, and he’s already gone!

When Barry returns, he tries to flatter Julian to get onto the case. It doesn’t work, so Barry offers to give up the lab if Julian lets Barry shadow him. Julian agrees.


As they work, Julian comments that someone has to do something about the meta-humans: he thinks that the police are lethargic because they think that the Flash will always save the day. He makes a good point: what if one day the Flash weren’t around?

The monster attacks, Barry saves Julian’s life, and they appear to be getting on better.

When the monster attacks again, Julian heads to find the person behind the attacks. Barry arrives just in time to stop Julian from shooting a kid. The culprit is arrested, and Julian thanks the Flash. If you include the incident with Magenta, that’s three times Barry has saved Julian now!

H.R Wells:

H.R provides donuts and coffee to everyone’s taste, and that sure would get my vote! The environment in the lab is completely different to when either Harry or Harrison were around. There is even music playing!

Cisco draws the line at team building exercises and says that H.R should just observe.

I loved Iris’ little mutter of ‘so weird,’ as her, Barry, and Wally, left the lab.

I think that Cisco is already suspicious at this point, because H.R didn’t know how to play Caitlin’s recorded message.

Later, Cisco struggles to track the monster that has appeared, and so H.R suggests that he use his ears: car alarms. They think that they have it then, but the monster vanishes.

H.R says that on his earth, they have rope made from carbon fibre, and that could stop the monster.

Cisco fashions the rope, and when he leaves the room, H.R pulls out a recording device. He mutters that his plan is proceeding, the characters are in place, and no one seems the wiser as to why he is here. Looks like Cisco was right to be suspicious.


Cisco says to Barry that H.R had the idea for the rope, but didn’t tell them how to use it. Barry agrees that H.R doesn’t actually do anything, and they agree to go and vibe H.R.

Cisco goes through H.R’s stuff, and finds the recording device. H.R catches them and Cisco asks who he is really. H.R tells him to play the rest.

It is revealed that H.R is an author, and he is writing a novel. I thought this as soon as I realised his name was similar to H.G.Wells: it is a nice touch, and it is cool to have a Wells with a creative outlook, rather than a scientific one.

When the monster appears again, Barry uses the rope to try and trip it up. The rope goes right through it. It was a hologram.

Barry says that they have to find it, fast. The CCPD have snipers and someone could get hurt!

Cisco tells H.R to triangulate the signal, but he can’t. Cisco accuses him of being a fake, and takes over.

Barry finds the monster and stops a bullet from hitting an innocent bystander. He yells at the police to stop firing, and they realise it is a hologram.


Back at Star labs, H.R admits that he is not a scientist: he was the face of Star labs on his earth, but not the brains. When he was exposed on his earth, he saw an opportunity to redeem himself and do something good with his life.

H.R says that he can be their muse: he suggested that they track the beast with car alarms and prompted them to make the rope.

Barry says that they are big on redemption, and that he can stay for a while.

I think that H.R will be good for the team, as they will have to use all their skills to work out how to implement the ideas that H.R suggests.

Julian laments that if it weren’t for the Flash, he would have killed a 15 year old kid.

He explains to Barry, as Barry packs, that he knows what it is like to feel powerless, like the kid controlling the hologram: he doesn’t know anything about meta-humans, or how to stop them.

Barry opens up about his family, and says that he knows how that feels.

Julian says that Barry can stay in the lab. He was wrong about the Flash, so he might be wrong about Barry too! Barry asks Julian if he wants to get a drink, and Julian agrees. Finally they seem like friends!

Back at Star labs, Caitlin’s mother video calls her, and explains that the more she uses her powers, the more difficult they will be to reverse, so don’t use them. Caitlin accidentally freezes the computer, and it is clear that she is becoming out of control.

Next time:

Wally has been having dreams: it looks like he will finally develop his powers and become a speedster! Although alchemy’s involvement could cause problems with that…


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