Arrow Season 5, Episode 3: Diggle’s ghost, and a parallel to season 2’s ‘Three Ghosts.’


Spoilers for Arrow Season 5 Episode 3

Trusting your team

When episode 3 begins, Oliver is out in the field, whilst his team watch security feeds with Felicity as he chases down a drug dealer.

Felicity says that Oliver wants the team to watch the footage back and learn from it. Rene protests. He wants to get out in the field, and believes that he knows where the dealer may be based.

Oliver refuses to listen to him, and so Wild dog and Evelyn head out into the field, on ‘recon’ to the area that Rene suggested to Oliver.

Rene was right. Evelyn says that they should go back for the Green Arrow, but Rene says that it is easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission, and dons his mask. He and Evelyn fight the drug dealers, and the leader, Sampson, falls into a vat chemicals.

Meanwhile, Oliver meets with the new DA, Adrian Chase. He had been building a case against Derek Sampson, but an idiot in a hockey mask killed him before he could get Sampson to give up the suppliers. Oliver is angry at Rene for disobeying orders.

It is revealed that Sampson lived, and now cannot feel pain because of the chemicals he fell in. Rene wants to help, but Oliver will not let him. Felicity finds Oliver brooding because he cannot control his team.

Felicity explains that when you are in charge, everything that your team does is on you. She says that Rene was right, and Oliver should have trusted him. Sampson is spotted and Oliver says that he is calling the team. Felicity smiles, smug.

Felicity explains that Sampson stole something to replicate chemicals, and intends to make an army. Oliver says that they need to stop him.

Oliver fights Sampson and slices his tendons, so that he cannot move. Curtis blows up the Stardust and Team Arrow head back to the Arrow cave for the first time.

The team appear united and happier now that Oliver trusts them more. They are in awe, whilst Oliver looks on, amused and resigned, as Curtis refers to it as the Arrow Cave.

Anyone else love the Ninja Turtles reference? When Evelyn asks: ‘What kind of vigilante wears a hockey mask?’ Oliver replies: ‘I think that it’s cool.’ (For those of you who don’t know, Stephen Amell also played Casey Jones in the most recent Ninja Turtles movie.)

Locked up and seeing ghosts

Meanwhile, John Diggle is in military prison, charged with espionage, murder and conduct unbecoming. Diggle explains to Lyla that his commander wanted to steal the WMD, but something went wrong, so the commander pinned it on him. Lyla says that she will get him out of there.

When Diggle is returned to his cell, he is shocked to find Deadshot in it. At first, I thought that Barry Allen had brought Deadshot back to life with his meddling in the time line. As the scenes progress though, and Diggle admits that he left Oliver to rejoin the army, and killed his own brother, we realise that Deadshot is a figment of Diggle’s imagination. (The fact that Deadshot is playing solitaire reinforces this nicely)


These scenes remind me of the ghosts that Oliver experienced in Season 2’s ‘Three Ghosts.’ During that episode, Diggle told Oliver that he had to figure out what the ghosts were trying to say before they would go away. We can assume that Diggle thinks his ghost is trying to tell him that, although he is not guilty of the crimes that he has been accused of, he is guilty of killing Andy, and he deserves to be punished.

Diggle tells Lyla that he is not going to fight the charges, because Andy’s killer should be brought to justice. Lyla says that he is a good man, not a killer, but Diggle insists that he did not have to pull the trigger. He tells Lyla to stop fighting for him.

At the end of episode 3, Lyla walks into the Arrow cave and asks Oliver to break Diggle out.

Thea faces backlash over her political decisions

Thea tries to deal with the consequences of her appointment of Quentin Lance. Oliver is irritated because he told Thea not to offer him a job in the mayor’s office, let alone as deputy mayor. Now, a reporter, Susan Williams, is criticising Oliver on TV.

Thea meets with the reporter, who says that her producer made her do it. Thea asks her to call back the story, and admits that she appointed Quentin Lance: Oliver had no part in it. Williams agrees to update the story. Which she does: ‘Oliver Queen, asleep at the wheel.’

Thea tells Oliver that she has made things worse, and will make a statement and resign.

Oliver refuses to let Thea resign and makes a statement in front of the press. He says that every decision made by a member of his administration is his decision and he trusts his team. Oliver then introduces Quentin Lance officially as deputy mayor.

Thea corners Williams outside, who tries to give excuses. Thea isn’t buying it. She knows that she has been played and warns that it will not happen again.

Felicity deals with the consequences of last seasons missile attack:

Curtis asks Felicity about her odd behaviour around Rory. Felicity admits that she redirected the missile to Rory’s town and killed his family. Having Rory on the team is a constant reminder of what she did.

Curtis says that Felicity should clear the air and tell Rory. He tells her that she had a difficult choice to make. She saved millions, and she should trust that Rory will see that.

Felicity admits to Rory that the intended target was Monument Point, and that she redirected the missile to Havenrock to minimise the amount of casualties.

Felicity apologises, but Rory walks out, shocked and upset. I hope that he will be back, as it is refreshing to have someone with unique abilities on the team.

Next time: Penance.

It appears that Oliver will try to break Diggle out of prison alone: which his new team are not happy about. It looks like Wild dog will get into trouble if the bloodied mask is anything to go by. Maybe we will see more of Prometheus too, who Oliver is now aware of.

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