A warm welcome & updates schedule!

2017 posting schedule:
Sunday: Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts.
3rd Weds of each month: Author Toolbox Blog Hop.
Thursday: Research, Inspiration, and Writers life.
Adhoc: TV. Flash, Arrow, and others. (Psych Movie!)

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The Pantser Plots: Part 6. #NaNoWriMo progress Week 2, Midpoint Motivation!

The words for my short story came easily today. It’s a fun tale about aliens and alcohol written in first person. I wrote 2150 words in 82 minutes, faster than I’ve been writing on my Nano project. (1650 words in the same time!) To me that made it obvious I needed a break to write something different!

As for my NaNo words? I was a bit distracted after writing something else, but I managed 1005: More than my target 🙂 It felt good to get out of my own head and just write!

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Sunday Scribbles Week 45: When the job offer is out of this world… #sunscribbles

‘Oh no. You’ve been cut off for today!’ the bartender said when he saw me.

I gestured behind me, to my new friends. The bartenders jaw dropped. People who glanced our way screamed and pushed past us, out the door. Some fled out the patio and off it into the lake. Soon, the bar was ours.

I led my friends to the bar. ‘You going to argue with them?’ I asked. ‘They have laser pistols.’

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Sunday Scribbles Week 44. The festival of Asteria. #sunscribbles

‘Relics of Earth?’ Arthur asked as they moved past stalls selling asteroid bracelets, coffee mugs and disposable cameras, and came to a stop at another stall.

‘Yup. Replicas of things from Earth before the asteroid hit,’ the stall owner said.

Merlin frowned and picked up a carving of stone henge. ‘The stones are in the wrong place.’

‘I think you’ll find my wares are 100% accurate,’ the stall owner insisted with a glare.

‘No, Merlin’s right,’ Arthur said. ‘I grew up near stone henge, and it doesn’t have a roof.’

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The Pantser Plots: Part 4. Twas the night before NaNoWriMo… Introducing my project #BeautifulBooks

The night before NaNoWriMo is here, and whilst everyone else is posting about Halloween, it’s time for me to introduce my project.

Warning, contains spoilers: The end of BBC’s Merlin. 

Earlier in October I discovered Beautiful People, a monthly link up hosted by Cait @PaperFury and Sky @FurtherUpandFurther. Each month they post 10 questions to answer about your characters. This month the focus is on NaNoWriMo. What better way to introduce my project?

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Sunday Scribbles Week 43: The Huntress becomes the Hunted #sunscribbles

All was silent, but Maria’s eyes darted around, wary and on edge. A few times she thought she glimpsed a figure out of the corner of her eye. Was someone watching her? If they were, they’d be surprised when she drove a knife into them. A clatter pierced the air behind her, and Maria spun on heel. They’d given themselves away. Time to strike. The huntress pulled her knife from her bag and crept towards the sound.

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Sunday Scribbles Week 42: The whole city shook beneath her feet… #sunscribbles

Chaos. Cars fell into the crater. Brakes screeched as taxis tried to avoid the hole. Colourful characters teetered on the edge. Elmo’s wide costumed eyes stared into the sky as he fell backwards, down, down, and out of sight.

Everything ground to a halt and there was silence, until, breaking free from her mother and running to peer over the edge, a young girl asked, ‘What is it, momma?’

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