Invasion: What we know about the Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow mega crossover.


Spoilers for Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and The Flash!

On the 28th of November, starting at the end of Supergirl Episode 8, Medusa, Barry and Cisco will approach Supergirl and ask for her help in dealing with an alien threat to their world.

As the crossover is due to air soon, in America at least, I thought that I would summarise what we already know.

Characters that will appear:

The Flash



Legends of Tomorrow

Barry Allen (The Flash)

Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)

Kara Danvers (Supergirl)

Sara Lance (White Canary)

Cisco Ramone (Vibe)

Thea Queen (Speedy)

Mick  (Heatwave)

Caitlin Snow

Felicity Smoake

Jax (Firestorm)

Iris West

John Diggle (Spartan)

Nate Heywood (Steel)

H.R Wells

Laurel Lance

Ray Palmer (Atom)

Wild dog

Amaya (Vixen)


Stein (Firestorm)

The recruits

Notes on Characters:

Supergirl Cast:

It appears that only Supergirl will make the trip to Barry’s earth. On the one hand, this is probably a good thing. The crossover already looks crowded. On the other hand, I really wanted to see Cisco interact with Winn, and Sara Lance meet a newly out Alex Danvers.

Laurel Lance:

Laurel is unlikely to be the Black Canary in the crossover. Arrow’s 100th episode looks to be something special, in that it will delve into what would have happened if Oliver did not get on the Queen’s Gambit. That future would have included Laurel.

Thea Queen:

Thea is seen during the introductions to Supergirl, and in costume in some of the promotional shots, so it looks like she will pick up her bow again, for now at least. Whether or not she will return to Oliver’s team afterwards is another matter entirely.


A picture of Deathstroke appeared on Stephen Amell’s Twitter page, on a bench next to Oliver/Stephen. I wonder if Deathstroke will show up in the crossover?

Key Scenes from the trailers so far:


A spaceship crash lands in Central city, and Barry discovers aliens on his earth.

The aliens are described as ‘like World War Z zombies.’ I think they look  like a cross between the white Martians of Supergirl, and something out of Halo.aleins

Despite handling meta-humans who have alien like powers on a daily basis, Barry feels that this is out of his league, and calls in reinforcements.

Supergirl is introduced:

The team meet in a hanger, and Barry and Cisco bring Supergirl through a breach.

Oliver hasn’t brought his new team to this meeting: perhaps he still doesn’t trust them?

Supergirl is introduced. Oliver appears unimpressed with her display of power, and that she calls him Oliver. He’s probably mad at Barry for outing his secret identity to a stranger.

Jax asks what makes her so super, and so Barry indicates that she should demonstrate.

Supergirl lifts off, hovers, and uses her laser vision to create her symbol in the floor behind them.

Diggle is convinced. (and, surprisingly, not phased: as he was when he first saw Barry’s speed)

Up the creek:

In a later scene, Oliver appears mad at Barry:

‘You really did it this time!’


‘Yeah. You asked for my help, and then we end up up the creek.’

Either this is just playful banter between the two heroes as usual, or it really is Barry’s fault that the Dominators are attacking. With Flashpoint, who knows?

Episode Summaries & Notes:

Supergirl: Medusa

Barry (The Flash) and Cisco head to get Kara (Supergirl) from her earth, to ask for her help fighting an alien invasion. From the trailers and images, it looks like Cisco has mastered dimensional travel with his gloves and glasses, and it also looks like he will be pretty fond of Kara when they first meet.

Barry and Cisco will apparently only feature at the end of the Supergirl episode.

If you haven’t seen Supergirl, all you need to know is that she is an alien too. She can fly, and she has super strength and laser eyes. She is the cousin of Superman and is used to fighting alien threats.

The Flash: Invasion

It looks like we will backtrack a little, to show Barry’s discovery of the aliens, the Dominators, when they attack Central city.

Barry heads to Oliver (Green Arrow) to ask for his help, and my guess is that Oliver says that this is beyond even them. They track down the Legends (Legends of Tomorrow) and Barry and Cisco head to get Supergirl, which we will have already seen at the end of Supergirl episode 8.


When all the introductions are made, the group come up with a plan.

(I want to know if they will address Leonard Snart’s absence from the Legends team or not, as Barry doesn’t know yet.)

We can look forward to a secret being revealed, which is related to Flashpoint and apparently causes everyone to doubt each other.

It looks like this years crossover will reveal a major plot point for the Flash, so if you’re an Arrow fan who wants to see the Flash, but hasn’t gotten around to it yet, either be prepared for spoilers, or don’t watch the crossover until you’ve caught up!

Arrow: Invasion:

In Arrow’s 100th episode, we will get to see what would have happened to Oliver if he did not get on the Queen’s Gambit.

Oliver’s parents are both alive, and Oliver is due to be married to Laurel.

Everything is pretty perfect, and I assume that the Dominators are to blame for this.

Oliver starts to question the situation though, and realises that things may not be as they seem.

Elsewhere, Felicity is left in charge of Team Arrow, again, and with Supergirl and The Flash’s help, they take on a new threat whilst Oliver is presumably compromised.

Legends of Tomorrow: Invasion:

The Dominators plan is revealed, and the Legends must figure out how to stop them, with the help of The Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, and their associates.

Stein and the others find out how to destroy the Dominators, however Stein is still struggling with an aberration that he created in 1987. I don’t know how in depth they will go with the details on that, as it sounds like a plot related spoiler for anyone who hasn’t seen Legends yet.

I think that I have heard the phrase ‘Best. Team up. Ever,’ far too many times these past few weeks.

I hope that the crossover lives up to the hype, and the huge cast doesn’t eclipse the cast of Flash and Arrow, whose team ups have been very enjoyable so far!


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