Flash Season 3 Episode 4: Whilst teaching Jesse, Barry ‘becomes Oliver.’

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 4, and slight Legends of Tomorrow Spoiler.


Meta of the week:

This weeks meta-human is Mirror Master, who can move through mirrors and reflective surfaces.

Mirror Master became trapped in a mirror when the particle accelerator exploded. When he escapes, he tracks down his old girlfriend, who Cisco hastily names ‘Top,’ to get in there before Harry nicks his job at naming meta-humans again, as he already did with Mirror Master.

I was disappointed that we only got flashback Snart and hologram Snart this episode: when I heard that he was to make an appearance, I had hoped that Barry had undone certain events in Legends of Tomorrow, as I really loved Leonard Snart’s character.

Jesse continues her training:

Jesse and Barry speed around the track, but Jesse trips. Barry has some advice for her.

‘There’s a lesson in there somewhere.’

‘The difference between having powers and having precision.’

‘It’s gonna take more than speed to take down some of these meta’s.’

‘When you enter a new environment, you gotta case every inch of it. Never run in blind.’

Sound familiar?

Yup. Barry has become Oliver. The student becomes the teacher! Although Barry isn’t shooting anyone in the back…

I enjoyed those little references to Oliver’s training session with Barry a lot 🙂

Harry helps Cisco & Caitlin search for a new Wells:

Caitlin and Cisco express sadness that Harry will be leaving soon. Harry designs a puzzle to help them find another Harrison Wells from one of the other universes. Cisco opens a breach to send out the cryptogram, and they are done.

I loved Cisco and Harry’s interactions during this episode, and I am going to miss Harry and all his wit and charm. Let’s hope the new Wells is just as interesting!

When someone solves the code, Cisco, Caitlin and Harry rush off to see the candidates. They leave Barry behind, who is a bit miffed that no one else seems to care to find the meta-human right now.

I enjoyed the different versions of Wells, in particular Earth 17’s Wells, who seemed slightly steam punk with those goggles. Cisco and Caitlin like Earth 19’s candidate best. He seems nice, not evil: a combination that they haven’t had so far!

Harry doesn’t like him though, and says that they should keep looking. It turns out that he hates the idea of being replaced, even though it was his idea. He is fond of the team really!

Jesse & Barry take on Mirror Master & Top:

Mirror master, now teamed up with Top, who can induce vertigo, are confronted by Barry and Jesse. The pair give chase, and Barry tells Jesse to stay put. She ignores him, and gets whammied by Top. Barry manages to save Jesse but ends up trapped in a mirror.

Jesse and Wally:

Jesse and Wally finally kiss. I feel like I have been waiting on this since they met, because they had an instant connection. At first, Wally turns her down, as she is from a different world.

When Jesse is upset, Wally goes to talk to her. She admits that she ran in blind, even though Barry told her not to, and now Barry is trapped in a mirror because of her. Wally reassures her, and says that Barry probably made mistakes when he started out. He tells Jesse that she is meant to be a speedster and shouldn’t give up.

Wally admits that he doesn’t want to be scared of the distance any more, because he likes her, and they kiss again.

Barry & Iris try to navigate their new relationship:

Barry and Iris enjoy a romantic night in. Joe walks in as they are making out on the sofa. Barry seems to think that speeding to the other side of the couch is a good idea.

Iris is understandably upset, and Barry admits that he finds it awkward to kiss her in front of Joe. Iris says that Barry has to talk to Joe.

Joe says that he loves them both, but he doesn’t love watching them make out. This is understandable. They are both his kids in his mind, so it must seem a little weird! He tells Barry to do what he needs to do though.

Barry tells Iris that he talked to Joe and its fine. That night, whilst watching a movie, Iris tries to cuddle up to Barry, but he deflects and reaches for some water. Iris gets irritated with them both. Joe tells Iris he doesn’t care, and Iris is about to have it out with Barry, when Mirror Master strikes.

The next time Barry talks to Iris, it is from the other side of a mirror. Barry apologises, and admits that he is nervous about the new dynamic between Iris, Joe and himself. He has everything that he ever wanted, and he is scared that he will mess it up somehow.

Iris laughs at him, not maliciously, but because Barry sure can pick his timing, and she really wants to kiss him right now for being so sweet, but she can’t.

Later, Barry offers to move out of Joe’s to make things less awkward. Joe says he thought Barry would never leave and Barry can’t tell if he’s leaving or getting kicked out. Iris says its obvious he’s getting kicked out. Iris laughs and Barry smiles at her, happy.

Caitlin and her powers:

Barry cannot phase out of the mirror, and they need to make the mirror cold enough to slow the molecules so that he can get out. Cisco and Harry think that they have a solution, but it does not work. There is a meta-alert and Barry is left in the mirror. Caitlin stays behind, out of sight, and freezes the mirror so that Barry can get out. She seems pretty in control of her powers here, and I wonder just how long she has been dealing with this.

At the end of the episode, Caitlin freezes her shower, and hastily cuts off a white strand of hair. Caitlin seems determined to hide her powers and deal with them alone, and it’s sad that she can’t trust her friends with this.

The final showdown:

Barry has an idea to stop Mirror Master: he lures him out with a fake call from Snart, and distracts him with a hologram. Barry then lures him into a trap, and breaks all the mirrors except those surrounding Mirror Master in a circle. This creates an infinite reflective loop. He is then locked up in a cell with anti reflective walls, so he cannot escape.

Jesse deals with Top easily this time: she learns fast, and Top is captured too.

Our new Wells & goodbye Jesse Quick:

Cisco Vibes across 18 dimensions to bring to them the new Wells, who has a good sense of humour, and says that they can call him H.R. I immediately thought of H.G Wells, the author, when he said this, because it’s only one letter out!

Cisco says goodbye to Harry, and is sad to see him go. When they hug, Harry warns Cisco that their plan didn’t get Barry out of the mirror, but he doesn’t know what did.

When Jesse and Harry leave, Jesse promises that she will be back, and looks at Wally. Aww!

The new Wells likes Big Belly Burger too, and it seems like the start of a beautiful friendship.

Next time: Monster.

There is a monster in Central city. H.R seems odd and appears to have an ulterior motive!


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