Will Blizzards Hearthstone ‘Heroic Tavern Brawl’ mode steamroller the inexperienced player?


Image credit: Blizzard. 

Last month, Blizzard announced a Heroic Tavern Brawl mode for free to play game Hearthstone.

Entry fee:

The entry fee is 1000 gold or £7.99, much higher than the previous game mode, Arena, which also offers better rewards the more wins you get.

To compensate for the high entry fee, the rewards are huge (see above) but the current recommendation seems to be that only highly skilled players enter.

As a casual hearthstone player, I am anything but highly skilled. I play Hearthstone for fun. I haven’t challenged the ranks much before, and I never really intend to.

I would never pay real money to enter: It’s a pretty hefty fee if you get knocked out instantly. I do, however, have 5000 gold and nothing better to do with it, so I will be entering using that.

I’m curious to see how I do, and if predictions that inexperienced players should not enter are true! I’ll upload my matches to Youtube and post them here. There may be 14: if I do exceedingly well. There will be 3 if I don’t 🙂


The Heroic Brawl mode will only allow standard decks, so you can build your own deck and see how well you do, rather than the random nature of the Arena mode.

I fully expect players to use C’Thun, Murloc Paladins, Warlocks decks, etc.

However, as someone who has never been above rank 13/14, and who doesn’t follow tournaments, I actually don’t know what top rank players are using these days, so I have little idea of what to expect.

Preparation & Decks:

I have been playing a little standard mode in the run up to the Heroic Brawl, but not as much as I would have liked to. I have been pretty distracted by the premiers of CW’s Flash, Arrow and Supergirl, and by preparation for Nanowrimo.

As a result, I am out of practice on Hearthstone, and maybe not ready. Ah well, I’m not really a planner anyway. I much prefer to wing it!

The decks I have to choose from are:

Dragon Priest

Yogg Mage

Divine shield Paladin

I could also make something new entirely, which may not be a bad idea, or use a legends deck, which is an absurd idea.

Watch this space for my dramatic (and maybe swiftly concluded) Heroic Tavern Brawl run!

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