Hearthstone Heroic Brawl: The results! (Did I get steamrollered?)

You might remember my post a few weeks ago, ‘Will Hearthstones Heroic Brawl Mode Steamroller the inexperienced player?’ 

Well, on Wednesday the 16th November, Heroic Brawl mode was finally released, and as promised, I had a go.

I haven’t actually played many games in the past few weeks: I have been too busy trying to hit 3000 words a day for NaNoWriMo, so playing again was hard.

Me and my partner both run dragon decks, which are slightly different to each other, so we decided to have a little competition to see who did best.

My deck list:


Heroic Brawl was both everything that I had expected, and not what I expected at the same time.

People ran decks that appeared really random. There were a couple of C’Thun decks, a few secret hunters, a warrior stacking armour, a dragon warrior and a few mages. It was a mixed bag, and there appeared to be no common theme. I didn’t see any other dragon priests, either. I did not expect the variety of decks that we saw over our games.

(I learned a lot about recording matches during this experience too: it is much harder than it looks. I somehow managed to mute all sound, and my videos are a bit laggy. I said that I would upload them though: so I will, however I’m no professional youtuber/video editor, so if you do watch, bear with the quality. If I ever record again, I will try to do better!)

I won my first match against a C’thun mage, and so I started off feeling confident:

1st Heroic Brawl Match

That changed when I ran into a Totem Shaman, who beat me up pretty quickly:

2nd Heroic Brawl Match

(I forgot to hit record until after the mulligan stage on this one!)

I might have won that game if I hadn’t misplayed and used Shadow Word Horror before attacking with my minion that had less than 2 attack. I had very little health left anyway, so it’s debatable whether it would have made any difference, but with Deathwing in hand, who knows? Yeah… like I said last time, I make really bad misplays sometimes!

My next match was against another mage, who appeared to be running a spell power mana worm deck:

Third Heroic Brawl Match

I got beaten fairly easily there too.

And finally, the warrior, who was playing dragons:

Final Heroic Brawl Match

I ended up with 1 win, and 3 losses. For my efforts, I was award two packs. I’m just glad that I didn’t pay £7.99 for it.

My partner on the other hand, managed a total of 5 wins. (He is far better at Hearthstone than me!) He even busted out a legendary from one of his 6 packs, (plus 230 gold and 225 dust)

My advice? Only participate in this brawl as a less experienced player if you really don’t mind losing, and are only playing for fun. Even I got a little bit exasperated with how quickly I lost!

If you are up for a few random games, with the potential to be destroyed quickly, go ahead and try Heroic Tavern Brawl. You might be surprised at how you do!

Maybe I’ll think of a more unique deck before the end of the brawl, and try again. It seemed to work well for everyone else!

Did any of you try the brawl? How did you get on?

Share your thoughts!

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